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Dark Love Part 3

Updated on October 23, 2016


Their shoes ‘clacked, clacked, clacked’ upon the white tiled floor; they walked up to the white marble front desk. A young woman with a dark complexion, brown eyes and hair smiled as they approached. She wore a navy blazer with a white buttoned shirt underneath, with a matching skirt and black heels.

“Hello and welcome to the Drake Hotel. How can I help you?” She asked

“We would like a room please. We would prefer a suite with two bedrooms. ” Armand replied

“Smoking or non-smoking room sir?”

“Non-smoking please…”

“You are in luck sir. The maids just finished cleaning one of our suites.”


Charlotte watched as her father filled out paperwork, but then someone caught her eye. A boy, her age, got on a school bus. He was taller than her, average complexion and thin. His black hair was short and his blue eyes shined in the sunlight.

She felt a strange feeling come over her. Suddenly she felt tired, but she fought to stay awake and standing. Her eyes closed tuning everything around her out. The sounds of the city filled her ears. Then she heard two voices, one a man and the other a woman. She smiled when she heard the word ‘vampire’. Seems there were vampires close by, her parents would be happy to know.

“Charlotte… Charlotte…” Armand called

“Yeah dad?” She replied feeling like she woke up from a deep sleep

“Let’s go get our luggage, mum and Faith.”

She nodded and followed him back outside. Phil had grabbed a luggage cart and loaded the suitcases onto it.

“Your wife told me to unload the car sir.” He commented

“We have a room, let’s go inside.” Armand replied

Phil nodded and pushed the cart inside. The car door opened, Charlotte took off her jacket, handed it to her mother.

“Thank you love.” She said

“Welcome…” Charlotte whispered

Faith got out of the car, Catherine followed with Charlotte’s jacket over her head. They walked into the lobby, Catherine handed the jacket back to Charlotte. As they walked up to the elevators, she stared at her reflection in the mirrored doors.

It disappeared as the doors opened. They stepped inside and Armand pressed the number eight button.

“Phil how would you like to be our personal driver?” Catherine asked

“Mrs. Coleman?” He paused

“We are new in the area and would pay you probably more than you’re making now.” Armand added

“It’s a deal Mr. and Mrs. Coleman.” He replied

“Did the sun hurt you mum?” Charlotte asked

“No. I’m fine Charlotte no need to worry.” Catherine replied

Phil looked over at Catherine with a questioning look, “I burn easily.” She commented. He nodded as the elevator continued on. It stopped and the doors opened to a hallway of doors.

The brown walls looked dull beneath the tube shaped fluorescent lights. Armand led everyone to the end of the hallway. He put the key into the lock and unlocked the door.

All the golden curtains closed, covering the large windows overlooking the city. There were large white circular light fixtures above. Brown plush shag carpet lined the living room and both bedrooms. There was a small kitchen and dining area with dark wooden chairs and table.

Phil took the luggage off the cart and left to return it downstairs. Catherine’s luggage rose into the air, following Catherine and Armand into their bedroom. Charlotte’s and Faith did the same, following them into their bedroom. Faith came back out when Phil returned knocking on the door.

“Mr. and Mrs. Coleman ask that your return around seven tonight to take us for dinner.” She began

“I’ll be parked outside at seven Ms. Faith.” He replied

“Good see you later Phil.” She waved

He left and she went back into her bedroom. Later that afternoon Charlotte went down to the lobby hoping to find the boy she saw earlier. Faith came up next to her.

“Looking for something or someone?” She asked

“Him, please don’t tell mum and dad.” Charlotte replied

“I promise.”

The boy was standing outside the hotel eating a chocolate bar. She walked outside and up to him.

“Hi…” She began

“Hi…” He paused; “Would you like a piece?”

“Thank you.”

He broke off a piece and handed it to her. She popped it into her mouth and smiled.

“I’m Sebastian what’s yours?”

“I’m Charlotte.”

He turned to her holding out his hand. She took his and they shook hands.

“Do you live in the city?”

“We just moved here. We’re staying in the hotel for now.”

Faith sat down in a large white couch that was across from the front desk. She watched Charlotte and her new friend talk. In the suite Catherine and Armand lied down in the king size bed. It was covered with a light gold blanket and white sheets beneath.

“Cat… I’m ready…” He commented

She turned onto her right side to face him. Her hand cupped his clean shaven face.

“Armand there is no going back, once I do this.” She whispered

“Cat, I lived this mortal lifelong enough. I want to start over and spend the rest of eternity with you and Charlotte. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

She leaned in and pressed her lips gently against his. She pulled away and kissed his neck. He felt her hot breath, and then gasped in pain as her fangs pierced his skin.

She pulled him closer to her, feeling his heart beat increase. Gradually it slowed down and she lied him down on his back. Her tongue licked the off the blood from her lips as she bit into her wrist. She held it up to his mouth, “Drink my love… take... live forever.” She whispered

His hands grabbed her wrist, pulling him up. She moaned as his lips covered her small wound. He began to drink, seeing all the memories they shared together. She pulled her wrist back and watched the wound heal quickly. He began to breathe heavily, feeling a sharp pain run throughout his body. His hair darkened as Catherine watched his body die. As his breathing stopped he sat up and hugged her tightly.

“Rest Armand; tonight we’ll go out and feed.” She whispered

He lied back down; she lied beside him with her head on his chest. He put his arm around her, “Thank you.” He whispered.

That night Charlotte knocked on her parent’s bedroom door. It opened to let her in.

“Mum! Dad! C’mon we have to go!” She shouted

Catherine had changed into a black and white checkered dress. She slipped a matching white headband pushed her hair back. Armand came out of the bathroom, wearing dark blue jeans and white t-shirt.

“You have to come… right now…” She continued

“Charlotte calm down.” Catherine said sternly

Charlotte took a deep breath and she sat down on the bed next to her mother.

“Where do you want us to go?” Catherine asked

“Downstairs to meet my friend Sebastian and his parents. They’re vampires.” She replied

“Sebastian? His parents? How do you know his parents are vampires?” Armand asked

“I heard them this morning. Please come and meet them?”

Catherine and Armand exchanged nods, following their daughter. They left the room and got into the elevator. Charlotte looked up at her father and then gasped sensing he changed.

“Dad…when?” She asked

“It was my decision. Your mum wanted to wait until we came here.” He replied

“It would have been difficult to do it on the plane.”

“Too many people…” Catherine chimed in

“True…” Charlotte commented

The elevator stopped and opened to the lobby. They walked off, Charlotte’s eyes lit up seeing Sebastian standing with his parents. His mother looked to be in her early twenties. She stood Catherine’s height, medium length brown hair and hazel eyes. His father had long black hair tied into a ponytail; blue eyes and was taller than his wife. They were semi-muscular and had square faces. She wore a pair of black boots, blue jeans, and dark red t-shirt. While he wore a pair of brown boots, dark brown pants and cream colored t-shirt. Sebastian signaled his parents as Charlotte walked up to them with her parents’ right behind her.

“Hi Sebastian; these are my parents Cat and Armand Coleman.” Charlotte began

“Hi Charlotte; meet my parents Christopher and Lisa Masters.” Sebastian replied

“It’s nice to meet you.” Catherine commented extending her hand

“Same here; should we take this conversation elsewhere?” Lisa asked

“Our suite?” Armand suggested

Faith came up to them, tapping Catherine’s shoulder. “Should Phil take the rest of the night off?” She asked. Catherine nodded, “Tell him to come back tomorrow evening.” Catherine replied. Faith nodded and walked outside to see Phil standing by his car.

“Right on; we’ll order room service.” Catherine continued

Sebastian took Charlotte by the hand. They led everyone back to the elevators. Armand welcomed everyone to their suite. They sat down on the two brown couches which sat across from each other with a dark wooden coffee table in the middle. Catherine called for room service and then joined the others. Charlotte took Sebastian into her bedroom along with Faith.

“Where are you from? We haven’t heard accents like that around here?” Lisa asked

“London, England; we were living with my parents who ruled over a large vampire coven. A war broke out between us and a group of witches and warlocks; around the time Charlotte was born. Armand’s father was the head of this group, convinced Charlotte was evil.” Catherine paused as tears formed in her eyes

“My father is a powerful warlock. I was the one generation that didn’t inherit his powers. He wasn’t pleased and disowned me.” Armand chimed in

“I was the next heir to lead the coven. But with the constant attacks we had to book it out of there. We came here to start our own coven and co-exist with mortals.” Catherine continued

“Far out man. Why did your pops think Charlotte is evil?” Christopher asked

“Charlotte was born a half-breed; half mortal… half immortal. I almost died giving birth to Charlotte; my mother turned me after she was born. But the umbilical cord hadn’t been cut. Neither of us is sure how long we have with her. According to my parents, no half breed has lived passed their eighteenth birthday.” Catherine replied

“That is terrible Cat, Armand. We have lived in the city most of our mortal and immortal lives, in an apartment complex down the street. The only time we’ve gone out is to feed, and we’d immediately come back. We were afraid of mortals finding out what we are.” Lisa said

“We have a lot in common Lisa. Cat and I want to change that, call out to other immortals in the city. We had the idea of opening a nightclub.” Armand continued

“This sounds like an awesome idea.” Christopher commented


There was a knock on the door, Catherine went and answered as a young man walked in wheeling a cart of food.

“Charlotte, Sebastian, Faith dinner is here.” She called

They all came out and sat down at the dining room table. Catherine tipped the young man and he left, while Faith put the plates onto the table. They began eating and Catherine rejoined her friends.

“Cat, Christopher and I were telling Armand we know of a building a couple of blocks from here. It would be a far out location for the nightclub. Plus I know of an old friend from college who owns his own construction company.” Lisa said

“Far out you two. Why don’t we check it out, while we have our dinner?” Catherine suggested

“Awesome idea Cat. Faith could you watch the children, we’ll be back soon.” Armand replied

“Be careful out there.” Charlotte said

Catherine and Armand nodded as they left with Lisa and Christopher.

“Faith can I ask you a question?” Sebastian asked

“Shoot…” Faith replied

“Would you ever want to be a vampire?”

“I’m not sure. I felt that it would affect me taking care of Charlotte and the other children. But maybe someday.”

“Live forever… see the world with new eyes.” Charlotte commented

“That’s what your mum says.” Faith said

Seeing that they were finished with their meal, Faith put the dishes back on the cart. Charlotte led Sebastian over to the couches. They sat down, Faith called room service to pick up the cart. She hung up and brought over a deck of playing cards.

Elsewhere Lisa and Christopher took the Colemans down West fifty-Fourth Street. They stopped in front of a closed restaurant. The windows were boarded up, its brown exterior lit up from the street lamps that lined up on both sides of the street.

“It’s cool, but needs a lot of work.” Armand commented

“No problem. Our friend has the lowdown on hard workers.” Lisa replied

“Groovy…” Catherine cheered

“Awesome. Let’s go grab a meal.” Christopher suggested

The others nodded in agreement and blurred down the street. Armand stopped to see a man standing in the dark alley between two apartment complexes. He was dressed in a black suit with a red buttoned shirt underneath and black cowboy boots. He had just finished relieving himself as Armand approached him, with Catherine right behind him. Armand pushed the man against the red brick wall, the man struggled, as Catherine and him leaned in towards his neck.

The man’s scream was drowned out by the honking horns and other noises of the city. Catherine grabbed the man’s wrist and began to drink. She stopped as Armand sank his fangs into the man’s neck.

“Groovy; slowly my love, wait until you barely hear his heart beat.” She whispered

Armand dropped the man to the ground. Catherine used her powers to snap his neck as she watched her husband let the blood run throughout his body. She took him by the hand and walked out on the sidewalk. Armand pointed to Lisa and Christopher who had come back, licking the blood off their lips.

Back at the suite, Faith fell asleep Sebastian and Charlotte were still in the living room.

“Charlotte, are you and your family going to live in the hotel?” Sebastian asked

“For a little while, but not forever…” She laughed

“I’m glad we met. My friends have mortal parents and they don’t understand.”

“Me too; we still have fun at night, even though they can’t go out during the day.”


He went to say something, but noticed she had fallen asleep, her head in his lap. He lifted her head and put a pillow underneath and then wrapped his arms around her. Soon he fell asleep, thankful that tomorrow was Saturday.

By six in the morning, the couples returned to see their children asleep. Catherine held out her hand and a blanket came out from the closet and covered them.

“We have a spare bed in our room if you’d like to stay.” Catherine whispered

“Thank you so much. Groovy idea, beats having to run all the way home, especially waking up Sebastian.” Lisa replied

“Like father like son…” Christopher commented

“It’s almost sunrise…” Armand interrupted

They all went into Catherine’s and Armand’s bedroom, the white walls glowed from the lamp light. The door shut and the light turned off. Around eleven, Charlotte woke up to feel Sebastian’s arms around her. She turned over to face him, he looked so peaceful, and she leaned her head upon his shoulder and hugged him tightly. She got up and heard the rain tapping against the windows; she used her powers to open the curtains. Below there was a sea of umbrellas and heard the horns honking. Sebastian stretched, yawned and sat up seeing Charlotte leaning on the back of the couch staring out the window.

“Morning…” He whispered

“Morning…” She replied

They turned to see Faith coming out of her bedroom already dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans and mauve t-shirt.

“Good morning. Are you two hungry?” She asked

Both of them nodded, she walked over to the phone in the kitchen and called for room service.

“Sebastian do you have a key to your apartment building?” She asked

“Right here…” He replied reaching into his pants pocket

“Groovy. Charlotte, grab a change of clothes and go shower. Sebastian you’ll shower here and we’ll go to your apartment and get a change of clothes for you.”

Charlotte went into her and Faith’s bedroom came out with a change of clothes and walked into the bathroom. She turned on the lights, the white tiles felt cool beneath her bare feet. The blue floral wallpaper complimented the white vanity, toilet, and shower. She put her clothes down on the counter and grabbed a towel from a white shelf beneath the sink.

After she finished and dried off, she got dressed. She slipped on blue jeans and black t-shirt; she came out to see Sebastian leaning against the wall. She smiled as he walked in.

“I think Sebastian will have to be our guide today. We’ll go food shopping and fill the fridge and cabinets.” Faith commented

“Groovy; it’ll be a chance to explore our new home.” Charlotte said

Sebastian came back out, just as room service arrived with their breakfast. They sat down at the table and ate. Before Charlotte took another bite of her pancakes, she heard her mother calling for Faith.

“Faith mum needs to see you.” Charlotte said

“I’ll be right back.” She replied

Faith walked into Catherine and Armand’s bedroom, the door shut behind her. A few minutes she came back out with a pen, steno pad, and envelope.

“Charlotte when you’re done eating, your mum wants you to write a letter; to everyone back home to let them know we’re safe. I’ll be taking Sebastian to his apartment and will come back so we can go food shopping.” Faith began

“Cool; I miss Grandfather, Grandmother, Aunt Alice and Uncle Vincent, Melody and Tonya.” Charlotte sighed.

“You all lived in the same house?” Sebastian asked

“We did. My grandparents had an extension built onto the house.” Charlotte replied


They finished eating; room service came and collected the cart. Faith and Sebastian left, leaving Charlotte alone to write home.

Dear everyone,

We have arrived in New York City safely. It’s a groovy city, so far. The buildings are enormous and look like they touch the sky. We are staying in a beautiful hotel suite for now and even made some new friends. Their names are Lisa, Christopher, and their son Sebastian; he has become my best friend. Mum and dad send their love to you all. I miss you all so much; I hope to write again soon.


She finished, folded the paper in half and stuffed it into the envelope. She felt the room getting darker; the curtains were closing on their own. Her eyes lit up to see Catherine coming out from her bedroom wearing blue pajamas.

“Mum what are you doing up?” Charlotte asked

“I just wanted to make sure you were alright.” She replied

“I’m fine mum. You worry too much.”

Catherine laughed and kissed the top of her daughter’s head. She yawned and then made her way back into her room. The door shut behind her and the curtains opened letting natural light in. She smiled as she wrote her old home’s address on the envelope. Faith and Sebastian returned, he carried a suitcase and placed it by the door.

“Are you ready to go Charlotte?” Faith asked

“I am. I also finished my letter home.” Charlotte replied

“Groovy, we’ll mail it before we leave.”

They left and headed towards the elevators. The lobby was quiet as the trio made their way off the elevators. When they stepped outside, Phil was leaning against his car and opened the door for them with a smile.

“Groovy…” Sebastian whispered

“Mrs. Coleman called and asked me to give you a ride to the market.” He began

“Thank you Phil.” Charlotte commented

“Sebastian please tell Phil where we’re going.” Faith chimed in

“The market on West Fiftieth Street, please Phil?” Sebastian asked

“Yes sir.” Phil replied

After they got into the car, the door closed on its own. Phil shook if off and got into the driver’s seat. Slowly the car pulled away from the hotel, merging with the rest of the city traffic. Charlotte stared out the tinted window, still amazed by all the tall buildings.

Within ten minutes the car pulled up in front of the supermarket. Phil got out and opened the door for his passengers. Faith grabbed a shopping cart and they walked in through the automatic doors. Brown brick shaped tiles filled the entire store with a transparent yellow ceiling revealing square fluorescent lights.

“It’s a lot bigger than the stores back home.” Charlotte commented

“Stay together please.” Faith said

“What were our parents talking about last night?” Sebastian asked

“Possibly going into business together and starting a coven.” Charlotte replied in a whisper

“Awesome; maybe your parents can show mine how to have some fun again.”

Charlotte laughed as they turned to walk down the bread aisle. The shopping cart was filled to the top once they reached the check-out line. Sebastian and Charlotte helped Faith unload the cart onto the conveyor belt. The cashier was a young girl about sixteen, long red hair that was tied into a ponytail, green eyes, and of average build.

“Hey Sebastian how are you?” The girl asked

“Hey Sarah; I’m cool what about you?” Sebastian replied

“I’m doing alright. Who are you friends?”

“Sarah this is my new friend Charlotte and her nanny Faith. Charlotte, Faith this is my babysitter Sarah.”

“It’s nice to meet you.” Charlotte and Faith said together

“It’s nice to meet you too. You must be new in the city buying all this food.” Sarah continued

“We are. This city is totally awesome so far.” Charlotte replied

“Believe me there is a lot to do around here. Just don’t go out at night alone, it gets kind grody.”

“Noted…” Faith commented

Sarah finished checking them out and they waved goodbye. Phil pulled up and opened the trunk, helping load the groceries. That night Catherine, Armand, Lisa, and Christopher awoke to the sweet aromas of food coming from the kitchen.

They all came out to see Faith Sebastian and Charlotte sitting down to spaghetti and meatballs. There was also a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting sitting on the counter.

“Groovy you all have been busy.” Lisa commented

“We did a few weeks of shopping.” Faith said

“Cool; least we won’t run up the room service bill.” Catherine paused; “Did you mail the letter home?”

Charlotte nodded as she got up and hugged her parents. She then sat back down as Faith began serving.

“Gravy; I can only imagine how freaked out your parents are going to be when they read it.” Armand commented

“Not that freaked out baby. They knew we wanted to leave.” Catherine replied

“Sebastian did you finish your homework?” Lisa asked

“I did… most of it…” Sebastian replied

“You’ll finish it tomorrow young man.” Christopher said

“Yes sir.”

“Speaking of school, Charlotte how would like to start school on Monday?” Lisa asked

Catherine and Armand kept calm, for most of her life they home schooled her. Both were afraid of Victor tracking her down when no one was around to protect her.

“Please mum, dad, I think it’ll be groovy.” Charlotte asked looking at her parents

“Alright; Faith will go with you to enroll.” Armand replied

“We’ll be back love.” Catherine continued

The four couples left to go hunt for their meals. Charlotte turned to Sebastian who had just cleaned his plate.

“Sebastian what is it like at school?” She asked


“You’ve never been to school?” Sebastian replied

Charlotte shook her head ‘No’. Faith began clearing the table; Charlotte followed and helped loading the dishwasher.

“My dad tutored me.” She paused; “Mum also tutored me too.”

“Groovy; you’ll like school, it’s small and the teachers are alright. You could make some new friends.”

The dishwasher started to run. Faith turned to them and smiled.

“They have an indoor pool. You two want to go swimming?” She asked

“Awesome! What floor is it on?” Charlotte replied

“Twenty-seventh; go get changed and head up, I’ll be up to join you.”

Charlotte went into her bedroom; Sebastian grabbed his suitcase and went into the bathroom. The smell of chlorine hit their noses hard. A row of two toned lounge chairs stood on each side of the white filled pool. The pool went from three to nine feet deep. There was a table with towels piled on top of it, near the entrance. They each took one.

She took off the large black t-shirt, revealing a blue one piece. Sebastian wore a pair of red swim trunks and dove into the water. He rose to the surface; smiling Charlotte dove in and popped up behind him.

“Sebastian…” She paused

Slowly he turned to face her.

“I’m kind of freaked out about going to school.” She continued

“Why?” He asked

“Because of this…”

She looked at the row of chairs, they rose into the air. Sebastian looked at her in shock. The chairs landed back on the white concrete floor.

“How did you? That was awesome!” He asked

“It runs in my family, on my mum’s side. I’m freaked out that I won’t be able to control it.”

He smiled and hugged her tightly. She held him close. “You’ll be cool. I’ll help.” He whispered. Faith had appeared outside, before she entered, she gasped. Charlotte leaned back, managing to smile. Sebastian slowly came forward and pressed his lips against hers.

Faith smiled and got back onto the elevator. Charlotte felt heat rushing to her cheeks; Sebastian had also started to blush. An hour later they came to the suite, the door opened. Everyone was celebrating, cheering and hugging one another.

“What’s happening?” Charlotte asked

“We’re opening a nightclub!” They replied

“Groovy…” She said

Monday had arrived Charlotte stood in the bathroom in front of the mirror. She wore a pair of black boots, blue jeans, and a black top with bell sleeves. Catherine appeared beside her, wearing her blue bathrobe.

“You’ll be great.” Catherine commented

“I’m freaked out mum.” Charlotte whispered

“Keep calm or you’ll lose control of your powers.”

“I know.”

“Come Sebastian is waiting downstairs for you.”

She nodded and followed her mother out into the living room. Armand was waiting by the door holding a brown leather satchel bag. He handed it to her and hugged her tightly.

“You’ll be fine sweetheart.” He whispered

“Thanks dad.”

She opened the door and began walking towards the elevators. The doors shut and she pushed the ‘L’ button to head down to the lobby. She got off and walked outside seeing Sebastian waiting.

“Ready?” He asked

“Ready…” She replied

The bus arrived and they got on, sitting in the back. Slowly the bus pulled away from the hotel. Charlotte looked around seeing girls, boys, her age and younger.

Her eyes lit up to see Public School one hundred and nineteen. The bus door opened and everyone started to get off. A sidewalk met a flight of stairs leading into the two story gray brick building. Gradually she began walking with Sebastian beside her.

Bright lights lit up the multicolored spotted tiled floor. The off white walls were covered with pictures of the school’s sports teams, bulletin boards with announcements, and posters. Sebastian led her into the main office. There were two wooden desks on both sides of the room and the Principal’s office on the right. A woman in her late forties got up from her desk, wearing a light blue dress and white flats. Her blond hair was short and a pair of brown eyes stared through a pair of ‘cat eye’ styled glasses.

“Good morning Mrs. Klein.” Sebastian said

“Good morning Sebastian, who is your friend?” Mrs. Klein asked

“I’m Charlotte Coleman. This is my first day.” Charlotte replied extending her hand

Mrs. Klein shook it and led the two kids over to her desk. Charlotte sat down in the green upholstered chair, as Mrs. Klein took out three sheets of paper and a pen. She slid them across her desk in front of Charlotte.

“Well welcome to P.S. 119 Ms. Coleman. I’ll need you to fill out these forms. The last one, bring home and have your parents fill it out. It’s for emergency contact information in case something happens.” Mrs. Klein commented

Charlotte began to fill out the forms, the bell rang and Sebastian looked up at the clock hanging over the entrance.

“It’s ok Sebastian. I’ll write you a note for Ms. Kelly.” Mrs. Klein said

Charlotte looked up and slid the forms back over to the Mrs. Klein and smiled.

“Well here is your schedule and your locker assignment, plus combination. The classrooms are easy to find. Now you two better get to homeroom.” Mrs. Klein said

She handed Sebastian a note and another one to Charlotte. They walked out into the hallway; Sebastian looked at Charlotte’s schedule.

“Well at least we’re in homeroom together.” He commented

“Where is my locker?” Charlotte asked

“I’ll show you afterwards. C’mon.”

He led her down the hallway of brown doors lined up on both sides. A young woman in her thirties was standing by the open door of her classroom. She was about to close the door, when Sebastian and Charlotte walked in.

Her face was round; long blond hair framed it. She wore a white buttoned blouse, black dress pants and matching flats. A pair of dark green eyes met Charlotte’s as she smiled. They handed the woman their notes, she quickly read them.

“Good morning Sebastian, go have a seat.” She whispered

“Yes Mrs. Kelly.” He replied

He took a seat in the first row of desks.

“Everyone we have a new student joining us. This is Charlotte Coleman. She’s moved her from London England. Please make her feel welcome.” Mrs. Kelly announced

The room was large, same color walls and floor as the hallway. There were eight rows of desks and a long blackboard up front. There was a blue speaker above it that came on as Charlotte took a seat behind Sebastian.

After the announcements ended the bell rang. Everyone got up and walked out of the classroom. The hallway got crowed, she saw in the next hallway over a row of blue lockers. She pulled out her locker assignment and found her locker on the left. Her locker opened on the first try, she put her bag away. A notebook and pen floated out of the bag and into her hands. She stiffened sensing two people behind her.

“You’re Charlotte right?” A girl’s voice asked

Slowly she turned to see two girls. One was a blond, blue eyes; wearing a pair of ‘Earth’ shoes, bell bottom pants, and purple tie dye shirt. The other girl, brunette, hazel eyes, wore a short sleeve blue dress with white flats.

“Yeah…” She replied

“Cool. I’m Janet and this is Kristen.” The blond continued

“It’s nice to meet you.” Charlotte said

Janet and Kristen extended their hands. Charlotte shook their hands and then closed her locker, following the girls back down the hall.

“What class do you have first period?” Janet asked

“History with Mr. Johnsen...” Charlotte replied as she looked at her schedule

“Groovy you’re in our class.” Kristen commented

“Cool.” Charlotte thought as she smiled

By lunch, she was sitting with Sebastian, Kristen, and Janet.

“Charlotte your threads are wicked.” Janet commented

“Thanks.” Charlotte replied

“So what do you think of school so far Charlotte?” Kristen asked

“It’s groovy.” Charlotte continued

Back at the hotel, Catherine woke up and went out into the living room. The curtains closed as she walked over to the phone in the kitchen. A dining room chair slid over as she sat down and dialed down to the front desk.

“Operator…” A woman’s voice said

“I’d like to make a collect call to London England please.” Catherine replied

“What’s the number please?”

Catherine gave her the number and waited as it began to ring. It picked up, “Hello…” Danielle asked.

“Hello mum.” Catherine began

“Oh Cat! How are you? Where are you love?” Danielle replied

“We’re in New York City. I’m fine. How is everyone back home?”

“New York City; must be wicked over there. Everyone is good; Pam, Melody, and Tonya have started school and we got Charlotte’s letter. We miss her too, send our love.”

“Are the hunters still attacking?”

“The attacks haven’t been as frequent. How is Charlotte?”

“She’s good; she also started school.”

“Has she grown?”

“A little, she looks about twelve years old. Don’t worry, Faith, Armand and I have been watching her.”

“Good. I’d better go darling. Your father and I are going out. We’ll talk soon.”

“Alright, I love you mum.”

“I love you too darling.”

Catherine hung up, and sent the chair back to the table. She went back into her bedroom and curled up beside Armand. The last bell rang, all the students flooded the hallways walking to their lockers and then walking to catch the bus.

Charlotte met up with Sebastian, Janet, and Kristen. They all got on the bus and sat across from each other.

“It’s only my first day and already there is so much homework.” Charlotte groaned

“Veg out Charlotte. It’s not that bad.” Janet replied

“Thanks Janet.”


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