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Discover Lee Child, Mystery Writer Who Makes Pages Turn

Updated on July 27, 2016
Photo by Keith Green
Photo by Keith Green

Meet Lee Child

Lee Child writes about Jack Reacher, a larger than life hero. Despite the over the top nature of the hero, the stories, and the endings, these are suspenseful page-turners!

Meet Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher is a big man, an ex-soldier, and about as independent as you get. He owns virtually nothing. Rather than deal with washing and packing clothes, he buys a cheap set, wears them for 3-4 days, then throws them away. No attachments. He moves from place to place on a whim; hops a bus to Anywhere, USA. Somehow trouble finds him, or somebody from his past reaches out for help. Jack Reacher is a one man problem-solving wrecking crew. When you go up against the bad guys, you want Reacher on your side.

Each Book is a Non Stop Page Turner

With suspense stories, it can be very easy to slide into judgmental thinking and start thinking about the unlikelihood of the story line or events. The mark of a good suspense writer is not only the ability to write a great yarn, but the ability to keep the pace and focus on what's happening now. That makes a page-turner. Lee Child writes page-turners with the best of them.

Reading the series from book one allows you to see the character evolve, and the monolithic Jack Reacher to flesh out. Since each book is independent, and there is really only one recurring character, you can jump into the series with any book. I just finished "One Shot" and recommend it.

Lee Child on CBS about "Make Me" and movie sequel

This is the book that started a career...

Lee Child Bibliography

∫ The Jack Reacher Series

Killing Floor (1997)

Die Trying (1998)

Tripwire (1999)

Running Blind (2000)

Echo Burning (2001)

Without Fail (2002)

Persuader (2003)

The Enemy (2004)

One Shot (2005)

The Hard Way (2006)

Bad Luck and Trouble (May 2007)-

∫ Short Stories

The .50 Solution from Bloodlines (US)

Enough from Death Do Us Part

James Penney's New Identity from Thriller (US)

The Greatest Trick of All from Greatest Hits

Ten Keys from The Cocaine Chronicles

The Snake Eater by the Numbers from Like a Charm

James Penney's New Identity from Fresh Blood 3 (UK)

Discover other mystery authors...

There are many more terrific mystery writers whose names may not be on the NY Time's list, but deserve to be on a mystery reader's list. Discover Mystery Authors is a HubPage with a sneak peak at many more author's that you should check out!

Lee Child, On Starting Writing After 40


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    • Sembj profile image


      8 years ago

      Yep - Lee Child knows how to write: The Jack Reacher series is great.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Loved the start of the series but last couple not so good. Haven't read 61 hours.

    • profile image

      marion fretwell 

      10 years ago

      when is the next jack book coming out i have all to date please |||||\

    • jens profile image


      11 years ago from Norway

      I have read many of the books about Jack Reacher and they are all really page-turners. 

      It's really hard to stop reading when you first start, and I never want them to end. 

      The stories are very interesting and Jack Reacher is probably the coolest hero there is. 


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