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Can Inanimate Objects Be Haunted?

Updated on October 30, 2011
Kirilan photograph of an energy aura of a key
Kirilan photograph of an energy aura of a key | Source

by Christine B. 2011

I have discussed the psychic ability of Psychometry in previous issues of my Paranormal Musings newsletters. This is the practice of holding or touching an item and being able to pick up information about a previous owner of that item. The reason this is possible is because all objects have energy. Inanimate objects pick up the energy from the people who owned or used the item in the past. Therefore, since inanimate objects can retain a person’s energy, they can be haunted.

Many people who enjoy antiques in their home, especially antique jewelry, have found that once they bring their ancient treasures home with them, their homes begin displaying signs of being haunted. A living person can become very attached to their possessions as well as their homes. Maybe that china cabinet you brought home from the antique store was originally purchased on a honeymoon by a long dead loving couple.

Maybe that ring you now wear on your finger was once worn by someone who cherished it and wouldn’t relish the idea of someone else wearing it. Therefore, don’t be too shocked if while wearing the antique ring your hand gets shooting pain, or you get flashes of another time. We all have psychic abilities, but most of us ignore them.

I’m not suggesting that you never purchase an antique and bring it back to your home. I am, however, warning that if you do, and all of a sudden you seem to be living in a haunted house, this could be the reason why.

I would surmise that purchasing items from a home auction might present some problems, as well. Spirits, if they have decided to stick around the earth dimension after their deaths, tend to stay close to their belongings—their home or the land it was built on. If their processions get distributed, they can and sometimes do, follow them in frustration, especially if the person taking the items away is not a relative of the deceased. So, the purchaser might think he got a great deal, until they get the objects home and things begin going awry.

If you must have antiques in your home, (and I do understand as I had a house full of them), be prudent when purchasing them. Ask about the history of the piece, if it is known. Take the time to touch the item and concentrate while you’re doing so to see if you can pick up any negative energy from it. And pay attention to any changes in your home after you bring it home. If you feel any negative energy there that you didn’t feel before you purchased the item, get rid of the affected piece. The best deal in the world would not be worth the health and safety of your family.


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