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Poem: Critical Times

Updated on July 29, 2019
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He is a college boy who loves to read poems written by poets who have spent their life mostly in hardship as they know the meaning of life.

Content of The Poem

The time has come for the general appearance of the veil to become normal,
The silence was a veil whose secrets would now be revealed,

Now the time has passed for the drunkard who drinks stealthily,
The whole world will be a mess for everyone,

Those who were ever jinn would settle in the slums,
The pie will remain the same but there will be a new pudding,

Hearing the wait, the silence of the pilgrims finally arrived,
The covenant was based on the journalists,

From the desert of Nickel that overthrew the Roman Empire,
I have heard it from the groomsmen I would be wary of that lion again,

Did I mention that the stalker in the vicious association?
So on Monday, I heard that the mouth was bursting out,

The inhabitants of Far West do not see the slum of God,
What you are thinking about now is that it will be less expensive now,

Your civilization will commit suicide with its daggers,
The branch that becomes delicate to the delicate will be unstable,

Emperor Gull will make caravan of peanut butter,
There will be thousands of waves but it will cross the river,

The red flame in the moon shows the stain on its core,
He knows that this show will count as heartbreaking,

Who was the One, O Glance You have shown us by the thousand,
If this is the case, then who will you trust?

From the lunatics I said, one day the freaks here are crazy,
So the ravens said, "This will be the secret of our garden,

The lovers of God are in the thousands of bunnies that are slaughtered,
I will be his servant who loves God's servants,

This ritual is perplexing, O heart is sin, even in the eyes of passion,
What will happen to us, which will be useless here,

I will get out of my night of cruelty to my caravan,
The queen will be drunk and my soul will be my flame bar,

There is nothing inherently unacceptable to your life,
So in a soul where you wander away, you will be an example,

Don't ask Iqbal's place right now is his quality,
Somewhere the waiter will be sitting, waiting,


I would Love to know if anyone was inspired by this poem ? And please also leave a comment.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Muhammad Abdullah


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