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Chicago Life is Crazy

Updated on January 22, 2014

Life is Crazy

I think about my life and what I've experienced, it's been crazy

My mind takes me back to the days when I was lazy

Running the streets of Chicago, where the thugs act sly

Like birds in the heavens you could see the slugs fly by

Tears fall down like rain when a mother cries

Is it over a happy moment?

No, it's a homicide maybe even a suicide!

Life or death the victim usually does not get to decide

No honor, you get shot from the back by surprise

Now what made you popular leads to your demise

The streets equal sin and death is the final price

Baby momma's get on your nerves like bad head lice

If another man disrespects her, you defend her with hot pipes

Some young women what you to be a thug and still act nice

They would like for you to be educated and still roll dice

They want you to look like Usher, and still behave like Plies

Life is crazy!

I went from growing up in a God fearing home

To embracing life in a chaotic war zone

I remember growing up with a family but still feeling alone

It started with my dad who came from a big family and by the time he was 7 his mother was gone

His dad had to work three jobs just to feed the family, so he grew up alone

The streets of Chicago took him in, so when I came about I became his clone

He did not want this for me and yet I still made the streets my own

I tried hard to establish my own imaginary throne

To deal with my conscience I liked to stay blown

When it came to taking action, I drank forty ounces until I became numb

Living a life full of sin, I should've been dead and gone.

Life is crazy!

I went from hanging on corners

To talking about faith that can transplant boulders

I went from playing with guns

To praising Jehovah and his Son

I went from making enemies

To making peace with those who have hostilities

My life was a dead end, but now it's full of possibilities

I went from hunting women like game

To reserving my love for one flame

I went from living in constant rain

To experiencing sunshine again

And I'm not even is crazy!

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