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Comic Observations.

Updated on October 7, 2009


Comic Observations 

at a college campus poetry reading/

and while sitting with my seven year old in a silly mood.




College campus- Poetry reading--observation
Younger, hungry eyes
glance at me briefly...
just a quick look over 
at the other side
of what once
would have held
their gaze much longer.
A feminine inventory 
followed by a sad dismissal
of the quality of the stock 
as pretty heads move on
eyes roving...
I always toss them
a polite smile
and watch them
.........long after
they have abandoned me 
into the haze of their youth
Then I chuckle
softly to myself
knowing that they've missed
vast warehouses
of the very attributes
they are seeking.
Stored high
on the shelves
within my soul
far above
the vanities
that their present
needs require  
Observations with a seven year old, in a silly mood
wee smirks
splay into
: )( : H U G E  G R I N S :)(:
just looking at you
gazing at me
brings on
funny facial quirks
awakening muscles
seldom excercised
enough in life
yours stretch easily
over tiny
pearly whites
while mine
strain across
well-ground ivories
just one split-second
in time
divided into 
two endless smiles
endless because
I'll carry them
in a small pocket
of my heart
to savor in
the lean years
when you are gone
and when my
solo smile reveals
just empty gums
and sighs.


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