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Christmas night out

Updated on December 17, 2015
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Hi I'm Toya Welcome to my HubPages. I hope you enjoy them. I work online blogging, writing HubPages and selling things on and offline.

Early evening

I'll get ready and head over to the west end where there's lots of people having fun for Christmas.

Parties, nightclubs, DJs and music

Nobody jus wants to sit down and look around bored they jus wanna feel good and aprty

not misunderstood don't want to cause a problem

But don't see what it is. That's not cool

Cause everything is cool and nice

People are dressed up nice and the feelin is right

For a good vibe lots of food and dancing and music and wine

Don't forget what you're doin or who you're with but still

Socialise and find your groove jus get in the mood

Designer clothes the best cars want more money don't need to look at the stars

Be my guy I'll be your girl don't think I'll jus go off without you

Am lookin for a guy like you give me a good time lets go and party all night

So we find a bar and sit down order some drinks and look around

The DJs playing RnB and only has vibed sounds

I look over at him and he smiles come on he says

Lets go and dance they're playin one of my favourite tunes...


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