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Don't know what to do

Updated on September 10, 2015

She is twenty years old and trying to be the best she can, she is pretty and men are showing interest in her but she wants to take her time,she doesn't want to be hurt,used and dumped and although she is keeping up straight yet she needs someone.

Gabe tells her how pretty she is and how much he wants her. In his word..." You are the most beautiful creature on this planet and i want to date you, just give me the chance and i will fly you to the sky".

She likes Gabe, he is a cool guy from a descent family, has a car and a steady job.

Elliot likes her too,in his words... "Baby, its true that i don't have money right now but i will get a job someday and will stand on my own, what i am proposing is a long term relationship because each time i see you,i see my wife the mother of my future kids, just look deep into your heart and you will see me sitting by the corner, i want to grow old with you,you are just twenty and i am twenty four,let us set a four years time frame and i promise you this, i will walk you to the altar".

She likes Elliot too but he is not yet stable,though striving to become a positive element in the society, she doesn't know what to do, she likes both of them, Gabe has one thing she needs (Money) but he just want to date her while Elliot has something else she also need (Love), he desires to marry her in future.

She is confused and doesn't know what to do.


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