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Children's Series to Read

Updated on September 24, 2019
Aidan Catriel profile image

Bob Vance read, on average, one full novel a day as a child. He's got a pretty big list in his head, and he wants to share it.

#1: Harry Potter

Harry Potter is the most popular book series of all time, so I don't think I'll need to explain it to you. I'm still going to.

Harry Potter is a young orphan living with his mother's abusive family, when he realizes something amazing; he's a wizard. Harry attends the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, where he learns the truth about his parents' deaths, makes friends and goes on wonderful adventures.

Harry Potter is a large book series, with seven novels and some bonus content. If you've somehow never read it, please do.

#2: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Preteen Percy Jackson is having a terrible field trip when his math teacher turns into a bat demon and tries to kill him. Turns out, he's a demigod. That's right; his father was a Greek god. Percy goes to camp half-blood, a place inhabited by others like him. Over the next few years, he goes on quests and kicks monster butt.

Not only are there five books in this series, but author Rick Riordan has several more series, all in the same universe. As of now, there are over twenty books for you to read, with more coming out every year.

#3: Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl isn't like most kids his age; he's a genius. So when he says there's an underground society composed of mythological creatures, you better believe him. After months of searching, he's found secret cities of creatures who ran from humans long ago, fading into myth and legend. And he wants their gold.

Artemis Fowl is an eight-book series, so it'll occupy you for some time. And when you finish, author Eoin Colfer has written other, smaller book series.

#4: The Land of Stories

Once upon a time, twins Alex and Connor Bailey fell into the land of fairy tales. It's a world that has interacted with ours in the past, inspiring our fairy tales. They travel around, looking for magic items that, when put together, could bring them home. But the land of fairy tales needs their help, and so they come back several times to save the day.

At six books, the Land of Stories has a decent number of books. Not only that, but word of a prequel series has gotten fans hyped up.

#5: How to Train Your Dragon

You may have heard of the movies, but did you know they were based on a book series? Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third is the son of a Viking chieftain, in a world where dragons exist. While his peers managed to capture dragons with impressive names like 'Razorwing', his is just a garden variety dragon, aptly named 'Toothless'. Nevermind, he'll manage.

With twelve novels and a few companion books, 'How to Train Your Dragon' is, thankfully, a fairly large book series. Hours of reading await you!

And now a poll

Which series do you want to read the most?

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