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Closer Than A Brother Part 1

Updated on January 22, 2014

We didn’t com from the same womb

Never raised in the same room

Still closer than a brother, I’m not afraid to say I love you

Petty beef’s, other women, even money could not come between me and you

You became my little brother I’ll do anything to defend you

I reminisce back to the time when we were growing up

Parents try to raise us right but we were on the path to messing up

Met in 1992, playing Tecmo super bowl is what made us cool

From that year forward I saw you hear and there, hit or miss, but we stayed cool

Fast forward to 1999 my parents and I weren’t Seeing Eye to eye

Sixteen going on Seventeen I thought I could spread my wings and fly

I moved back to Chicago called you on the phone to reminisce on old times

Then the truth came out, you felt like you were ready to ride

You wanted to flip with them gangstas on the far north side

But I convinced you to come to my side, Lathrop homes is where we will reside

Two young bucks focused on the prize, our future is not looking bright

Getting into fights, trying to catch our first homicide, the project courtyard is where we rather reside

Talking on street corners trying to lead others, while we were living blind

Beautiful young girls, we invaded their minds and made them a prize

Then we stripped the dignity they had inside

Getting drunk and high seemed like a great night

The only thing that could top it was hearing your enemies scream in fright

Not realizing that we were reaping for ourselves pain from all sides

Still you never left my side

Friends and family members turned on you because of me but you stayed true

Running together from the boys in blue

I messed up my new air maxes running from them, had a good laugh or two

Remember hanging out in the Greens, Larabbee and Division is where we got our work too

Fiends loved it but our chief wanted to hate us too

Could not stand the fact that we outsmarted the crew

Only Puerto Ricans on the set, yet the only one’s driving cars too

We weren’t just about getting money

Our enemies got welcomed with the hate meant for the haughty

Left them with unpronounceable speech, we called them E-40

Never forget how you stood by me when we made a stand against that crew of twenty

Had everyone at school and on the block thinking we were crazy

I still can’t believe they stayed quiet like sleeping babies

I never forgot how you talked those guys out of beating me for wearing red in their neighborhood

How we were fortunate to survive when those Vice Lords caught us off guard with a pistol by your school

Everybody in the car was spooked, but we couldn’t help but laugh as if what just happened wasn’t true

I remember when Ant got shot we were the only ones who stopped by and showed him love

We stuck around when no else thought we would

O’G’s like LG gave us the respect that was due

Then the cops made a raid and he got locked up with half of the crew

The true colors of the one calling the shots started coming thru

No help with a lawyer, no visits, all of a sudden it’s forget you

Then our work stared coming up missing, his backup was so strong what are we supposed to do

Stay tuned for part two.

What used to be Lathrop Homes

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What used to be cabrini green layout



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