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Customer service- Do you really sell your soul

Updated on January 21, 2012

Why the feeling of solitude

Trouble times cause for desperate measure! So how far would you go to make the people around you fall in love with an image? Funny thing is, you find yourself the creator, yet all these scenario's keep unwinding and you find yourself tangled up in a web of lies, that you have no one but yourself to blame. I work for retail, so the minute you sign that handbook and I am sure a lot of people could relate to this you feel like you sold your soul. The millisecond I finished the last letter in my name, I felt this abrasive touch and a vast tug on my soul, as it was robbed. So you smile, regardless what is going on in your life at the current moment. Not because you have to, but because you choose to. Then I laugh, begin to think if the world took a 180 and the antagonist now became the protagonist, how would they feel. Defeated, yet this increasing immense urge, to pick up the pin beside you and stab them in their eye. Bet they would have a problem then that could use some amazing customer service for. I find this nostalgic need to venture into my past, where thing's at least to me made a lot of sense. Instead you feel alone. I never lament, nor do I have people feel sorry for me. A victim to life maybe, but a victim to other people, I would rather rip out my intestines. They say we are all different, unique in are own way. With the experience I have had for awhile in customer service you see a lot of strange things. I came from poverty and I feel no shame to air my skeletons. You cannot deny reality, so why place my past on the back burner when it shines so bright in who I am today. You get these handbooks on what is acceptable for a franchise they wish to build and progress, where was there one in life. A few chapters that could of saved me a hell of a lot of time physically and emotionally. I hate that I have succumb to barriers, then again you go through so much in what feels like a lifetime you begin to lose trust, respect. Common courtesy seems like a thing in the past and people become " a little foot note, on my epic ass" so to speak. Then you find these people who see you for who you are, not just some bullshit facade you created. Whether it is through similar experiences or just taking that chance to open up and see what someone else has to say outside of what your opinions and perspectives are. If anyone is like me, it would be like a dog with a bone. I am so set in my ways, I mean this deeply I could give two shits what someone has to say to me. Does not mean that I do not listen though. Everyone in their own way has some tough exterior you have to break through and create a safe and content feeling to be yourself. Feel ugly a lot. Regardless if others believe so or not then again it is just a perspective on an image, who really knows you for you. Then again you like someone so much for how they perceive themselves on the exterior; you could give two shits about who they are in the core of their soul. You seal your fate in way that there is no point for return. You bring someone in your life for so long, it becomes almost like a steadfast. You kept them on a pedal-stole, and put them as a high priority for so long there is only one way to go from there and that is down. Then it becomes too late to learn who they are or pretty much anything about them, you give up. You find yourself on repeat. Same job, same bullshit facade, the only thing that is different is the smile you once had, no longer was your smile but a repeated smile.


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