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Chevron Fox with Fleur-de-lis Feet

Updated on February 19, 2011
Chevron Fox with Fleur-de-lis Feet
Chevron Fox with Fleur-de-lis Feet | Source

Come to the fertile flatland fields of Flanders, original range of the Chevron Fox with Fleur-de-lis Feet. Here among the flooded plains, with their occasional polders, dikes, domes of crowned landscaping, farmhouses, flower fields, and fences of stone and wood, you will fleetingly find this russet red canid with the squinting glance and feather-tufted tail.

After the rains, it can be quite easy to track this particular subspecies of Vulpes vulpes, for its peculiar paws leave distinctively decorative trails through the rich Flemish mud. Locals refrain from hunting the Chevron Fox, however — except perhaps to take one in as a housepet. The cheerful visage and symbolic footprints of this tiny mammal are just too endearing!

(The same cannot be said of this creature’s distant cousin of the Ruhr Valley, the Cross-Hatch Fox with Swastika Feet!)  


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