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Choose Your Own Death-- A Writing Challenge

Updated on July 29, 2015
Day #4 of my "30 Hubs in 30 Days" Challenge.
Day #4 of my "30 Hubs in 30 Days" Challenge. | Source

If you could choose the circumstances, how would you want to go?

Okay, I know that this challenge sounds a bit morbid, but bear with me. I recently watched the movie "Two Weeks" (starring Sally Field). The movie, which is a serious tear-jerker, chronicles the last two weeks of the life of a woman dying of cancer from the point of view of her adult children. The woman chooses to die at home surrounded by her family.

While discussing the movie with a woman at work, she made the comment that what she got out of the movie was the idea of "dying with dignity" and that, when her time comes, she hopes to be able to do the same. I also discussed the movie with my brother, who had a different take on the subject. He said that when he goes, he just hopes that it's not under embarrassing circumstances (his example was slipping and hitting his head while in the shower).

Unfortunately, I don't have the URL for this cartoon. I received it in a forwarded e-mail a few years ago and thought it was so funny that I saved it to my desktop. At the time I was working a job that I hated. The picture seemed perfect since each day at work I felt like I was trapped "in the belly of the beast" as the expression goes. Then again, I do have a warped sense of humor!

The Challenge

Your challenge is to choose one of the following options. If you could choose the circumstances of your own death,

1. Under what circumstances would you want to die? (ie: dying in bed at home after living a long fulfilling life)


2. Under what circumstances would you NOT want to leave this world? (ie: I once heard about a woman having a heart attack while sitting on a toilet in a public bathroom in a casino in Las Vegas)


Your response can be in whatever form or length you choose (poetry, short story, fiction, non-fiction, etc), but please remember to include a link to the challenge. Feel free to leave a comment on this hub with a link to your response to the challenge as well. Thanks!

Bonus question: Would you want to know in advance of your impending death or would you like it to come as a surprise?


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    • Kimberly Nelson profile image

      Kimberly Nelson 5 years ago

      Really tough-I think I'd like to know and I'd want it to be in a peaceful way. But then again if I knew that a certain day was "it"..I don't know if I could handle that?!?