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Don't Do What I Did!

Updated on April 7, 2022

DON'T, Jump In Feet First! But,if you do, you can recover with Grace...

Compost Photos.
Compost Photos. | Source

A little too eager.

I did not take time to read, listen, and learn instead I jumped in. The act of 'jumping in feet first.' "Yep, I'm a natural at it." For some, crazy reason, I am a person who learns more from trial and error -- perhaps, I would have done well as a scientist, but then I am not very good at following a set of repeated patterns -- I would have to be the subject; the guinea pig experiencing new things. welcomes new members. And, I can say from firsthand experience I have felt just that. After writing my first Hub, some pretty terrific, talented writers sent me a welcome note. I must express the wonderful feeling of knowing others have taken time out of their busy schedules to check me out -- read some of my material and leave me a note to let me know they did. I feel like I belong to a part of something great. Thank-you followers and thanks, even more, for leading me to reading your wonderful Hubs, as each of you are so diverse an unique.

I have to admit though, by reading others' material/Hubs I became self-conscious. I started to believe I have nothing worth sharing. Also, I realized everyone seems to write better than I do, their Hubs are filled with great pictures and the comments made to their Hubs mostly emphasize how great and informative their Hubs are.

If you are anything like me, and you jumped in feet first, know you are not alone, and there is much to gain from making mistakes. In my eagerness to immediately write Hubs prior to reading the manual I began publishing without spicing my Hubs with pictures. There are recipes out there to make the best mind tasting Hubs. Trial and Error!!! You can recover! Remember, everyone has to start somewhere!

As much as I love reading, I started to lose sight of my goal.

On the road to become a published author, my intent here on Hub Pages is to write and become acquainted with other writers. Hub Pages is a world of writers. But, after reading many Hubs about making money, my vision became clouded.

The idea of making money took over creativity.

I got caught up in thoughts of making money. Making money topics are indeed very inviting, especially when we are individuals that are over-worked and under-paid.

Please, don't get me wrong, this Hub's message is perhaps, not for you...

If you have joined Hub Pages to make money, there are numerous reading materials throughout Hub Pages that will guide you every step of the way. Members on here are going to make money, some more than others. It's all in a matter of time and effort.

3 Key factors to keep in mind and add to your desire to make a profit

(Commitment) + (Dedication) + (Determination) = Success.

Happy travels, I applaud you all the way up towards the top of the ladder within reach of the money rewards you wish to obtain.

BUT, I stopped writing.

Admitting my limitations and working with them.

My knowledge of certain topics is limited, but I yearn to learn and will set aside time for reading as long as it does not hinder or restrict my creative flow. My writing skills continue to need improvement which through time and experience, and of course hard work will surely improve.

Truthfully, writing is my escape. I realize now I can only write about things I know and have experienced. I will from time to time embellish things, but only, insofar as making things more interesting for others to read. From now, I will only write from the heart. And, who knows! I have faith that 'if' my writings on here are worth making money it will just happen. Forgive and God Bless!


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