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How To Sell Ebooks On E-Junkie - Sell Your Own Ebook

Updated on April 13, 2012

E-Junkie Is A Great Site To Sell Your Ebooks

E-Junkie I've recently been looking at for when I finish some of my ebooks and I am going to upload them there, as for a small fee, depending on file size you can have as many as 10 different ebooks uploaded for sale on their site for as little as $5 a month, although I do stress it is very dependant on the size of your ebooks, because if you have more products to add, then you have to pay more for the size of your files, and what's great about Ejunkie is that there are no hidden fees.

You are allowed to sell other digital items too and actual tangible goods (as they have phrased it!) which you can use their payment processors and specific download processes to make buying your ebook easier, plus the top benefit of E-junkie is that for every product you upload, you can have an affiliate program attached to the promotion of it and potentially earn more as a result, just imagine other websites promoting your ebook for you if they find it in the e-junkie database.

Now since I haven't got an ebook or anything uploaded as yet, I can't really explain in detail the exact processes, but what I can tell you is that the Problogger is using this site for his ebook the 31 days to improve your blog and a few of his other blogs at Digital Photography School and it goes to show that you can set your prices to whatever you want and it makes sense to promote the affiliate program too when releasing your ebook.

I've started to test selling ebooks over on Ejunkie, although I have used 3 private label rights ebooks that I am allowed to use because of the site that I am affiliated with over at and I've had quite good results with a few sales here and there, although I do need to up the promotions a little,as often, people who add products to Ejunkie, usually have large networks of targeted subscribers to market the products too and I do not that much.

You can even add buy now buttons on your own website and create an affiliate program around your ebook for free, which many people could start to promote your digital product in return for a small affiliate commission, so it is wise to also as well as getting the word out on your product, also your affiliate program, because there will be people who are interested in earning some extra money for the promotion of your product, you can set the affiliate percentage rate to anything that you want.

If you plan on selling your own ebooks through a paid subscription, then I do recommend you promote the Ejunkie reseller program too, to earn more money as you can earn a percentage of other merchants that sign up and also buy a paid subscription, remember that the cheapest subscription is $5 a month, so remember to try and actively promote this too in your email list or on your website or blog.

You get paid by paypal and it is really exciting when you get paid, because you get email notifications of payments received and just imagine getting these every day if you start the ball rolling with a good marketing strategy that builds up an ongoing promotion like a proper online business, because that's what it will be, your first foray into the world of digital e-commerce.

You can join the site here to create your own Ejunkie account there and start to upload your ebooks, artwork, audio stuff and whatever you like so it says, Sell your ebooks with E-Junkie.

Sell Ebooks On E-junkie

E-junkie sell ebooks or whatever you like, Image copyright 2011.
E-junkie sell ebooks or whatever you like, Image copyright 2011. | Source

Sell Ebooks With E-Junkie

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    • sugz profile image

      sugz 7 years ago from Quakeville... Christchurch, New Zealand

      good hub, very useful, ty, i'm working on some ebooks and now some of my questions have been answered :)

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 8 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Thanks Cashmere!

      I'm going to release my first ebook very soon, so it's worth looking at, to get yourself noted as an expert!

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 8 years ago from India

      Sounds good. Look forward to your experience with the ebook. Am always planning to write one, just never get around to doing it :)