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Bucky Fuzzferret, Ace Reporter

Updated on April 3, 2011
Bucky Fuzzferret, Ace Reporter
Bucky Fuzzferret, Ace Reporter | Source

If you should happen to be looking for the best investigative journalist to ever scamper a midtown news beat, then look no further than my pal, Bucky Fuzzferret, Ace Reporter.

Throughout his long and illustrious career with the city’s hard-hitting daily, The TrestleTown Times-Picayune and Trib, crafty Bucky has managed to weasel his way to the bottom of just about every major hooker for hire, contracting scam, nip of nepotism, instance of influence peddling, waste dumping, graft gorge, embezzlement run, bribery ring, and bag man network this corrupt burg has ever seen.

With a characteristic gnawed-on stub of a cheap yellow No. 2 pencil poking out of the brim of his beat-up porkpie hat, and a tattered and equally cheap ringed mini-notepad clutched twixt his protruding incisors, Bucky slips from back alley to City Hall to mansion ballrooms to precinct locker rooms on whisper-quiet padded paws. No one’s ever quite sure that Bucky hasn’t overhead the latest slip of the lip or murmured confidence or promised swag. This seemingly unintimidating yet redoubtable Mustela putorius furo eventually gets the goods on all rats in this town, big and small.

It was almost ten years back that Bucky was removed from his previous tenure as the Trib’s lead crime scene reporter. Seems the city’s forensics department staff finally figured out that all of those unidentifiable hairs being found at disparate crime scenes across the county had in fact at one time or another all been part of Bucky’s prodigiously and propulsively depilitating pelt!


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