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Do You Feel Happy?

Updated on February 18, 2020

Maybe we faced ourselves with this question one day, do we really feel happy? Have we tried to ask this question to those around us? Or until we feel the answer without asking the question? Have we sought to define happiness as a concept far from theories of psychology and philosophy? Can one be happy in this world and the hereafter?

Many questions about the feeling of happiness haunt us, but the reality proves that the key to happiness lies in one's heart. The believing heart is strong and resolute, in which neither worries nor adversity are left, but it becomes clearer and becomes more splendid and pure. The God Almighty in Surat Taha says: "Whoever does not follow Hdai astray and Ishqy.omn introduce him is a life of hardship and Nhacrh the Day of Resurrection Oamy.qal Lord did not Hchertna blind I was Besara.qal as well as did we get our signs Vnciha as well as a memorable day." (123-126).

And if happiness in its concept is contradictory to the meaning of misery, then reaching happiness is not as difficult as some fantasize; if the human soul desires to know what makes it happy and what it miserable, I would have learned that happiness is a provision and that sins and transgressions prevent livelihood, and the rational Muslim had to escape from the clutches of worry and sadness And the lack of livelihood and to search in the self-centered for the strengths of his personality and to pay attention to his positives.

God did not create us in life to suffer in our world. The Almighty said to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him "what we sent down to you the Book of the curse," he said in Surat bee: "It is a good male work or female whosoever believes in the good life and recompense them their reward what they do best" (97).

British psychologist and sociologist Michael Argyle has admitted that through his research he discovered that "religiosity is a sure source of happiness"; and he is correct in that because the positive feeling of extrovert and joy is nothing but a gift from God to his obedient servants. There is no difference in that between male and female and between rich and poor. This was confirmed by Ibn Al-Qayyim, as in (Al-Wasil Al-Saib), where he said: “I heard the Sheikh of Islam Ibn Taymiyyah say: There is a paradise in the world, and he who does not enter it will not enter the paradise of the Hereafter. He once said to me: What makes my enemies in me? Wherever I go, she is with me, not leaving me. "

That is the happiness of contentment and faith in God, so what does one harm if the owner of the world and the hereafter is his Lord and his guardian ?! Nevertheless, people fail to open the door to happiness and assume that it is far from their hands, although it is closer to them than the jugular vein.

A recipe for happiness

Let the first goal in our lives be to work to obey God and His pleasure. Likewise, training ourselves to deal with our affairs in a positive way, and to be ourselves and not others, and not to pretend that we do not have the admiration of others for the repression and psychological pain this causes. Argyle mentioned in his book "Psychology of Happiness" that "generally happy people tend to look at the bright aspects." One of the things ... and that there are people who tend to be always happy ... despite the difference in moods with different events and circumstances. " That is, the feeling of suffering starts from within the soul. Either the person interacts with the pain positively, relieves his suffering and pain, or he surrenders negatively and throws himself into the furnace of frustration and depression.

Not only that, but contentment with destiny and sustenance saves a person from his feelings of indignation, sadness and pain, and they are among the most painful feelings for the soul, as it was mentioned in the noble hadith that “from the happiness of Ibn Adam, he is satisfied with what God decreed, and from the misfortune of Ibn Adam, his discontent with what God decreed” - he brought it out Tirmidhi.

We cannot lose sight of the pleasures of life that God has granted to His servants from permissible livelihood. In impact: “Four of happiness: a good woman, a spacious house, a good neighbor, a good boat, and four misfortune: a bad neighbor, a bad woman, a narrow house and a bad boat.” .

One can also develop their personal skills with self-training or learn new experiences, the power of self-motivation to work and strive and gain more confidence and skills from the most important factors in building psychological satisfaction.

Likewise, self-esteem by reducing the gap between the ideal self that a person desires to have and the real self that is the same as he realizes it in reality; standing on the positives of personality and building successful social relationships and not stigmatizing the failure and interacting with its positives are all keys to happiness.


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