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E Nomine Hermes Trismegistus

Updated on December 1, 2014

Intro to Meditation

Spin the Dial

Watch it fall

Twist the Frame

love it all

Once is good

Twice is better

Stoke the Fire

Feed the Feather

Scratch your Songs onto the Strings,

keep bliss Above your worldly Things.

E Nomine Herrmes Trismegistus Part I

Given gifts that did assist in my worldly crisis,

Blood was letting, shadows setting upon my mind, duress.

Yet in the forest, the canines chorused, my thoughts flew to Isis.

As did Pan, stare at my hand, for grass in waves caressed.

Tho with no lover, I'd have no other, the fire died beside them.

No nymphs were there, with beauty scarce, at travesty I'd surely arrived.

The God head strong, nights so long, but where was passion playing?

Not in my heart, yet in part, tho goddesses were not appearing.

I knew a few, but opted to, cull and clot my demons.

The world saw naught; but scars and farce,

as wounds were seeping through.

Recently infected I ingested half an apothecary's allowance.

A sniffle and snort from those who cohort, with fauns and satyrs, not I!

This is a choice, to make no noise, for Loki inside me dwells.

As mortal man I stilled my hand, beheld the heavens and hells.

The poison knew it's opponent true, as trees did bend before me,

So God's flesh, delivered us rest, for a time all my cares were gone.

Even still, she did not appear tho I sang the ancient song.

Then the forest breathed, but berthed no she, once again all the gestures wrong.

Saw no one there, with oiled skin, perfumed hair, give to me Venus!


Supple breasts have, in fact;

Indeed melted my stress, freedom from fire and Ice,

Honey dripped Holies, for prancing like ponies!

I call you "To arms!" before rest.

Her fair skin soft hair, the wonder that's bared,

as ecstasy seeps through my eyes.

Her hand that's Beheld, my hand in her own,

through coupling size our devotion.

When my thoughts of distress, are all laid to rest,

By waves, roll in Venus's ocean.

But not only near, to live with you dear,

fair maiden of my minds creation.

I long for your song, a pair of helpful arms,

to assist in my incarnation.

For you I've a place, among skunk painted face,

and spices of massive proportion.

Among hats, long coats, and great bearded goats!

Our love would be based on this notion:

That here to there and then to when shall all succumb to our truth.

That you through me, and that me in you shall indubitably, undoubtedly give rise,

To the completion of creation that resides in God's eyes.


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    • Tom Rubenoff profile image

      Tom Rubenoff 8 years ago from United States

      Fascinating work, of course, Stolas. Your stuff has such natural rhythm, and never are your rhymes forced. Very fine.

    • Stolas profile image

      Stolas 8 years ago from Midwest

      me too, happy is my bane, but i want to bring happyness into my life, so why not start by changing the direction of some of my poetry? hopefully i don't lose my edge :P

    • thanglynn07 profile image

      thanglynn07 8 years ago from Long Beach, CA

      Loved the first poem. Short and beautiful. Love the melody...

      I love this line: Even still, she did not appear tho I sang the ancient song.

      Then the forest breathed, but berthed no she, once again all the gestures wrong.


      And the last poem, I love the last lines. You are such a romantic. Always impressed...I'm not good at writing happy poems...but I'm working on it...Thanks again for sharing.