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Dark Place Insanity Speaks

Updated on June 11, 2014

Everything is looking great, you feel like everything is looking up
Then all of a sudden things change, and your world gets blown up
You go from having sunshine, to barely seeing
The light was shining bright until darkness took it with a beating
You thought you would stand firm, but then you start retreating
You are the fleshly organism that the disease is eating

You want to yell out for help, but you feel it’s not worth repeating
Inside you can feel your soul screaming, the pain is so much you heart slowly stops beating
Trying to stay positive but you are losing all feeling
You conscious tells you, “listen to the teaching”
But inside your heart keeps seething
Trying to figure out what is the cause of this
Did I do something wrong? Did I fail a test?
I thought I was going hard, yes doing my best
But now instead I’m surrounded by this stress, ready to rest
I don’t mean sleeping, no, I feel like I’m ready for death
Now I can understand why people overdose on meth
Looking back at my life, I feel the guilt of regret
As I look up at the heavens, tears fall on my bed
I stare at my wife and picture her without me instead
My daughter is getting older, can she handle seeing her father dead?
How will my mom react? Will the sorrow and grief leave her in bed?
Will my father stay strong, despite losing another close male in his life?

The stress is getting deeper, anxiety levels are high
It’s so dark that not even the flashing light of lightning is looking bright
Imagine a soldier in a fierce battle and losing his will to fight
The struggle is so hard he doesn’t want to survive
He day dreams what death would be like
That is a darkness a mind can enter when things don’t go right
Your enemies surround you; some of them are familiar faces so you feel fright
The ones you thought would be with you are the ones robbing your light
You call out for help, but no response, you look desperately but there is no help in sight
This is what it feels is like when darkness surrounds you at your every side

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