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Updated on December 19, 2016

Only a little story so far (three chapters).

12+ [Some Explicit Language]

Chapter - 1 - Intro

Darkness envelopes and encompasses almost completely.

However there's some texture there in the darkness, pinpricks of sparkling light giving off just enough illumination to see the texture, it's hurtling by at incredible speed.

Rushing shapes and forms passing by too fast to focus on or identify.

There is breathing also; deep, calling on strength. It is someone running. Appearing now, a tiny dot of light within the rushing dark. It expands swiftly with gold, white and shimmering azure. As the lights come to focus within the gloom, a sword sits, point hidden, within a mound of rocks.

Deeply feminine voices now begin a beautiful melody accompanied by an array of stringed instruments, adding luscious depth to the harmony blending with the voices exquisitely within a scene of serenity.

Abruptly the melody ceases as a hand grasps the sword's hilt. A young female voice breaks the silence "No time" deep breath "For a fucking, intro". As the word Darkensang flashed in large gold letters and faded to black, the silence is shattered by a piercing guttural thunder roll howl as if from a giant bear or wolf, distant and deep. "Now. Run!"

Percy violently sprang into action lurching forwards to grab the controller. In the background there was faint breathing however Percy couldn't hear it over his own, plus not with the adrenaline thundering through him.

He'd heard a few friends discussing the awesome "beginning bit" and now he understood what they'd meant. Within the fractions of a second it took Percy to extend his arms. He'd already considered what would happen if he didn't survive the beginning and immediately start running, thus potentially ruining his experience of this lifetime event, Darkensang was finally a computer game, Percy had pre-ordered his copy months previously. Once ordered a pain staking wait for the day to arrive, the time of realisation. That time was now, and suddenly rather than watching an introductory cut scene the game had begun almost immediately without warning.

After pushing forward on the controller and the screen beginning to move in the near-pitch darkness Percy glanced outside the window to the TV's right hand side, a late-eve hour, Venus very bright tonight. The howl sounded out again from the speakers, Percys attention quickly flicked back to the screen with another minor burst of adrenaline. This time it sounded slightly louder, as if ahead running toward not away from.

Percy quickly let the forward button rest. Listening intently now, with low breaths. He pushed left, spinning in what little he could see of what seemed to be long grass or some kind of crops. The thunderous roar again, from the left now, closer still. He couldn't remember if he'd even set the speakers up right, shit!

Just as he pressed the forward button again the screen and background hum suddenly cut out as the entire room plunged into darkness. Percy swore loudly under his breath. He was mid-throw of the plastic controller before he managed to centre himself, sitting back down and placing the controller slowly on the desk.

"Fucking India man".

Standing up and glancing out the window it was clear the whole city had lost power. Mr Malhatra from the shop three stories below had said the cuts were due to the "bloody rich kids makin' air nice and cold", adding that the new apartment blocks and their air-conditioning units meant that power outs were common place during the summer months now.

Percy enjoyed talking to Mr Malhotra, Mr Chopra always discussed cricket and very little else and as Percy had developed quite an aversion to pysical sports through an over zealous progression of P.E. teachers and through a continually developing passion for computer games, both online and off had very little to say on such topics.

Percy rose and leant past the now totally dark large flatscreen to open the window, his air-con unit now in-operational. Traffic noises burst through the new opening though also a welcoming mild breeze.

There was an occasional shout from below, a dog suddenly barked and growled which seemed very near below his window which sent a shiver through Percy and goose bumps rippling to attention across his forearms, each hair transmitting on a high level frequency of alertness.

He let out an overly acted sigh, staring at his own very muffled and barely visible reflection on the TV's flat lifeless screen. Not two weeks they'd been in India this time and more than at least five power outages.

The dog barked and half-howled again, Percy, annoyed, rose swiftly and forcibly shut the window, and sat back down with growing exasperation.

Just before his mind began to settle the desk rang out with a low hum from his cell's vibrations signalling a call, glancing at the name "Lance" he flicked answer.

'Yo, get it?' Lance's familiar accent that sat between english and american came down the line, it changed sporadically from southern texan to oxford socialite depending upon the situation.

'Yeah, the fucking power's out though'

Percy could almost hear Lance's silence as his brain re-adjusted to the new situation.

'Well we need our healer buddy, Gee's already through the first stage we're gonna start grouping up soon, no doubt'.

Sighing Percy replied 'I didn't make a power cut'.

'A set of solars would've kept your gear going, 'specially with the amount of sun over there.'

"It'll be back on in five or ten minutes probably"

Lance made an affirmative grunting noise and hung up the phone, Percy could hear sounds in the background of what must've been Lance's room of Darkensang being resumed and the same familiar outdoor rushing wind noises. Picturing them all progressing whilst he sat in this increasingly hot stifling quiet room was a lot for Percy to bear.

He and his "party" or group had been playing, exploring and conquering online games together for many years since teenagers, Darkensang was not only one of their mutual favourite series of novels as it's incarnation as a game it had received incredibly good reviews and press which indicated it might be the gaming event of many years.

Percy like the others had spoken at length about Darkensang and enjoyed the build up with vigour, and here, the moment of realisation, stuck in fucking backward India, Lance was right about the solar panels, it made it worse that he was right, Percy should've ordered some on the second outage.

Dark clouds of annoyance and frustration settling upon him, Percy climbed onto the side of his bed and laid down. He half closed his eyes, letting his mind wander a little, piercingly the bark and howl of the dog was inside the room, metres from him.

Jumping up now in alarm Percy half slipped scrambled to standing the noise still echoing around the bedroom and his concious. The sheets failed to grant him safe footing yet he managed to glance over the edge of the bed, no sign of a dog.

He tried to calm his breathing and the thumping to hear over, no other sounds he could make out. He quickly glanced a look at the window even though he already knew it was shut. Under the bed? Really?

Percy's first conquered task was to rush to the other side of the floor away from the bed, achieved he now used an extended bike pump to pull up the sheets that sealed the gap between floor and mattress. Nothing but gloom stared back. The computer suddenly whirred to life and Percy could hear a cornucopia of security alarms through the single paned windows burst to life.

Chapter 2 found here.

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