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Jack O'Laugher

Updated on March 15, 2011
Jack O'Laugher, rickzimmerman 2010
Jack O'Laugher, rickzimmerman 2010

Hailing from the wee town o’ Enniskillen in the Northern Irish County of Fermanagh, Jack O’Laugher each year brings his hearty Ulster roar to the celebration of Halloween, wherever he may be. He proudly wears his land’s national colors in his stem (green) and bulbous body (orange). Such is fitting, for it is said that the celebration of Halloween originated on the Emerald Isle almost 20 centuries ago as an end-of-summer pagan ritual of the Ancient Celts.

JackO (as he prefers to be called) grew up “between the bridges” on the central island of Enniskillen, and often spent his youthful free time fishing in the River Erne. Like many of his countrymen, he is particularly fond of the occasional pint of bitters, and, after two or a few, will readily launch into verses of “She Moved Through the Fair”, rendered in a sweet and rotund baritone. (JackO credits his spreading girth for his increasingly mellow melodic maunderings.)

True to his name, JackO is almost always smiling, chortling and gleeful. In the particular instance depicted above, however, good humor had nothing to do with his reaction. It seems that the process of pumpkin seed and pulp removal can be quite ticklish to the removee.


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