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Don't Just Think About Writing, Write!

Updated on September 29, 2021
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Writer, blogger, greenskeeper, musician, golfer, history buff, truth seeker and lover, Christian married man from Oregon.

Some Guy Thinking
Some Guy Thinking | Source

The Thinking Problem

As I think about making money through my writings and videos on-line, I realize the key isn't reading someone else's blog about making money. No, the key is to write and make videos, and then post them and share them. Simple, right? Yes, yet it seems like I have gotten into this mode of number crunching until my mind just floats away in to some thoughtless void. This void reminds me of a record skipping over, I get to a certain number and then just hold it there while I drift away. I need to make 100 hubs to get 2000 views at an average of 20 views each, which would mean I would make...this is where I drift.

Although, planning is important and will lead to success, it won't if you never start doing what you planned! Or, if you spend all your energy and time planning, then you may loose your motivation to ever do anything close to the planning you had envisioned. As I reach my mid 30's I'm starting to catch on to myself somewhat, Jesus has helped shed some light on these defects of character I have so been accustomed to. There's progress through, and for this I'm encouraged.

Be Honest

Do You Think About Writing More Than You Write?

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The Mind is a Wonderful Thing and/or Our Worst Enemy

I could imagine, for instance, if I ever did write a hub and get a 1000 views a day for a few months. This would make my mind go wild crunching numbers, the excitement and rush of success may just take all the energy out of me and leave me endlessly pondering the new possibilities. I guess that's the trap of the thinking person, we have to watch out we do something and not just think about it.

The mind is a wonderful thing, or at least can be. When I'm out doing the menial labor, I'm planning to escape the menial labor one day, I have the grandest notions, ideas are flowing like a melodious song. I chew on these marvelous ideas and expound their possibilities, only later to share them with someone and realize, they are sort of hair-brained. Yet, are they? I mean, why not just give it a go and really believe they're something special? Oh, the mind, it can be our best friend and worst enemy.

Now, don't get me wrong, I've had some success writing on-line. In fact, I have accomplished a dream of getting paid for my writing, even if it was content mills I made money from. Hey, it was writing wasn't it? Anyway, as for my blogs and Hubpages, yes I have made some money, but I can't say that I have received it yet. I believe it's there, but still only in theory have I been paid for my personal writings. Those writings I have ownership of and can claim to be mine on this large world platform many of us are trying to navigate trying to understand as we go.

I know some people seem like they have it all together, but they're the few really. Most of us are just sort of flailing about, making a splash and seeing if this writing and making money on-line thing, can really be true. Can I really make money from writing on-line, I mean enough money to stop mowing lawns for a living, I ask, we ask...?

Billy Blue dog likes stories about rabbits
Billy Blue dog likes stories about rabbits

Determination and Pure Ambition As a Writer Will Get Us Through

It's taken me personally about 6 months to get to where I'm at now, which is basically a formal starting point in this endeavor. I have found my platforms that make me happy, and am now able to spend my time writing and building, rather than searching and trying to figure this maze out. I spent a couple months sidelined at, which I finally escaped.

It's been a journey, and already I have lost heart and nearly gave up on the whole thing. Yet, the trickle of traffic and the efforts remembered -- to build the foundation that I have now -- allured me back into the game. The desire to speak to an audience and share what is on my mind and heart, brought me back to a pure ambition to grow my on-line writing.

The truth is though, I have to start writing more and stop thinking about writing. That's the key I need to incorporate to become the prolific writer I envisioned myself to be about 23 years ago. Back when I was twelve, I dreamed of having a laptop, but I didn't even know about the Internet. My family had no computer and in high school I typed out reports with an old typewriter. Now, I have this laptop computer and an Internet connection, and I have to simply say, thank you Jesus, for all good things come from you. May you give me favor in this endeavor and bless those who are trying to make ends meet in this fallen world full of lies.

© 2014 Robbie Newport


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