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Can America Survive?: 10 prophetic signs that we are the terminal generation

Updated on December 27, 2011
aliciaharrell profile image

Alicia has been an Author, Columnist, and Reviewer for 8 years. Her success came from perseverance plus organized goal setting.

Pastor John Hagee with Senator McCain.
Pastor John Hagee with Senator McCain. | Source

Book Review

For all who are wondering why I would review this kind of non-fiction book, I would like to point out I read just about any type of book. I do not care what the religion or vocation of an author is. I am not close minded enough to stick solely to my faith and books that agree with what I believe. I am the kind who would debate just for fun in order to learn another's view. Here in the United States of America we have freedom of religion. It does not matter what religion an American is ergo the same should be for authors. What matters to me is if the book is well written and has significant value of information within its pages or is entertaining; depends on the book's genre. I found valuable information within Can America Survive? written by John Hagee. Information that all Americans should be made aware.

I am not referring to the 10 prophetic signs or about us being the terminal generation which is also discussed in this book. My reference is to the information given about US federal government domestic and international policies, including the huge trillion plus dollar deficit the United States of America has accrued in the twenty-first century. This book further points out how the USA managed to borrow from communist China and gives the shocking why.

In Can America Survive? John Hagee in ordinary plain American English shows with charts how the US federal government became a world global economic monetary power where the US Federal Reserve Bank is entwined with all the other nations' reserve bank. This book explains many US federal government decisions that to those of us who are not active in politics resembles the stupidest thing to do ever; especially with money. The sections about US economics, the "golden parachute", "stimulus program" and "health reform" are very eye opening due to the facts Pastor Hagee shares. Proof is well documented within this book's pages.

Granted this book is slanted in favor of the Jewish and Christian faiths. John Hagee is a Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, Texas. His church is nondenominational and evangelical with over 19,000 active members (per the back book sleeve on the cover). The edition of Can America Survive? I read was hardback, published by Howard Books in June 2010.

This book did maintain my attention. Pastor Hagee does know the Bible very well. It was obvious he has studied history. John Hagee included the history of Israel. He points out how Israel was built during the BC periods. Way before the Moors. Long before the Palestinians. Archaeologists have confirmed this.

The most intriguing aspect of this is Pastor Hagee, like me, has read the Koran. What surprised me is John Hagee was as appalled by its contents as I. He saw what I had. This book displays exactly what we both witnessed in reading the Koran. I went into shock upon noticing this because John Hagee and I are from different backgrounds. He is a man. I am a woman. We are not of the same faith. The only similarities are we both have read numerous books and are well educated. This book explains the truth about the contents of the Koran. John Hagee's usage of passages from the Koran properly explains why Iran is using Hitler-ish diplomatic fascist agreements with the US and Europe while covertly turning Iran into a nuclear power.

For those who are thinking, this book is a Christian book and I am not Christian so will not read this book, think again. Realize the facts listed in this book are accurate. The author uses US government charts, facts and figures from official governmental documentation. His explanation of EMP's (Electromagnetic Pulse weapon) is one hundred percent correct. His scenarios of what could happen if a foreign country used in terrorist fashion an EMP is one that I am certain the CIA and FBI are concerned about. This worst case scenario is too possible to ignore.

Do disagree with his doomsday take about the Mayans and the year 2012. I stand with the archaeologists who have studied the Mayans and know the Mayans did not write or think up doomsday scenarios. They were too busy with real life problems like how to feed their large population. The Mayans saw time as circular where for every ending of time there was a new beginning; like Seasons. They were not afraid of their calendar ending on 2012 or 2015. Those expert in translating the Mayan glyphs are uncertain which is the correct year due to erosion of the glyphs. (see the article 2012 or 2015: Apocalypse or New Beginning? for more about the Mayans and their calendar)

Liked how he modernly explained "the rapture" in scenario fashion. His descriptive terms had me witnessing "the rapture" first hand. This was inspiring. I hope I am around when the faithful Christians suddenly disappear and go to the better place Jehovah sends them. That would be a very remarkable day! This book includes John Hagee's view regarding the accuracy of biblical prophecy and tells what the Fourth Reich could be.

Americans who desire to be like an ostrich with their heads in the sand; feel free to ignore this book. This book is for those with a more open mind and believes the Earth is round instead of flat. Oh, for those who believe Earth is the center of the universe, do yourself a favor, do not read this book. You will find the Earth has an orbit around the sun, is a member of a solar system and the universe does have spiral galaxies. This book is non-fiction. Like many books in its genre this one will teach a reader something informative.

Highly recommend reading Can America Survive? especially for the Koran and US government facts. This reader is grateful to John Hagee for writing this book. Someone needed to write these shocking facts down. In my opinion, who better than a nondenominational evangelical Pastor from Texas? Who else would have the guts to stand out amongst the American sheep and goats? Sadly, Pastor Hagee is in the minority. He truly believes as I do in what our Founding Fathers created and fought for in the 18th century. What is this? Each Americans' liberty and inalienable rights.



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    • aliciaharrell profile image

      Alicia Rose Harrell 2 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      Thank you Somethgblue for the link about the Thunder Lizard aka Brontosaurus. There are many theories like Evolution many regard as fact, which is ridiculous due to the definition of the word "theory." Yes, it is concerning that Google has decided to take it upon itself to rank a website on "facts" instead of original content. Like you, I find it very concerning, and am curious to see if they stick to the facts, or include theories as fact (like the Big Bang Theory) like many are prone to do. History, Archaeology and Anthropology have tons of theory than fact in these fields especially if certain specific "known" elements are not present like in Stonehenge's and the Vinca people's case; much is speculation. Appreciate your insightful comments. Please write an article about this. I think many would find it interesting as to which dinosaurs really existed, and which ones did not. I know I would. :D

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 2 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 2 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Have you read where Google is now considering ranking websites by how many facts appear on their pages?

      While this may seem like a good idea, who then determines the facts, Google of course. So, if Google doesn't respect or agree with what you consider true you article goes to the end of the list. This is censorship at its most basic form, meaning either conform to what Google accepts as true or get your article ranked dead last.

      I have recently began reading a book about how geology has shaped our current thinking of the planet Earth. In the early 1800s many geologists created theories about how the Earth was shaped mostly through the popular THEORY that our planet endured many Ice Ages.

      However recent geologists are questioning this theory but since all information is at least ten years behind being introduced to the public, the masses continue to accept these 200 year old theories and since text books are even further behind (20 years) even our school children are being taught information that antiquated.

      This is what I'm referring to as what constitutes facts, geologist through modern science now recognize that most mountain ranges are tens of thousands of years younger and that glaciers did not dominate the Northern Hemisphere 10 to 20 thousand years ago.

      Theories based on speculation tend to remain in the public long after they have been proven false due to the slow movement our education system.

      For instance, archeologists have known for over 100 years that the Brontosaurus isn't a real dinosaur but was a compilation of several different dinosaurs and yet it has remained in our children's textbooks and taught in our schools, simply because the Ego's of leading scientist refuse to admit they were deceived.

      Even though the Thunder Lizard is considered by millions a fact it never existed and was a scam perpetrated to gain money by archeologists in the form of Government Grants, yet the public considers it a fact.

      It would be interesting to see how Google ranks the articles that prove this scam.

    • aliciaharrell profile image

      Alicia Rose Harrell 2 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      Thank you Cynthia for voting up, and placing this book on your to-read list. It is worth reading (my opinion). I enjoy finding out what others' research has produced.

      Somethingblue the facts in this book are available in other books by other authors as well as government paperwork and archives. Facts given in a Non-Fiction book have to have sources sited (which this book does) and the Federal government does check to make certain all Non-Fiction book authors are delivering true Non-Fiction facts in their works.

      Lady Guinevere thank you very much for your interesting comment to my hub. I find it very refreshing to get a diversity of viewpoints for this hub in the comment section. It brings out the level of open-mindedness I was hoping to achieve with this particular hub.

      Many thanks to all who commented. :D

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 2 years ago from West By God

      The Catholic Church doctrine and all the denominations use the thing, and it has been removed as of late, That is is best to keep everyone in the dark AT ALL COSTS. Al Gore said that by his calculations and that of other scientists that we would not live to this year and yet we are still here. In the Bible Jesus tells us to stay away from those who predict the future...why?...because it can change in a moment. He said to be careful with our thoughts becasue they cause things to happen from them....that is the change at any moment. Just a single thought from a single person can change everything.

      Imagination keeps us going and finding new things and even re-making other thigns that have been around for millions of years. We create and We destroy and yet nobody....or a very few of us...seems to realize exactly what that is all about. We can bring animals and plants and all kinds of living being from the brink of extinction and we are making new things and learning what life is with the genome project. We have liced under the sea for months at a time and so we have also lived in space above our earth for as many or more months. We learn. Only when we cannot learn any more then maybe, just maybe we will cease to exist and this worl and the America's will not longer be. I do not see that happening anytime soon becasue we never stop learning.

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 2 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Yet, my point was how do we really know that these absolute facts are true. After all, a plant is alive but doesn't breathe. Gravity is another theory that has been misrepresented, I think for deceptive reasons.

      I think, what we think of as gravity has another law to it that isn't taught in our education system to keep humanity ignorant of its true nature. That would be the Law of repulsion, I think planets push each other away as well as attract and this is what keeps all planets in their assigned orbits.

      If gravity only attracted they would have collapsed into the Sun long ago.

      I also think that two masses can occupy the same location by altering their frequency, by being in another dimension. These are the things that we must explore and is what I was alluding too.

    • Cynthia Hoover profile image

      Cynthia Hoover 2 years ago from Newton, West Virginia

      Can America Survive?- is now on my "to read list"! I am sure you know from my articles, that is a huge interest of mine. Although much like the Mayans my focus remains on feeding the family vs individual apocalyptic scenarios. I really enjoyed this article, voted up and am anxious to read more of your work!

    • aliciaharrell profile image

      Alicia Rose Harrell 6 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      Somethgblue is definitely seeing that opinions are theories, not actual facts (make a good Scientist). Yes, this book had much theory and opinion in it. Even the author admitted he was sharing what he saw or his understanding of what he had read. However, I do believe in certain facts like “2 masses cannot occupy the same space.” Not everything is theory or fiction; there are some facts like having the need for air to be alive and the existence of Gravity. It's all relative! I thank you Somethgblue for sharing your opinion and thoughtful comment. :)

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 6 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Interesting article, I have no problems with acknowledging another's view point or even sharing my beliefs with others, as i suspect you already know.

      That being said, I feel the need to point out that every book ever written no matter how well intentioned is FICTION period end of story. It is simple a persons view of history or the facts as they know them.

      Knowing this helps me to keep an open mind on all subjects and of course, I reserve the right to change my mind at anytime and often do!

      After all as my mother is so fond of saying "The road to hell is paved with good intentions!"