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The Diary - The Hammer Falls.

Updated on February 6, 2019
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I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

The Days When When You Are Either Rich or Poor.

A world consumed with itself will draw a line in the sand.
A world consumed with itself will draw a line in the sand. | Source

The Diary - Preface II

A continuance of the end of days’ timeline.

  1. It is almost four years since the rapture; crime is a cancer eating up our county, K-12 institutions have become indoctrination centers, colleges are producing the educated unemployed and anti-American sentiment seems to be the majority, both at home and abroad.
  2. Everyone is living under a cloud of war in the Middle-East; many thinking it will turn into World War III. Small skirmishes presently, but a massive buildup of the armies and the machines of war under the Turkish Alliance of those countries surrounding Israel. The US has pledged its support of Israel and is prepared to take the UN to task over their failure to lift a finger in this affair.

The Day That God Fought For Israel.

The world will be without excuse.
The world will be without excuse. | Source

The Diary – Part IV: The Hammer.

Wednesday 10/19/22 Oh, my God, the hammer fell. We, my wife and I have moved everything we could into the basement of our home to sustain us for as long as possible. I thought it might be important, so I scrounged around and found this diary again and being that may be our last days on earth, I will keep some sort of record for anyone who may care.

The invasion of Israel exploded upon the world yesterday, caught the US a little off guard and the president has sent the Atlantic fleet and the 7th to assist Israel. Newscasters were warning residents of major cities to flee because they could become a target for any Russian, Chinese or another country's retaliation against the US for entering the conflict. We were going to follow that advice until a news broadcast showed that in the panic to leave the metropolitan areas a mess was created and millions were trapped in their cars with nowhere to go. We opted to ride out the storm and keep our eyes and ears glued to the TV and radio.

Pictures, satellite or whatever coming in showed that Israel was attempting a good fight, but the country seemed to be totally ablaze and I don’t see how anyone will survive this. At least we are in the semi-comfort of our own home but having NO idea what the future may hold.

Thursday the 20th – Friday in Israel THE WORLD STOPPED, we are in absolute shock. The world watched while the heavens seemed to open up: hail and fire rained out of the sky on the invaders, on them only, and it was over in a matter of minutes. I am crying right now and I don’t know why. The US didn’t have to fire a shot; the ships just sat off the coast and watched. Even the Russians and Chinese are incredibly silent for the moment. Whoa, I can hardly breathe at what we have just witnessed. As more and more pictures come in, it is a wasteland of the dead. What was a beautiful country is a horrible mess. It is interesting though, that Jerusalem basically remained untouched; except for the Dome of the Rock – it is gone and so are the holy sites of Islam at Mecca and Medina. If there really is a God, God fought for Israel today. I am worn out; I hope I will be able to sleep well tonight for the first time in days.

Friday the 28th – No longer in the basement but still glued to the TV set. We have learned that the cities of Ankara and Damascus lay in ruins. Tehran seems to be pretty much intact but there is not one military site remaining and the people of Tehran are in the streets celebrating that freedom has been restored. Every country that made up the Alliance sustained massive damage, to the point they are a threat to no one anymore. Other than the two sites in Saudi Arabia; it and Egypt were untouched. I know both countries took the position that Israel had the right to exist. This was incredibly selective damage; how can there not be a God of Israel?

The LORD Shall Roar From Israel In That Day!

An irresistible call to all surviving Jews.
An irresistible call to all surviving Jews. | Source

Diary of a Martyr – Part V – The Call

Saturday 11/06/22 – News broke today that for the past few days secret meetings have been held at the White House with the Israeli premier and the representatives of several other countries. It was announced that a major world-wide coalition was going to assist Israel to rebuild its infrastructure with materials, technologies and man-power as needed along with food and medical assistance to see them through these first dark days of recovery. The president announced that he personally was going to address the UN in the very near future and was adamant that they will change their mode of operation or he would change it for them. He also announced that a world-wide broadcast was to be made from the WH steps by the Israeli premier tomorrow and advised that everyone should watch or listen, for the shape of our world is about to change forever.

I am a little nervous about that last statement, but considering everything that has happened, the world I once knew, is a distant memory.

Sunday the 7th – When the broadcast was over, my mind was racing a mile a minute just trying to digest what I had just heard. I will sum it up, I think, as best I can.

Premier – The world today knows that the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac fought for Israel and destroyed our enemies. Today, every Israeli and Jew alive knows why this terrible day of destruction took place in our beautiful land. We have sinned a great sin before an even greater God and we have seen the prophecies of the Torah fulfilled before our eyes (he said something about Ezekiel & Zechariah). The nation awoke from its slumber and realized that nearly 2,000 years ago we murdered the Messiah and have paid the price for nearly two millennia. We know now that our Messiah lives and is going to return in judgment of the whole world and we, the people of Israel, are going to rebuild our land in preparation for that day. But…TODAY (he almost yelled this word about a dozen times) – as the prophecies state – God roared from Israel and its children heard the CALL (yelling again) and returned once again to the chosen land. Also, that there should NONE left in the lands where they lived in exile.

Wow, he was so emotional that I was out of breath just watching and listening to him. I don’t know how others may have reacted to his speech, but I was truly blown away. Even some of the newscasters were visibly moved while others seemed either to be hiding their emotions or they just thought it was a lot of nonsensical rhetoric.

An Exodus For The Ages!

There will be NO constraints holding up this Exodus!
There will be NO constraints holding up this Exodus! | Source

Dairy of a Martyr – Part VI – The Exodus

September 2023 – The exodus of Jews around the world began almost immediately after the premier’s speech last year and the changes to a once war-ravaged Israel is almost beyond comprehension. There is no shortage of funds, technology or good old fashion know-how. The desalination plants are back in operation and producing even more fresh water than before the war and the cities along with the infrastructure have been rebuilt better than before. They have teams of people scouring the land to identify any human remains, to cleanse the land, as they put it. The new temple is nearing final construction in Jerusalem: on the site mysteriously vacated (ha ha) by the Dome of the Rock. One side issue they are having is people who want to move to Israel claiming to be Jews, who are not Jews. They are open to non-Jews living in Israel, but must either convert or like most countries, prove they can be an asset to the country of Israel.

Books and commentaries by Christian writers are in great demand in Israel as their rabbis (teachers) have a couple thousand years to catch up on.

Note: church attendance did increase for a while right after the war, but it seems most of them are either empty or near empty today. It seems like there is a weird void of anything religious in this country outside of the exodus of the Jews. I have tried to read the bible: I found Ezekiel (that is how I know how to spell it) and it was all Greek to me. I wonder if this will ever change; I am jealous for the apparent happiness that seems to have engulfed Israel. The way things have changed so quickly over the last few years, I just will bide my time and wait to see what happens.

Next: Diary - Part VII - The 144,000


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