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Creating Laughter By Telling a Joke

Updated on September 8, 2011

Putting a Smile on Your Face

We need a little laughter in our lives. I decided that today, I could put a smile on your face with a little humor. I was listening to the radio the other day. On Fridays, they have a contest on who can tell the funniest jokes. A couple of contestants called in and said two of the funniest jokes that I have ever heard.

Oh No! Not My Wig!

An elderly lady was standing on the corner and a big wind came up. Her dress flew over head. Instead of pulling her dress down, she held on to the top of her head. A man came up to her and told her that she was showing all of her business and should pull her dress down. She said, “Sir, that is 80 years old but this is a brand new wig."

The Wrinkled Anniversary Gift

A man wanted to buy his wife something for their anniversary, so he decided to go by her some lingerie. He went to a lingerie shop and told the ladies who worked there, that he wanted the most sheerest and expensive thing they have. He paid for the item and they wrapped it up. He took it home for his wife and asked her to try it on. He was so excited because of what he had done. He told her that it was the sheerest thing they had

The wife looked at what he had bought her and noticed a price tag. She decided that she was going to take it back and get the money. She thought to herself that if its sheer, she wasn’t going to try it on. She decided to get naked and pretend like she had it on. She came out of the room and laid on the couch. Her husband said, “Wow! With all the money I paid for this, they could of at least ironed it."

I just wanted to bring you some cheer to your day and be a little contagious with laughter. Thank you for visiting and reading my hub


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