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The Wind And a Tale

Updated on February 8, 2020
Harishprasad profile image

Harish Mamgain is fond of the craft of writing. He loves poetry.


The Wind And a Tale

That guy had something in his eyes that I couldn't grasp all

Whenever I would walk toward the street he resided

And reached the balcony where he would stand alone

I would gently touch his cheeks against my wide bosom

He would never utter a word and look lost in another world

How I wish he could exchange with me a few words sometime

And we both would talk about ourselves and forget the world

But he would disappear and leave me to move to other place

I think he would've felt it the same way that I felt for him

I saw, his eyes sparkled , his face blushed, and his body swayed

Everytime I visited him, he reacted that way and I didn't know what to say

One day, when I was entangled in his dark hair , he looked the other way

He was staring at a tree, I saw leaves twirled joyfully on the gaunt twigs

I got jealous and stopped for a few moments, the tree too went silent

How these humans behave with other things who want their company

I wondered and took another direction, so much experience daily I gain

Another day , he was walking on the street along with one of his kind

That guy had dressed different, had long hair and spoke in a low sweet tone

I saw that two of them smiled, kissed on lips, and hugged each other tight

I don't know what he calls it , but when I touch things, I feel happy in my heart

I know when I sweep the dust away with my hands, it gives me delight on end

The dust too happily rolls over my body and then returns to the ground quiet

The rain enjoys his laughs when she would spray from the shower above

Whenever summer visits with her raging fire, how he would look up to the sky

Dark clouds would enchant his heart, and rains would make him dance wild

And the earth would look happy, drenched in a wonderful scent in her body

He would smell the fragrance as if he had had a divine breeze from the heaven

One day, I talked to one of my flower plant friends, Jasmine is her lovely name

She is so fond of this guy, she always longs to see him smell her fragrant flowers

When the moon laughs above , the night appears on the stage to mingle into the light

Jasmine smiles and tells her flowers to spread dreams into the darkness

Sometime Jasmine would play a trick and ask the flowers to stop the scent flow

A few moments after , he would look into her eyes and she gives a hug again

The moon says how he would stare him for hours , God knows what he thinks of him !

I 've seen many guys like him before too, wonder the same games do they play !

They come, they see, they rejoice in our company, who knows where do they go away ?

© Harish Mamgain


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