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Erin B Poetry - My Inspirations

Updated on January 30, 2015

She Has Made Me Dream

This poem was inspired by a close friend from high school. I wrote a different poem earlier, then cut some out of it, and added some from a separate poem, then added more. This friend of mine has an amazing voice, and she is beautiful, exactly how I describe. She is someone that I loved to death, but was a little jealous of at the same time. She did everything I liked to do, but so…much better, and I have never had the talent for singing. Well, I haven’t really talked to her since high school, but I am sure she is doing well with all her talents. That small tinge of jealousy has disappeared, and I am happy for any success she has had in life.


Has there ever been anyone in your life that made you feel this way?

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Soft, sweet notes flow softly through the air

And drifts down to me to hold my stare.

I notice the beautiful, singing voice she has,

It’s in the perfect rhythm with the perfect pitch.

She is amazing inside and out

with magnificent black eyes to flout,

dark skin and soft, raven-like hair

provides the best kind of flair

to become the super star she wants to be

Maybe even like the Queen.

I let her take me to a distant land,

where my imagination flows like the sand.

Maybe I will be singing like her,

but its hard to know for sure

what the dream-weaver has decided to create

instead of leaving it to fate.

Dive into the depths of happiness,

and burst into this magical place of bliss.

Dream-weaver has made me laugh and cry,

he let me into this fantasy of mine

made of pure, golden delight.

I never want to leave this happy land

That dream-weaver has created.

I don't want to stop dreaming that I could be

As great a singer as that I see.

She’s a beautiful girl with black engulfing her

Like the pitch black of night.

Her voice comes down to touch the souls

Of everyone, and to make them dream

like I do. So I sit back

And let the music wave over me

because she has made me dream.

Flash forward five years, and I am inspired by someone completely different. Well, there are many people who have helped me to create my poetry , but anyone that knows me will recognize the key player in this poem. This is someone that I care for more than he knows, and on a particularly trying day with him, I ended up with this poem. As with most things with me, I have a hard time showing him how I really feel.

This behavior of yours

Is on the wrong course.

It’s beyond everything I know,

I fear it’s all a show.

Shed the anger you hold

So you can escape the cold.

What do you feel, I try to understand

But I can't give in to your demand;

I can't force you to comply,

Somehow you need to get by

Those things that make the pain.

Banish them, you don't need that again.

Keep on going, don’t forget

I want the best for you,

And your future set.


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    • KellyPittman profile image

      Kelly Pittman 6 years ago from Walker, LA

      Please shed the anger you hold,

      You can escape the cold.

      What you feel, I try to understand

      But I can't give in to your demand

      I can't force you to comply,

      Somehow you need to get by

      Those things that make the pain.

      Banish them, you don't need that again

      These are my favorite verses, but all so beautiful. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to read more.