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Brokenness Brings Wisdom - a poem

Updated on December 22, 2013
Copyright @ Nick Wolf
Copyright @ Nick Wolf | Source

Brokenness Brings Wisdom
I've been rejected
I've been shunned
I've been hurt
I've been wronged
But the irony is that I too have rejected
I too have shunned
I too have hurt
I too have been wrong in some of my actions
But that's life;
Life is filled with all sorts of pain
But pain brings maturity
Brokenness brings wisdom
I'm not perfect,
And I never will be
Humanity is not perfect,
And humanity never will be
I've done wrong,
and I've caused pain;
But I'm not the only one that should be blamed for all this pain
Responsibility needs to be taken;
And I'm glad to say that I have taken responsibility of my pain
And because of that I'm able to change
And I'm able to grow from my pain

Nick Wolf 12/18/2013


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