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Calls From Mother Nature.

Updated on February 10, 2017

Calls from mother nature as true natural elements and others' begin to sing.

Some loud with noise why others do just a whispering.

Dogs barking in the distance and as one bark another dog join in.

Sounding like an orchestra as each dog do a barking song as they continue to sing.

Whistling frogs in the crevices with echoing sounds they bring.

And they always know the sound that their voices keep handling.

Young birds chirping in a nest under the house window hood.

In the nest, you will see when they pop out their heads if you look real good.

All natural noises from mother nature continue to call.

Waterfalls roaring waves falling over boulders and small rocks dive down a long watery hall.

The wind blowing through the trees.

On the water puddles , plants and bush leave.

Bubble bees buzzing in motion.

All dress in yellow and black for a sweet nectar occasion.

Rain drops falling from the dark cloudy sky and on the earth soil begins to flow.

And more rain drops fall as they continuously knock at my house door.


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