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The Terrace Club at Jacobs Field (Progressive Field)

Updated on July 24, 2016
The Terrace Club at Jacobs Field (Progressive Field)
The Terrace Club at Jacobs Field (Progressive Field)

One of the finer gems within the much larger jewel of Jacobs Field (now Progressive Field) in Cleveland, Ohio, is the Terrace Club restaurant. This members-only club is available for private parties and special events on days when The Cleveland Indians are not scheduled to play on the diamond below.

The Terrace Club offers a number of unique and striking physical features. Its bar and table seating cascade down a series of raked terraces toward the ballfield below, akin to the adjacent private suites and club seating of the ballpark’s mid-level. The view of all patrons is directed toward the vivid greens of the baseball diamond, through the high faceted glass walls that enclose the restaurant.

Situated as it is, above the third-base-to-foul-pole portion of the park, the facility provides great views of games in progress, especially those longball homers lofted to left field, the bleachers and the towering scoreboard nearby. Jacobs Field’s famous ‘home run porch’ — with its eager standees scrambling for a souvenir homer — lies immediately below The Terrace Club’s glass wall. The restaurant and bar are reached by private elevator from the plaza between Jacobs Field and neighboring Quicken Loans Arena, near Gate A of the ballpark. Valet parking can be provided, and the ballpark’s parking garage is nearby.

At the height of The Cleveland Indians’ fortunes in the mid-1990s, The Terrace Club served as the site of a host of World Series ’95 and ’97 parties, and welcomed many Major League Baseball dignitaries to the 1997 All-Star Game. Fine upscale cuisine is provided by the Terrace Club’s exceptional staff, and a full-service bar occupies the topmost terrace. Catering services — ranging from the restaurant’s fine cuisine through standard ballpark fare — are available to Terrace Club events. The restaurant also features some of the baseball art gathered by the Tribe’s previous owner, Richard E. Jacobs.

You can find more information about The Terrace Club or the ballpark at The Cleveland Indians website:

The Northeastern Ohio architectural firm of ZZ Design Inc. served as design consultant to Jacobs Field and The Cleveland Indians from 1993 through 2004. In that capacity, the firm was responsible for the design of all signs and graphics at the urban ballpark, as well as such elements as sales kiosks, street banners, World Series pins and art direction for the 1997 MLB All-Star Game. Headed by architect and expert witness Richard L. (Rick) Zimmerman and spouse architect Pen Zimmerman, ZZ Design Inc. has also created many other noteworthy projects throughout Cleveland. In addition to creating rickzworld, Mr. Zimmerman also writes extensively on local landmarks, sustainability and coping with modern life.

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Considered by many sportswriters to be the fans' best ballpark in the country!


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