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Deep Anxiety

Updated on August 29, 2012

I got this feeling of anxiety.

And the pressure's slowly building up inside of me.

Me against myself that's a rivalry.

Its my nature to challenge.

Whatever makes me flinch and loose my balance.

Doing what I can do to make it all right.

Worrying, working, & writing all night.

Papers covered in lead from the thoughts in my head.

So energetic that I can't go to bed.

What'll happen tomorrow? And what about next week??

Thinking and thinking and thinking as my brain leaks.

All over the place, what a mess, a disgrace.

In the I look at my face.

Into my own eyes,

a fire burns brighter than the morning sunrise.

No surprise, I know.

I lit that fire long ago.

When life should have been easy but that wasn't so.

Anxiety attacks in my mind.

Got me hyped, but I stay on the grind.

Sometimes, my hands might be in a bind.

But I do what's needed to get them untied.

Be it poetry, music, or simple solitude.

Or all of the above if I'm in the mood.

When something goes wrong this is the prescription.

Relax, breathe and listen.

This life is unimaginable.

With endless possiblities, it's unfathomable.


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