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Cape Codpiece

Updated on February 10, 2011
Cape Codpiece
Cape Codpiece | Source

Wearing the Cape Codpiece, a form of attire that he considers both attractively authentic and haberdasherily historic, Medieval re-enactor Cadfaul Carolingian poses before his true Cape Cod cottage. (Much to the chagrin and scandal of his Nor’easter neighbors, I might add.)

As you may have already surmised, ‘Cadfaul Carolingian’ was not his given name. This anachronistic lad was actually christened Bob Jones by his staunchly evangelistic parents, Jim and Jenny. Realizing at an early age both his preoccupation with times past and the shame that would attach to anyone named for that University-founding prig, wee Bob adopted his new old moniker.

CC inherited the century-old cottage beyond the dainty picket fence upon his parents’ sad demise (in an improbable incense inferno during devout daily prayers). CC is intent on turning the beachfront clam beds of the property into a proper Medieval midden, replete with seeds, pottery shards, bones, human feces, hanks of hair, shells, animal carcasses, leaves, flints, and random bits of coal and ash.

(Expect CC to be eventually expelled from Cape Cod, by means fair or foul.)  


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