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Butterflies Are Such A Beautiful Sight.

Updated on February 10, 2017

Butterflies flying with such a beautiful bliss.

How I love to truly see this.

Flapping their precious wings as they fly up down to and fro.

Just looking for some nectar from flowers that is sweet for sure.

Riding on the soft wind as they propel themselves up and down.

Moving so sweetly as all that is missing is a soft soothing song.

These little creatures nestle on flowers as they continue to do their jobs.

And when night has come no more can be seen as all is long gone.

Butterflies up high and down low you sweetly fly.

Going high in the air then you do a sudden dive.

Butterflies with your beautiful color of wings.

Look so pretty as my heart begin to sing.

Softly you fly up high in sight.

Then suddenly in the flower beds you eventually hide.

Racing from flower to flower looking for sweet nectar to eat.

As you sit on their faces with your tiny little feet.

Green butterflies brown butterflies red purple and blue.

Pink butterflies yellow butterflies flying around me and you.

Multicolored ones with a kaleidoscope of wear.

Just looking like sweet ornaments to put in my hair.

A burst of color and fun is what they bring in.

With a spring summer setting and when you listen with heart's ears you can hear a melody to sing.

So beautiful in flight.

Butterflies orange green and white.

Making a spring summer show.

Among the flower beds they beautiful faces are all aglow.


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