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Crashing Back Down: Fraternity Rush

Updated on February 1, 2014

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I took a long drag of my cigarette, before flicking it onto the walkway leading into the fraternity house. I hoped that I didn’t smell too much like the fifth of Jameson that I just finished, but decided that I really didn’t care if the rushies knew that I was sloshed or not. Fraternity rush was already in full swing by the time I joined my brothers to help recruit, but this was my least favorite time of the year; they’d have to get over it.

From across the room I locked eyes with my roommate by the back door and started to push the new recruits and giggly sorority chicks out of my way. I greeted Randy with a half hug and asked how the prospects for new pledges looked this year. To my surprise our house was more packed than usual for rush and Randy seemed to be pleased with the turn out. He was a lot more involved than I was as far as the fraternity was concerned. I was working on getting the most out of college on all levels and being a great brother didn’t always fall on the top of the list.

I was quickly informed that my tardiness was landing Randy and I on trash duty and I was thrilled, Randy on the other hand was a little pissed. We both took our spots next to the back door, posting up with solo cups full of just-coke-we-swear. We took turns escorting the nerds and jerks out of the house, explaining that this was not the house for them and kicking them to the curb. This was my favorite job during rush, but Randy liked to talk to potentials and convince them to stay. I guess he was just an overall better guy than me: nice, clean, polite, monogamous, a good student; all things I wasn’t. We really balanced each other out pretty well.

I was in the middle of telling a four eyed, pimpled up freshman to get lost when I followed Randy’s open mouthed expression to the door and froze, shoving the geek to the side to start heading for the door. Standing in the doorway was the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on and I guess Randy felt the same way. She was petite with long flowing dark hair and light chocolate eyes all complimented with a gorgeous tan and smile, I was in awe. Randy got to the angel first and started to introduce himself as I interrupted with a forced cough and a nudge to his side. Unfortunately, I was too late. Her gorgeous eyes were fixated on Randy’s even when he was introducing me to her. She was polite though, breaking her gaze to meet my eyes, “Hi, Walker. I’m Margret. Nice to meet you,” She turned and gestured to a bouncy blonde to her right, introducing her as California to us. Randy and I both took cracks at her name and we were quickly informed she was a hard cookie and from then on she would be known as Cali.

We learned that the girls were freshmen and new to Greek life. We showed them around the house, got them drinks, and found our way to our post. To my surprise the girls were great at helping with the trash and even seemed to enjoy it. Cali was brutal and I knew right then we’d end up great friends. By the end of the night Cali and I were joking and flirting but I could not put my whole head in the game, not with Margret’s amazing smile in my presence. Randy was hitting it off with her though and I could not be a complete jerk to my best friend. Randy was not great at talking to women, so when he did I made it a point to let it be. Cali would just have to do as a cancelation prize.

Just before it was time to close the doors to potentials, one of my brothers came striding over with a freshman in tow. “Hey, Walker, I think I found your mini-me! This is Mitchell, he’s a legacy,” He smiled at the pledge holding his bid card and then leaned in close, whispering, “Don’t screw this one up, man, his dad is a big donator.” I nodded to Tommy and took Mitch’s hand, welcoming him to the chapter. Mitch was the perfect match for me and I was shocked, he was tatted, a boozer, smooth with the girls he just met with just the right combination of edge and class. The five of us decided to call it quits for the fraternity house and started to head to my F250. I offered to drive the girls back to the sorority house but they both protested that the night was too young and we all decided to head back to Randy and my apartment.

I sighed as I watched Randy help Margret into his lifted Ford, while I helped Cali into my back seat. Mitch climbed into the front seat and we were off, speeding with Randy the entire way home. It only made me feel a little better when I beat him to The Landings. I opened the door to our first floor apartment and told Mitch and Cali to make themselves at home, while I grabbed beers for us out of the fridge. We made small talk on the couch while I impatiently looked at my watch, wondering where Randy and Margret were.

Finally, the door flung open with Randy carrying Margret piggyback style into the room, her holding a large bottle in one hand, giggling. Once I saw the bottle my heart stopped, she really must be the perfect woman. Then she confirmed it as her lips wrapped around the mouth of the bottle, now I could tell it was Jack Daniels, and she threw her head back for a man-sized swig of the room temperature liquid. My mouth must have fallen open by the smile that spread across her face, “What never seen a chick take down Jack before,” She hopped off of Randy’s back, “You know Walker, it ain’t polite to stare.”

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