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Sesame Street HubNuggets: A Tale of Two Grovers

Updated on April 26, 2018
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Elle Fredine (RedElf), photographer, published author, Elle loves seeking out new writers, and catching up with old friends

"Sunny day,

Sweepin’ those clouds away;

On my way

To where the air is sweet;

Can you tell me how to get,

How to get

To Sesame Street?"

Children's happy voices, singing along to their favorite TV show's catchy theme, wafted up to where Simone Smith lay sunbathing on her secluded balcony. She stretched luxuriously and rolled over to check her tan, smoothing lotion on her nicely-browning torso. She'd spent the week sight-seeing, sampling the local night life, lazing on warm, sandy beaches, and relaxing in the shade of her private cabana, sipping tall, iced, fresh fruit juice concoctions. "What a wonderful holiday," she mused as she dozed off again. "Too bad it's ending. I met a dreamy actor last night - what's his name? Karan Singh Grover? Mmmm... Grover..."

Image by RedElf; Grover from, cocktail from
Image by RedElf; Grover from, cocktail from

Ooooh, Karan...

Karan Singh Grover from
Karan Singh Grover from

A Tale of Two Grovers

"Miss... Miss? Here is your cocktail, Miss." The scratchy voice was somehow familiar. "It is I, Grover, here to fulfill your every desire..."

Simone peered through one slitted eye. The figure looming over her, silhouetted against the sun, seemed to waver in the heat. "Karan?" Simone asked hopefully, her mind still on the sexy heart-throb of last evening.

The figure leaned closer, resolving into a fuzzy, blue face, watermelon-slice grin, and a huge, bright red nose. "It is I, Grover!" the Muppet said, proffering a brilliantly blue cocktail.

A Little Theme Music...

Classic Sesame Street sketch - The Banana

Simone in Sesame Street Wonderland

Hey, Gal, there's a HubNuggets list in your ear...

Simone sipped her cocktail as the little Muppet rushed to plump her pillows and fetch her sandals. "The cherry on my cocktail's fruit-pick is almost the same color as Grover's nose," she thought, bemused.

Feeling a bit disoriented, Simone's attention was drawn by raised voices on the terrace below, where KoffeeKlatch Gals and RedElf were engrossed in heated discussion. least, it sounded like them, but they certainly looked different....

"You have the HubNuggets list in your ear, Gal," said RedElf. To Simone, RedElf sounded almost uptight.

"What did you say, Elfie?" asked Gal, grinning.

"Well, at least Gal sounds cheerful, even if she can't hear anything with that list in her ear," thought Simone.

"Gal, you have the HubNuggets list in your ear, Gal! " RedElf shouted. "Why do you have the HubNuggets list in your ear? We need to read and vote."

"I can't hear you, Elfie," said Gal. "I have a HubNuggets list in my ear!" Removing the list and holding it out, Gal continued, "Here, Elfie, we need to read and vote."

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  • 8% Geneological Clan Research- How to begin Building a Family Tree
  • 5% Not Your Mother's Diet - The Cure for Eating Issues- Childhood Obesity & Adult Disordered Eating
37 people have voted in this poll.

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Classic Sesame Street sketch - The Count

Counting, anyone?

No sooner had they read and voted, than Enelle Lamb came swooping in. "Swooping? Why's Enelle swooping about, and wearing that cloak?" Simone wondered.

Moments later, Patty Inglish, MS wandered by carrying a plate of HubNuggets, "...and looking very googlie-eyed, blue and fuzzy," thought Simone.

"Patty, let me count your 'Nuggets!" Enelle laughed menacingly. "Muuu-ah-ah-ah!"

Simone ducked as a peal of thunder shook the terrace and the effulgent glare of lightning dazzled her eyes.

"No, me want read and vote," said Patty, covering her HubNuggets protectively with one large, furry, blue paw.

"Count the HubNuggets!" Enelle insisted.

"Read and vote!"

"Why don't you co-operate!" Simone shouted over the peals of thunder. "Enelle can count the HubNuggets, then Patty can read and vote."

"Good idea!" Patty was pleased with the compromise.

"Let's all count the HubNuggets," said Enelle. "Then we can read and vote together!"

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  • 14% 10 Tips for Successful Online Learning
  • 7% School's Out! Ways to Continue Learning During Summer Vacation
29 people have voted in this poll.

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Classic Sesame Sketch - Grover Serves Soup

Waiter, I can't read my HubNugget...

Her ears still ringing, Simone turned from the happy pair on the terrace below. "What now, Grover?"

The little blue Muppet bustled from table to table, white napkin over his arm. "Grover will be right with you, Miss. One moment, please."

"When did my balcony become a dining room full of hungry Muppets?" Though baffled by the transformation, Simone decided she might as well grab a bite. Sitting at a nearby table, she tried to catch Grover's attention.

"One moment, Miss. Grover will be right with you," said the Muppet as he hurried towards a table where Maddie Ruud, ripplemaker and ladyjane1 waited.

As Grover deposited a stack of papers on their table and started to rush away, ripplemaker stopped him with a polite smile. "I'm sorry, waiter," she said. "I can't read these HubNuggets."

"Of course, Madam - the font is too small. Let me get you some hubs with a larger type-face." Grover whisked the pages from the table and hurried off. Moments later, he returned. "Here you are, Madam. Larger fonts all around."

"Waiter, we can't read these HubNuggets," said ladyjane1, stopping Grover before he could rush away.

"Certainly, Madam." Grover glanced at the pages. "The type face is too large now. It is a bit blurry. Grover will fix that!" The harried Muppet snatched the pages and bustled off.

Returning moments later, he plunked down a new batch of HubNuggets, and was about to leave when Maddie stopped him. "Waiter, we can't read these Hubnuggets."

Before Grover could snatch away the HubNuggets again, Maddie added, "The pages are all mixed up - would you please help us sort them out?"

Grover laughed in relief. "Of, course, Madam. Grover understands the problem now. We will co-operate, and sort the pages together. Then we can all read and vote!"

Which one of this week's Food and Cooking nominees is your favorite?

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  • 53% How to Make Chinese Hot Pot at Home for A Gathering Night
  • 9% How to make French Bread from Scratch
  • 6% I Know My Coffee
  • 9% Is Your Food Safe?
  • 15% Solar Cooking Accessories
34 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

The insistent ringing of a telephone coaxed Simone awake. Groggily, she pressed the receiver to her ear. "Front Desk calling, Miss Smith - your luncheon engagement is here... a Mr. Grover."

"Oh, no!" Simone groaned silently. Aloud she asked, "Short, blue, and furry?"

"Ah, no..." The voice sounded confused. "Mr. Karan Singh Grover, the actor."

"OMG! Tall, dark, and dreamy, with six-pack abs!" Simone was wide awake now.

"...and you have an overseas call waiting - Mr. Jason Menayan," the voice continued.

"Please tell Mr. Grover I'll be down in ten minutes, and let Jason know I'll return his call directly after lunch, " said Simone as she flew into action. Replacing the receiver in its cradle, she grabbed her new sarong and headed for the shower, singing happily as she contemplated spending the afternoon with a very different Grover from the blue one of her dream. "I do hope he's as much fun, though..."

Another Favorite Sesame Street Sketch

This hub was brought to you by 'co-operation' and the number '9'

The HubNuggets Nine (Team)

SimoneSmith, KoffeeKlatch Gals, Patty Inglish MS, Maddie Ruud, Jason Menayan, ripplemaker, RedElf, ladyjane1, Enelle Lamb
SimoneSmith, KoffeeKlatch Gals, Patty Inglish MS, Maddie Ruud, Jason Menayan, ripplemaker, RedElf, ladyjane1, Enelle Lamb

What were the HubNuggets?

HubNuggets Program - The HubNuggets project was a Special Program of HubPages to help promote new writers, explained at the HubPages Learning Center by Simone Smith, our Online Marketing Community Manager. Hub Pages continues to welcome and promote new writers.

Zsuzsy Bee created this fun, Project Dictionary: HubNugget Lingo

More hot tips on how to get traffic: Drive Traffic to Your Hub With Hub Pages Participation

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