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City Nights

Updated on December 6, 2015
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Hi I'm Toya Welcome to my HubPages. I hope you enjoy them. I work online blogging, writing HubPages and selling things on and offline.

Night Out

City nights starlight starbright make my night tonight

take me to somewhere I can find what I'm lookin for

but what's that I'm not thinkin clear can see the stars in the sky

and the city lights shine bright as I walk down the street

towards a cafe and a bar loud music playing rnb

pop and house everybody come on down lets go out

i can see a crowd got my friends with me and we carry on

find someplace drink a cocktail or two then on to find the groove

cause we'll be here for some time make it the whole night

why go to sleep when you're here just have fun and dance

to the music that's playing no stopping or waiting

No fighting just inviting take some time say hi to who you want

find a guy whose cool and wants to dance maybe you've seen him before

hangin out in the same place last week and before then on the street

but you never talked just stared and now he's coming over

what can I say to him or will he tell me what he's thinking

dont want to miss the date until it's too late just wait see if he makes a move

just act cool and move to the groove.......

To Be Continued

© 2015 Toya Christie


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