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Don´t Believe Them

Updated on June 4, 2016

No, young soul

Don´t believe those ugly lies. They are only trying to damage you. For love of your life, don´t let them win.

Don´t cry

Don´t cry, darling!
Don´t cry, darling! | Source

We know

Don´t try to hide that burning truth.

You have been through a lot,

And there´s no way you can

Deny such a thing.

No one is going

To laugh at you,

Why should we?

We are humans,

Just like you.

We understand

How does it feel

To be unable

To enjoy another day

Filled with sunlight.

We truly understand

The pain that pierces your soul.

There´s Still Hope

Just hang on
Just hang on | Source

Nobody is perfect

Learning from your mistakes

Is what make you

A better human being,

As you are accepting

Your true nature.

If somebody ever told you

That you are worthless

Because of your mistakes,

That´s a very big lie!

Nobody is perfect,

And those who claim it,

Are nothing but cheap liars.


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