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Love Amazing But True Stories Of Psychic Phenomenon and Reincarnation?Here's a Few of My Favorites

Updated on April 6, 2016
psychic books buy books on psychic powers supernatural
psychic books buy books on psychic powers supernatural | Source

I love books. Ever since I was a child, the one thing that I always looked forward to at Birthdays or Christmas was a book. Every year my mother would say, what do you want for Christmas? And I would automatically answer. A book. Or an Annual.

Either one I didn't mind. And it didn't matter what else they bought me, I would toss it aside and wait in anticipation for my book. It used to drive my mother mad! But it a good way of course. By the time that I reached my early teens, my taste in stories became an interest in real life mysteries. I grew up reading Enid Blyton, but that wasn't enough for me.

I started to read time travel stories, horror and vampires soon followed. This gave me something to sink my teeth into, if you will excuse the pun! But once I became aware of books that were supposedly real, like Life after Death, Psychic Phenomena, Mind Reading etc, that's when I realised that I had found my niche. In fact, this was when I discovered Matthew Manning, a very strange and exciting psychic. I have written a hub about him recently, and to my delight I received an e-mail from him saying how much he liked my story. Wow. That certainly made my day. You can find the link to my hub, below.

But my main point here is how important books are. They shape your mind, and give you ideas that you never thought was possible.

First Discovery.

One of my first discoveries of these sort of books, was when I was about fifteen years old, and someone bought me a book entitled, Use The Power Of Your Mind. I read each and every page, and was fascinated by all the ideas. Whether it was part Psychology or completely Psychic, it didn't matter. I was hooked. Also, around that time I started reading a series of books about Edgar Cayce. The Sleeping Prophet.

Edgar Cayce The Sleeping Prophet

Edgar Cayce was an American who was born on March 18 1877-Died January 3 1945. In his lifetime he claimed that when he was in a trance state, he could speak about the past and the future as though they were one. He predicted the shape of cars, claiming that he had 'seen' a rounded one go past him as he drove along the highway. He also gave hours of instruction on how reincarnation worked, whilst under the influence of his trance. Sometimes he would go into a deep trance, sometimes, as in the car incident, it would be a flash of precognition. His life was a fascinating one. Why not buy yourself one of his books and imerse yourself in his stories?

He also was very proficient in healing. In fact there is so much about this man that is fascinating.

Reincarnation, Prophecy, Healing. He is very much a modern day Nostradamus.


Do You believe in Angels? And if so, what sort of Angel? The ones portrayed in the Bible, or are you talking about your Guardian Angel? Do you believe that you have an Angel watching over you, or do you think it's a load of rubbish made up over the years? I remember reading my first Guardian Angel book a few years ago. I was amazed, astonished and just about everything else. To think that there may be someone or something looking out for you! Wow!

But as I grew older, I started to get more sceptical, you know what I mean! You get to the age where you suddenly think. What a load of hogwash! But then I realised that actually, over the last few years, when things were, well, let's just say a bit like a roller coaster, I did feel a presence sometimes, making me feel calm. Was this my Guardian Angel? Why don't you try and discover yours.

Opening the Power of Your Mind.

Your Mind is an amazing piece of equipment. It can keep you safe, by making you aware of what is around you, it sleeps when you are tired, and of course if we had no common sense we wouldn't be able to do the things we do every day.

But what about the part of the brain that we don't use? Did you know that there is almost 9 tenths of the brain laying dormant waiting for you to kick start it into Psychic action! Your mind is a powerful thing. Why not give it a push and see how far you can take it? From Telepathy, to Telekinesis. Your mind can help you to achieve your dreams. Want a new car? How about that house that you would love to live in. These books can show you how to get what you want or need. Is it Psychology? Or maybe Mind Power!

Reincarnation and Afterlife

So many people around the world believe in Reincarnation, from India to Thailand, to Africa and the Far east. But what do we know about it? Is it real? Do we really come back and do it all again, but in another body? I think I have always been completely equal between believing and not believing. Maybe there is another explanation. Maybe Genetic Memory? But how does that explain a little boy who believes he was a fighter pilot, and even more incredulous, he goes on to describe how the plane flies! Including all controls, where the bombs dropped from, and even more importantly, how he died!. You can read this and some more incredible stories at the link below. But if these stories have just wet your appetite, then you can't afford to miss these great books from Amazon.

The Afterlife.

Is there an afterlife? Do we go somewhere else after we die? Or is it all hokum made up by people over the ages, telling us these things to keep us in order. Fear God, and you will be saved. Is it true? And how can we prove it? Well, these people can. They have all had Near Death Experience. Why not come and read their amazing stories? And find out the truth for yourself. You can buy all these books at Amazon.


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