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E.G.G Episode 2: Agents of E.G.G

Updated on September 10, 2014


Previously, on E.G.G...

The hatchlings had just arrived at Mother Egg and were in the middle of initiation when all of a sudden the entire base went into high alert! Acacia went to check on the hatchlings, while Josh sent Eileen to secure the Hall of E.G.G. Josh was then confronted with a figure from his past he'd hoped to never see again: Julian.

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Episode 2

-Agents of E.G.G-

Joshua Westbrook rushed down the corridor as fast as he could, Repulsor Blaster in hand. He ran up to the Hall of E.G.G. He stopped in his tracks. The vault door had been blown off of its hinges. There was fire everywhere. Josh ran into the Hall only to discover that it was destroyed. All of the weapons were broken, the shelves knocked over, the structure pretty much collapsing. And in middle of all of the fire and destruction, lay Eileen Wuthrich. Josh’s eyes widened in fear.

“Eileen!” He shouted, dropping his weapon and running to her side. “Eileen!” He put his fingers to her neck and checked for a pulse. Nothing. “No, no! No! Okay listen, you can’t do this to me.” He put his hands together and pressed down hard three times on her chest. He put his ear to heart. Nothing. “Eileen! Come on! Wake up!” He shouted, tears streaming down his face. “Eileen!” At that moment Acacia rushed up to the vault. As soon as she saw the scene she clasped her hands to her mouth.

“No…” She gasped. “We can’t be too late! She can’t be…” Acacia fell to her knees, and began to cry. Josh took Eileen into his arms.

“Eileen…” He weakly cried. “How did this happen.”

“Put this back in the hall. Make sure it goes with the specialty items, this is cosmic energy, that’s no joke.”
“Put this back in the hall. Make sure it goes with the specialty items, this is cosmic energy, that’s no joke.”

* * *

Location: Mother Egg

Time: 72 hours before The Incident

“How did this happen!” Josh shouted, looking at the completely demolished Feeding Pen. Acacia stood in the center of the room with guilty written all over her... and the glove she was wearing.

“I don’t suppose you’ll look the other way for this one…” She said quietly.

“No, I won’t!” Josh shouted, taking the glove off of her arm. “And why are you wearing the Cosmic Gauntlet? We barely finished it! It could have killed you!”

“Could have!” Acacia emphasized. “I was just testing it.

“You can test it,” Josh said. “Just not in the cafeteria! Now I have to order pizza again!”

“Ooh, I like pizza!”

“And you’re buying!”

“Oh… nevermind.” Eileen came into the room and noticed it was completely ruined.

“What happened!” She shouted.

“Josh did it!” Acacia accused. “He’s even holding the glove!”

“Yeah, the one I confiscated from you.” He replied, giving it to Eileen. “Put this back in the hall. Make sure it goes with the specialty items, this is cosmic energy, that’s no joke.”

“Right,” She replied. “But I think we need to fix the Feeding Pen, the hatchlings will be here in three days.”

“Three days!” Josh said, looking at his watch. “Really, is it that time already?”

“Yes, it is.” Eileen answered. “And Nick Fury called, he wants the Repulsor Blaster.” Josh looked at her.

“How soon?”


“Dang! Okay, we gotta finish that, I want both of you in the lab at 2:00, got it!”

“Got it.” They replied simultaneously. Josh walked out of the Feeding Pen, and Eileen looked at Acacia.

“What?” She asked. Eileen shook her head and walked out.

“Oh come on!” Acacia shouted, chasing after her. “I was gonna put it back, I promise!”

"Have you ever seen Iron Man shoot a repulsor blast? It looks nothing like that!"
"Have you ever seen Iron Man shoot a repulsor blast? It looks nothing like that!"

* * *

Time went by and at 2:00, all of them met in the met in Humpty Dumpty Hall. This is where they built and constructed just about everything E.G.G produced. Josh stood over a table, with a deconstructed blaster lying on it, wires attached to computers, and bits and pieces strewn about. Josh sighed.

“We’re not gonna finish this today.” He said as Eileen and Acacia entered the room.

“Aw, come on,” Eileen said. “What kind of attitude is that?”

“A realistic one.” Acacia answered. Eileen nudged her.

“We can finish it.” She insisted. “We always do. Now come on, is the firing mechanism online?”

“As online as it’ll ever be.” Josh answered.

“Good,” Eileen replied. She walked over to a computer while Acacia slipped on a lab coat and goggles.

“Acacia, you don’t need to wear that every time.” Josh said.

“Yes I do!” She argued. “Do you or do you not recognize the safety procedures that you put into place!”

“Oh, now you’re concerned about safety!” Josh said. “You almost blew yourself up with the Cosmic Gauntlet earlier today!”

“Okay, testing built weapons, and testing weapons still under construction are two completely different things. And I don’t wanna get hurt when that thing blows up!”

“It’s not gonna blow up,” Josh reassured. Then he looked at Eileen. “Is it?”

“Only one way to find out.” She answered, still typing. “Okay, regulators are online and repulsor output should be relatively high.”

“What are the rotations at?” Josh asked.

“Two percent.” Eileen replied.

“We’re not gonna get anything with two percent!” Josh replied.

“Better safe than sorry.” Eileen insisted. Josh sighed.

“Fine, rotations at two percent, Acacia, press the button.” Acacia took a deep breath. She held up a button connected to the blaster with a wire. Josh stuck a wrench into the frame and twisted it. A humming noise came from the partially completed weapon. And with that, Acacia pressed the button. The blaster lit up, then spewed a flurry of sparks. Acacia screamed and took cover while Josh jumped back. He twisted the wrench back to its original position.

“Well we got something.” Eileen noted.

“Something!” Josh shouted. “That was a little light show! Have you ever seen Iron Man shoot a repulsor blast? It looks nothing like that! Boost the rotations to 85%!” Acacia looked at Josh in fear.

“85%!” Eileen shouted. “Josh, that is not a safe…”

“Nick Fury doesn’t have time for safe!” Josh replied.

“We’ll die!”

“We’re not gonna die.” Josh said. “Not today.” Eileen took a deep breath.

“Rotations at 85%.” She said, typing on the computer. Josh twisted the wrench, and the device made a much louder noise.

“Acacia,” Josh called. Acacia closed her eyes and ducked under a table. Then she pressed the button. The blaster lit up, much brighter, so bright Josh and Eileen shielded their eyes. Then it fired a massive blast of repulsor energy that blew Eileen against the computer and sent Josh flying across the room. Acacia peeked from under the table as the gun powered down. Josh sat up, groaning.

“Cap it at 35%.” He said to Eileen. “Label anything above that as overload, kamikaze, or suicide!”

“35%,” she repeated. “Got it.” Josh stood up, in pain, and slowly moved towards the door. Acacia stood up.

“I hate to say I told you so but…” She began.

“Shut up Acacia.” Josh grumbled as he left the room. Acacia laughed.

“I told you so!” She shouted at Josh, who made his way towards his bed. Eileen finished typing at the computer.

“And done.” She said, shutting it down. “Let’s case this thing up and get it ready for mass production. We’ll send the first one off the assembly line to Fury.” Acacia nodded. She began disconnecting wires. Eileen grabbed the other half of the frame, which was painted red and gold like Iron Man’s armor. They put the gun together and Acacia carried it off.

* * *

Eileen made her way to the Inner Shell, where she found Josh with an ice pack on his head.

“You okay?” She asked.

“I’ll be fine.” He said. “Just glad we finished the Repulsor Blaster in time.”

“Me too.” Eileen replied.

“So the hatchlings are gonna be here in three days?” He asked. Eileen nodded. Josh sat up. “Well, we’d better get started on fixing up the Feeding Pen.”

“Yeah.” Eileen agreed. They both got up and made their way to a long day of cleaning.

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Remember to leave questions and comments so that I can address them in the Q&A this Thursday, August 14! Check and see if your question gets answered! And look for Episode 3: The Kiss, the next day August 15!


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