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Updated on March 19, 2017

Chapter 2


I get in the car, and to my surprise, they take me home. Why do they take me home? Why have they taken me out of high school? You have to talk to me, it's something serious. It can not be anything else, but, they would not take me home. No family member has died, because we would go to the morgue. I did not do anything illegal, because we would go to the police station. They just want to tell me something, but what? As much as I think, I can not think of anything.

Maverick ... "I give my mother a heartbreaking heart, but not for her, I feel it's for me." We have something to tell you.

But I already knew that. I was not wrong. And they know that I know, but my mother says to gain time, even if only three seconds.

What's up? "I see you are aware of my concern.
You see, "my father says. His voice shakes. I've never heard him like this, just when our dog Dobby died. I do not remember him, he was only three years old. But if I remember my father's voice. You know, that although sometimes, however much you oppose something, you have to do it.

I still can not think of anything. I can only think "let me know, please."

Dad, go straight to the point.

That is my father's bad. When you are going to give me bad news, try to make the words endless to never give it. But he ends up doing it. And to suffer five minutes, I prefer to suffer one. The bad news is always given by my father, my mother does not like it. Nobody likes to give bad news, but sometimes, you have to. My mother refuses to do so.

Well ... "He tries to lengthen it again, but he changes the look on her face and, finally, I see that he is going to say it. As you know, work is not going well in Galena - he works in an appliance factory. Not a great job, but they pay well. And most importantly, she likes it. There are many layoffs.

For a moment, I think about it. I think they have been dismissed, and at the same time, I bid farewell to all our whims. But it is impossible, they can not fire you. He is one of the best workers in the factory. They always tell their bosses. Part of me is restless, because something has to be said to me, and it does not look very good. But another part is quiet, I know they have not been fired.

Dad, they will not have fired you? You can not do it - I try not to get my voice down, and I get it.
No son, that's not it, thank God. It's just that ... "I note as his face turns white for a second, but then returns to normal. "I've been transferred to New York," he says. They do not want to say goodbye and I do not want to waste my work either. They think the Galena factory may close. They say that I am very good, that is why I have been moved. It is a very large factory and I will have a better position. That is good. But believe me, son, I've tried to oppose me. I know it's a big blow to you. I could not do anything.

I notice my face lighting up. I try to look resentful, but I find it impossible. I, Maverick Thompson, in the worst time of my life, I go to New York, the city of my dreams. Suddenly I think of Lena to sadden me. My parents can not see me happy. They do not know anything, I do not want them to know, I do not want them to worry about me. But as much as I try, I can not. I scream in silence and run to my room. My parents are impressed, they have seen my face, they have discovered me, they have been able to see my happiness for a thousandth of a second. I know they are going to come up, so I make up a story while I go up to my room. It is one of the few things that gives me good, apart from tennis.
I jump to the bed and finally release it, a cry of happiness. I feel happier than ever, free, relieved. Never again will I have to worry about Reuben's stupid. But what about Lena?

I hear my parents' steps on the stairs. I imagine they are disoriented. They will ask "Why is Maverick happy?" But I can not know if they are worried or not. Suddenly the door opens.

Why is that Maverick reaction? My mother asks in a confused tone.
I do not know, Mom, "I begin to tell my fabricated story. I do not know why I have reacted like this, I will miss my friends, especially Lena, but it is New York, you know that is the city of my dreams. The city where I want to live since I was six years old. My dream comes true mom. I will make new friends and I will be very happy. You do not have to worry about me. I'll be fine, very well.

I see a doubtful face with a grimace on the mouth and a raised eyebrow. No doubt, it's the dubious face of my mother. Have you caught me? But then I see turning that grimace into a curve, his smile. I relax.

Son, we know it's a very hard blow. If you are doing this so that we do not see you sad, you can stop pretending. You do not have to pretend to be happy if you are not right now.

If they knew that I try to pretend to be sad instead of happy ... Sadness can sometimes be disguised, not joy. When you are happy you notice, they notice you. It is impossible to conceal happiness.

But I do the best I can.

Not Mom, really. I'm sad, but I'm happy too. Would not you be? "I ask you to mislead."
Well ... yes - I think she says it just to make me feel good and see that she understands me, but I know when my mother deceives me.
I think I'm going to call Lena, I have to tell her.
Okay, son, you know you can ask us anything - my mother just said it, but my father's eyes said "I think the same as your mother." So the words were left over.
Voucher. Thank you - I'm surprised the tone so distressed that I get and I think I should devote to the cinema or the theater. By the way, when are we leaving?
Next week.

The door closes. At last they are gone. I had never been so anxious for my parents to leave to be alone, to express my happiness. And many times I wanted them to leave, but it's different, it was not for this. I feel happiness so well. I look in the mirror and I look handsome. I have rebellious hair as always, with its dark brown, almost black color. My eyes are green by the sunlight that comes through the window, but when there is not, they are brown. Lately I've been exercising, and I look stronger and thinner. To feel even better, I put on my stereo, the song of "Shots" by Imagine Dragons. But not the original, but the Broiler Remix. I do not understand why I like that song so much and why I do not hate it, because when I've been listening to a song for two weeks, it makes me boring and monotonous. But this is different.

And then I remember, Lena. I turn off the stereo and pick up the phone to call her. I hope it does not influence you too much and that you do not cry. I only ask for that. I can not stand to see people cry, and less to my best friend.

A tone ... two tones .... And in the middle of the third, a voice.

Yes? -Always greet the same on the phone.
Lena, I need to see you. I have something to tell you - I try not to look too enthusiastic.
Maverick now comes to me pretty bad. Is it from Reuben? I hope not because I'm going to break the face to that gilip ....
Do not! It is not quiet Reuben's. It is important. See you in twenty minutes in the park.

And I hang him. I know for certain that if I do not tell you anything else will come, the intrigue surpasses it. We always stay in the park next door to Roby's when we have something to tell us. It's our site.

I comb a little and leave my house not to go too hurriedly walking. I want to go easy so Lena does not look very euphoric. I arrive at the park, I sit on the bench, and then, I see her appear. You can tell he's caught the first thing he got from the closet. But if he had not, he would not have arrived in time. I see her run towards me and I notice worry on her face. I've never done this before, so you know it's something important.

Well, are you going to explain what's going on? I note your altered breathing. It is normal considering that he has traveled a kilometer in less than five minutes.
You will see Lena ... It is not easy for me to tell you this - I begin to extend things like my father.
Maverick, tell me now.

Lena has known me for thirteen years, and she knows that I get a lot involved. That's why it puts pressure on me.

Voucher. I take a few seconds without speaking for air. I'm going to New York.
Travel? "I do not know if Lena says it because she really thinks about it or because she does not want to assimilate it.
Lena, do you think I would have made you walk half a city in five minutes to tell you that I'm going on a trip? I'm going to New York to live.

I do not have to say anything because when I see his face, I know immediately what he wants to tell me. It has a mix of fear and sadness. I do not like to see her like this, I knew she was going to have a bad time, but at least she does not cry. For now.

What? How are you leaving? No ... You can not do that. You can not leave me alone. "His eyes begin to turn red.
You are not alone, you have the rest of the group. Listen to me. You're not going to be so bad without me.
Maverick Thompson. How dare you say I will not be so bad without you? Would you be all right without me? You know that no. Well this is the same. Who am I going to sit down with to support Mrs. Pepper? Who am I going to stay in this park to tell you the most important thing that happens to me? With whom….
Lena Wilson. Calm down. You're upset and I understand. But you'll be fine. You do not have problems with anyone, you get along with everyone. You are the best person I know, you will gain the trust of others just like you won mine. You always look for all and you are very well reassured people. In addition, there is Skype, and although we do not see each other in this park, we will see each other. We will call each day. You're my best friend, and you're going to stay her. You'll be fine, I know - even I'm surprised at the words that come out at the time, I guess it's because I'm really sorry.

And then, my nightmare begins. Lena begins to shed tears like a slot machine releasing the biggest prize money.

I can not help it, and I cry too. They are thirteen years of friendship. Thousands of memories, like when we got stuck on the ski slope because she could not get up, or when we reviewed a week ago the notebooks of ideas that we thought of as small to play. My best friend, my great support, my outstanding defender. I leave it behind, not caring to defend me from Reuben or explain the whole subject of physics and chemistry. I feel like a monster thinking that a few minutes ago, I was happy because I was leaving here. I am still, but I would only stay for her, for Lena Wilson.

Maverick, I'm afraid, "he says, his eyes irritated.
And I, Lena. I will miss you.

We give each other a hug that says it all. He remembers our memories for us, thanks us and tells us I love you for us. I watch Lena wipe her tears with the sleeve of her sweatshirt.

You know what? No more regrets. You're going to be happier in New York. After all, it's the city with which you've been dreaming since the age of six. I will be happy for you. And we're going to say goodbye as it should be done. When you leave? "I do not have a big change in his voice." Try to look cheerful.
This Thursday.
Well, do not make plans on Wednesday night. It will be our night, our farewell. And we'll stay at 9:30 at the daisy field.

The field of daisies next to the summer cinema is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I have seen many cities, monuments and free spaces, but that field is different. Not even the tallest skyscraper in New York can make me feel like the first time I saw that field. I feel so relaxed when I'm there ...

I think it's perfect - I think he's going to organize something that really appeals to both of us. It will not be the biggest or most expensive gift in the world. But I feel it's going to be a fantastic night, full of emotions, and our tragic farewell. It's going to be great.
See you tomorrow. The first plays math, so rest.


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