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Do you write better when you are in a good mood?

Updated on March 15, 2012

8th Hub of the 30/30 challenge Are you a better writer when you are in a good mood?

I like to think that I write some of my best work when I am in a good mood.

I write posts for my blog, and for several other websites on a daily basis, and sometimes it can be hard for me to get in the mood to write, so instead I just try to make the most out of my time, and get my work done.

It's not as if I do not like to write, it's just that there are times when I really do find it difficult to keep up with all of my work, and this makes me feel a bit down.

When I'm in a great mood, it makes it easier for me to get all of my work done, and still have the energy to apply to more jobs, or write blog posts to have in advance. When I'm in a so-so mood, not only does this interfere with my writing creativity, but it also opens up the door for writer's block. This alone can be a problem!

How to get in the "mood" to write.

How do you get in the mood to write everyday? Do you have a routine that helps you get inspired, and motivates you to get your work done? I do! Some of the things that I like to do, that helps me get inspired to get work done is simple:

Even though writing is my passion, it can be hard to get myself to finish or even get started on my work for the day, because I have one too many things on my to-do list. One thing that helps me out enormously is taking things one step at a time. There is no need to feel overwhelmed with all of the work that you have to do. If anything, it is better to take things slowly, and to do them right, then to try and tackle all of the work at once, and fail completely.

Why time management is essential.

The best ideas come to me late at night when everyone in my house is asleep, and I have the computer all to myself. The peace and quiet not only helps me relax, but it gives me a chance to get lost in my own head and think of all of the things that I want to accomplish, and write about.

Being a writer can be a difficult job. One of the tasks that we must master is Time management skills, and how to get as much work done, even if we just have that one hour. Since our job is mostly made up of deadlines, it is that much more important for writers to take the time to sit down, and write down a schedule, and hard as it may be, try to fit everything in!

Through out your schedule it is very important for people to make time for themselves, and to have that special time to just sit and think, so that they can work with more ease and accomplish more.

I've heard so many writers say over and over again:

"I wish I had more time to myself" or "I'm so busy with work, I'm so frazzled."

This doesn't have to be a problem if writers had the time to think and jot down their ideas without having to worry about anything else.


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    • Hannah-g919 profile image

      Hannah-g919 5 years ago from Incheon, South Korea

      I find writing a great distraction when I'm in a bad mood, and when I'm finished, I usually find my mood has got better!

    • Gregory Hasman 66 profile image

      Gregory Hasman 5 years ago from Denton TX

      I enjoy writing, however, I am working on a historic highway project and as with anything related to history, the research consumes as much if not more time than writing. Sometimes when I transcribe what I research into my work, parts of me thinks I need to read more on the topic and another says just write the thoughts down then correct facts later

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 5 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Hi Jessi,

      Being in a good frame of mind definitely helps, and like SanneL said...often just getting to the computer and reading other hubs gets one in the right frame of mind to begin or work on one already started. Voting this useful.

    • Jessi10 profile image

      Jessica Rangel 5 years ago from Lancaster, CA

      Thank you both!

      Raciniwa: You're right. I do the same thing. When i'm in a great mood, and making money like I want to, my writing just keeps getting better. However, when i'm in a horrible mood, my writing very much reflects it.

      SanneL: I'm glad writing has that affect on you! Looking forward to reading more of your work!

    • SanneL profile image

      SanneL 5 years ago from Sweden

      I definitely write better when I'm in a good mood. However, if I'm in a bad mood when I start to write, I usually end up with a good mood. Wonderful hub on a great subject!

    • raciniwa profile image

      raciniwa 5 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

      Yes, i do right uplifting words when i'm in a good mood and sullen, dark verses when I'm down...i do believe that our mood really affects our way of writing...this is refreshing Jessi...