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Children's Books That Catch Your Spirit

Updated on October 4, 2012

Children's Book by L.T. Sparrow

Years ago I bought an eye catching greeting card with a colorful, circular picture. It was a picture of our world-earth, surrounded by insects, reptiles and animals, humans from various continents, birds, trees, and the universe beyond that. It was intended to be sent, but I was so touched by the simple nonverbal message of unity among all things that I kept it.

This past spring I attended a Native American art show and discovered my card adorning the cover of a children’s book entitled, ‘All my relations’ by L.T. Sparrow, who is both author and illustrator of this ‘poem-prayer’. I did not hesitate to purchase the book eagerly waiting to share it with my four grandchildren.

What I have since discovered is that the author spent much of her life growing up in the Bolivia jungles where her parents worked as missionaries. She eventually moved to the United States in the 1960’s, but continued to travel throughout Asia and the Americas. With her Bachelor of Arts degree in religious studies and a Masters of Arts degree from the University of San Francisco, Sparrow’s outlook on the connection of all beings has influenced her writings. And, in this book she has incorporated ideas of endangered species and cultures.

Every page is filled with meaningful drawings that are more than colorful representations of insects, flowers, birds, and creatures that roam the earth. They are placed here as a reminder that these are species that are declining and may one day be extinct. Sparrow does a wonderful job relaying this message with beauty and sensitivity.

One of the simple pleasures of life: reading to my grandchildren

Denise surrounded by her four grandchildren: (clockwise) Olivia, Grace, Alex & Marco
Denise surrounded by her four grandchildren: (clockwise) Olivia, Grace, Alex & Marco | Source

All I See is Part of Me

Chara M Curtis is an author, who had a realization during an activity in natural surroundings of river and forest. In the midst of sitting quietly on a river log she experienced the dancing energy of a ‘thousand lights’. The insight that everything that is created is filled with this same light energy was a monumental one that resulted in an outpouring of words to support this experience.

In the lovely children’s story, ‘All I see is part of me’, Chara brings her message of the deeper connection that we all have through the eyes of a child who gazes at the wonders of the natural world-the sun, moon and stars; the animals; the flowers and trees. At the end of the day, as his mother gently reminds him that this ‘love and light’ is part of all things, including him, the story ends with a glowing heart space in the center of the little boy’s chest.

Published by Illumination Arts, this is a favorite book to give as a gift to any young person who is special in your life.

Starbright Meditations for Children

I have not personally purchased the book ‘Starbright meditations for children’ by Maureen Garth, however, since reviewing this book I do plan on buying it. The subtitle: ‘simple visualizations to help children’ intrigued me.

Within our fast paced society of noise in the form of television, music, advertisements and external directives, a child cannot help but become over stimulated. These constant pollutants on our children’s minds cause distraction and separation from their own inner guidance and heartfelt being.

Garth constructs a path to bridge that gap between noise and stillness that encourages peace, concentration and creativity. I am excited that someone has written such a book and plan to add it to my own library of children’s books and resources.


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