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Dag Doorbell Daydreams

Updated on February 10, 2011
Dag Doorbell Daydreams
Dag Doorbell Daydreams | Source

Our wee rodent friend seems puzzled only because he is apparently not a John Williams fan. He clearly does not recognize the theme from Raiders of the Lost Ark, which Dag Doorbell is whistling as he daydreams.

This is a quite common pose for Dag: on an urban street corner, motionless, legs crossed, hands in pockets of windowpane (of course) jacket, lost in his reverie, whistling his way through the opus of multi-Oscar winner John Towner Williams.

Good thing he donned his jacket and heaviest corduroys, for Dag will be out here in the chill evening air for a while. He prefers whistling William’s complete oeuvre in order. Having long ago completed the themes of Gilligan’s Island and Lost in Space, Dag is now into the meat of JW’s movie scores. He has sailed through Jaws, and moved beyond Close Encounters to a galaxy far away for all of the Star Wars melodies. Superman is history, as Dag nears The Extra-Terrestial. Next up for his perky pucker: Jurassic Park, the Phantom Menace and some kid named Harry.   


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    • profile image

      lynsuz 7 years ago

      Good one as usual.