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CGC Comic Rating! The Grading Scale For Comic Books!

Updated on January 27, 2012

Third party comic book grading companies like CGC, Certified Guaranty Company,
has revolutionized the comic book industry by giving comic books a standard and universal comic grading and rating system that's accepted by all in the industry. No matter whether you dislike comics that have been slabbed (graded) or prefer to have it graded, comics that have been graded by CGC are here to stay, and the comic grading system has changed because of it.

No one can argue that CGC's service has also helped greatly in break sales records for many pedigree comic books. Certified Guaranty Company has brought comic investing to a whole new level, and made the hobby a lot more profitable for collectors.

Is it for the better or for the worse? As a comic book investor, I applaud CGC, and I'll tell you exactly why in my article Why you should CGC your comic book investment. Click the link to read why I believe getting certain comics graded by CGC or PGX is extremely wise when it comes to investing in comics in the long term.

So here it is: The Comic Rating and Grading Scale!

1-10 Grading Scale

10 - Gem Mint (Perfect comic book in every way).

9.9 - Mint (Mint comic book)

9.8 - NM/Mint (Near Mint/Mint)

9.6 - NM+ (Near Mint Plus)

9.4 - NM (Near Mint)

9.2 - NM - (low Near Mint)

9.0 - VF/NM (Very Fine/Near Mint comic)

8.5 - VF+ (Very Fine plus)

8.0 - VF (Very Fine)

7.5 - VF - (low Very Fine)

7.0 - Fine/VF (FN or Fine/Very Fine)

6.5 - Fine+ (Fine plus or FN plus)

6.0 - Fine or FN

5.5 - Fine- (low Fine)

5.0 - VG/Fine (Very Good/Fine)

4.5 - VG+ (Very Good plus)

4.0 - VG (Very Good)

3.5 - VG- (low Very Good)

3.0 - GD/VG (Good/Very Good)

2.5 - GD+ (Good plus)

2.0 - GD (Good) These are also known as "readers."

1.8 - GD- (low Good)

1.5 - FR/GD Fair/Good

1.0 - FR (Fair)

.5 - PR (Poor)


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