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Updated on July 10, 2020
nylzkienchelsean profile image

nyzkienchelsean is a nickname for Emmalyn - a mother of two,a private employee who wrotes poems that reflect one's life.

How covid changes everyone’s life

It’s so frustrating how this simple virus became a deadly weapon for everyone in the world. It started with a simple sneeze,and then in a snap it becomes a threat .It provokes the leader of every country to do a quarantine method and a lockdown in order to lessen the contagious spreading of the said disease.
All the government do all the precautionary measurements in order to protect their constituents.But still the number of victims arises everyday. Many families lost their loved ones especially those who has a senior citizen resident in their household.Because most of the victims aged 50 above.
The covid virus affects the mental, social and financial life of everyone.

Mental – It causes panic that from the time people realizes that it is really a serious and deadly virus wherein the government imposes a lockdown, they automatically goes to the store and bought the basic necessities such as foods and personal hygiene things.Well good thing for those who can afford , or let’s say in good terms when it comes to financial aspect.But how about the families that can only afford to buy food for a day? How can they stocks some food?

Social – It affects the social life of everyone. Before this virus strikes, people used to be sweetie and clingy type, they love to hold and hug their friends everytime they meet. But now, the call for social distancing is a must. Just simple hi and hello will do for everyone’s sake.

Financial – And of course last but not the least, this is actually the worst effect of this virus. Many of us, yes I really mean it us for I myself is really affected. No work for approximately 1-2 months? Lockdown is officially implemented. Many are laid off due to force stop operations of industries that does’nt belong to a basic necessity supplier. Many of our fellowmen dismayed with the actions of our government. On the first day, different reactions showed up like some are okay with that because it can really prevent the disease from spreading, but on the other hand some are disappointed because of a reasons that exist like this “ no work, no pay”. Others are saying that they are not going to die in virus but the reality bites that they can be starved to death.

We just hope that this ends soon.And pray to GOD to heal our nation and keep everyone to be strong upon facing this deadly virus.


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