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Plug&Play - Chapter 2 - Lance

Updated on December 20, 2016

Chapter 1 of Plug&Play can be found here.


Chapter 2 - Lance

In the soft darkness under the expansive duvet, Lance moved his foot gently up and down her calf. He was impatiently trying to get her to move so it would become apparent to the others in the video group chat he wasn't in bed alone. The video chat being hosted on the Darkensang servers, now the morning after release night.

Percy was seemingly talking about a dog to Gee, Lance put his hand under the covers and rubbed her lower belly, she grunted unhappily and sleepily turned over. Lance glanced back up, Percy still chatting freely and at length.

Lance ventured to close the discussion interrupting, 'Look Perc, you were sleepy and hot, you nodded off and got woken by the dog barking and dreamt it was in your room, lets get going'.

Percy and Gee paused for a moment and then continued on unabated. A little dingingly noise siginified the arrival of Lam, a moment later Lance's younger brother's face appeared as a thumbnail alongside the others. Lance went back to vaguely probing with his leg to illicit a movement from the lady beside him.

Lam would be upstairs in his room however this would probably be the only time in the morning the two would see one another. 'Morning Lammy!' Gee began, he and Percy were mid-way through catching him up to their conversation when their 5th group member, Tristan appeared.


Just as Tristran was about to return his greetings there was an abrupt pause in the conversation as the bed's area next to Lance suddenly sprang to life and the duvet ejected a girl.

The screen momentarily was filled with a thigh and knickers.


Still wearing most of her clothes she slipped on jeans, picked up a sweater slipped on some shoes and rapidly departed. Lance and Lam both heard the front door slam shortly afterwards.

All five remained silent as moments passed.

Lance finally spoke 'So Tristan old duck, Percy thinks he heard a ghost dog in his bedroom'.

'No one said ghost' Percy joined.

"It was a dream, get over yourself Percy"

"Who was that girl anyway Lance?' Tristan inquired.

'Think she was called Gwen' Lance tried to say unconcernedly. 'Are we doing this raid or just going to spend the morning chatting?' he continued.

As he finished every hair suddenly stood on end on Lance's body as behind him on the bed it sounded as if a dog barked loudly and viscously very closely.

Spinning around and exhaling with alarm Lance fell off the bed and off the viewscreen.

The others started laughing however Lam still stood up and went to check on his older brother.

A minute or so later he appeared briefly walking across the webcam thumbnail.

'I heard it man!' Lance's voice rang out, followed by his brother's then calming tones.

The other three glanced concernedly at one another in the chatroom's screens.

Lance appeared on the screen, his eye's found Percy 'I heard it, the barking, I heard it!'

The other's nervously laughed, Lam passing in the background.

His tone suggested no brevity.

Lance's expression continued to be locked in confusion and fear, an un-settled animation had set upon him and his limbs as the main run time of the brain tried to comprehend.

© 2015 mrblueishmouvesky


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