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E.G.G Episode 21: E.G.G Reborn

Updated on January 2, 2015


Previously, on E.G.G...

"A mysterious diary entry. I've got to find the rest of these pages and piece together what I can! It may hold the answer to stopping the Dark Day before it happens! Aw shock, I'm gonna miss dinner with Dana again..."

Alchemax Digital Translator Version 12.0

Welcome: O’ Hara, Miguel.

Now translating document into digital copy.


Celeste Aoki: Diary Entry 1

January 1, 2013

Dear Diary,

Today was a horrible, horrible, horrible day! My mom died helping Auntie Acacia and E.G.G fight Dr. Doom. Just hearing his name makes me angry, and I’ve been hearing it a lot lately. I’m sorry for getting you wet Diary, but I can’t stop crying. I don’t know who’s going to tuck me in, or make me cookies, or do any of the things mom could do. Ms. Wuthrich says that she, Mr. Westbrook and Auntie Acacia are going to take care of me, but it won’t be the same. I’ll try to be a good girl. The last thing mom said was that I was a good girl. I want to make sure she’s proud of me. I miss mom, I just want to turn around and have her be here, waiting to hug me. But even though she died, she’s not gone. Auntie Acacia said mom didn’t go away, she’s still here in my heart, and she’ll always be with me. So I’m sorry to say Diary, but this is the last time I will be writing to you. From now on I will be writing to my mom. I’ll save all of your pages and remember the times we shared. And who knows, one day, I may reread everything! Every last entry! I love you Diary, and I will miss writing to you, but I need to keep in touch with my mom. I know you think it’s crazy, but think about it like this. I love my diary, and I love my mom. Love comes the heart, and that’s where my mom is! So I can talk to her by writing in my diary! It’ll be like she never left. So goodbye Diary, I may write to you again someday, but now it’s time for a new chapter.

Much love,


End of translation.


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Episode 21

-E.G.G Reborn-

Chandler, Arizona. A fair sized city. Everyone was either at work or school, cars filled the streets. It was somewhat busy, but there were calm places. Chandler Boulevard, one of the two largest streets in the city, however, was not calm. Because there was a man inside of a giant gyro ball composed of rotating rings rolling down the street, pancaking cars and damaging buildings. In hot pursuit was Joshua Westbrook, Director of E.G.G. He flew a short distance away on a jet pack, Repulsor Blaster in hand.

“You’re not getting away from me again Gyro Man!” He shouted to the man in the ball. “You still owe me 10 bucks!”

“Well then come and get me, Westbrook!” Gyro Man shouted, as he turned down another road. Josh growled under his breath.

“Typical super villains, never wanna do things the easy way!” He activated his earpiece. “Eileen, you copy?”

“Yeah, I copy,” She said, standing a ways down the road from the chase.

“Gyro Man is coming your way, set the trap!”

“You got it.” Eileen aimed a Thwip Blaster and shot a strand to a wall across the street. She connected the other end to a wall behind her. “Trap is laid.” She said.

“Good, let’s end this!” Josh said, blasting at the gyro ball. Gyro Man laughed as he moved the ball left and right, avoiding Josh’s fire.

“You’ll never take me ali- what?” He shouted, spotting the web line. Thinking fast, he pulled up on the two levers he was using to control the ball, and it jumped into the air over the web. “Haha! You can’t stop me!”

“Dang it!” Josh said. “Acacia, execute plan B, now!”

“Plan B in action.” Acacia said from a nearby roof. “You know this guy is lamest villain since Big Wheel, right?”

“At least Big Wheel has the dignity enough to roll around in a giant wheel instead of a ball.” Eileen replied.

“And he also doesn’t cheat people out of their money!” Josh added. “He steals it, like classic villain!” Gyro Man continued to roll down the street, people dodging for their dear lives. Then Eileen spotted an old woman making her way across the street, and Gyro Man headed right towards her!

“Josh, old lady, ten o’clock!” She shouted. Josh looked.

“I won’t make it…” He said, when Acacia swooped by and pulled the woman out of the way just in time, dropping her Thwip Blaster in the process.

“Got her, but Plan B’s a scratch. “Acacia said. “This chase is getting too dangerous, we’re putting innocent people in harm’s way, just let him escape, we’ll regroup, find his lair, and bust him there.”

“No Acacia,” Josh said. “We took a vow. This ends now.” He punched the reserves in his jet pack and boosted his speed so fast, he flew through the rotating rings and into Gyro Man’s ball.

“What the…” He asked, surprised. “How did you get in here?”

“Same way you’re gettin’ out!” He shouted, punching Gyro Man. Gyro Man flew into the rings of his ball and threw them out of sync. They broke apart and his ball fell to pieces and crashed into the side of a building. Gyro Man fell to the ground, unconscious. Eileen and Acacia caught up with Josh, who was smacking Gyro Man across the face.

“Wake up! Wake up!” He shouted. “Don’t pull that fainting act on me! You owe me 10 bucks!” He started shaking Gyro Man, then Eileen put her hand on his shoulder.

“He’s out cold.” She said. “Maybe you can talk to the cops about keeping some of the money he stole?”

“We don’t take stolen money, Eileen.” Josh said. “And we’re supposed to be off the radar. Heroes in the night.”

“It’s broad daylight.” She replied.

“You know what I mean!” Josh said.

“Well if we wanna be off the radar we’d better make ourselves scarce.” Acacia said. “I hear sirens.”

“Then let’s head back to E.G.G Base.” Josh said. They all rushed off in separate directions, as the cops showed up to take in Gyro Man.

* * *

Josh walked into the Chandler Public Library. He leaned on the counter, where a man was stamping books. He looked up.

“Oh, hey Josh.” He said, continuing to stamp.

“How’s it hangin’ Jake.” Josh replied. Jake looked at him.

“Who says that anymore?”

“I do!”

“Well, it’s lame.”

“Psh, says the guy whose career choice was librarian.”

“You’re just jealous.”

“I was flying on a jet pack earlier today, trust me, I’m not jealous.” At that point Eileen and Acacia walked in. “Well I gotta jet, see ya.”

“Whatever, just don’t burn my library down… again.”

“Again?” Josh asked himself, as he, Eileen and Acacia got into the elevator.

“What’s he mean by that?” Eileen asked.

“I have no idea.” Josh said. Then he took out his ID card scanned it across a little light in the elevator. It beeped. Then suddenly the elevator started moving down. It went for a while, then stopped, and opened to a whole new world. E.G.G Base, the new base of operations. Agents moved about through the corridors of the underground base. Multiple computer terminals sat along the walls, agents at each one. The base separated into tunnels that lead to different areas, each one labeled. And lastly, there was giant S.H.I.E.L.D logo painted on the floor. Josh walked into what was now the Inner Shell.

“Welcome back.” Jocasta’s voice came from the walls.

“Hello Jocasta,” Josh said. “I trust things went well?”

“Not entirely.” She said.

“What happened?” Josh asked.

“Celeste ate a cookie. I could not stop her, she overrode my protocols, and without my physical body…”

“I got it.” Josh said. He looked directly at Acacia. She sighed deeply.

“I’ll talk to her.” She said, walking down the tunnel labeled Nests. Josh turned to Eileen.

“How is Jocasta’s body coming anyway?” He asked. Eileen shook her head.

“Doom did a number on it. Whatever that device was, it fried her insides good, and there’s no hope of fixing it without Ultron’s schematics. We were lucky we were able to upload her conscious.” Josh nodded.

“Give it time.” He said. “You got the jet packs?”

“Right here,” she said, handing him a duffle bag.

“Good, I’m taking these back.” Josh walked down the tunnel labeled Hall of Egg. He walked to a large metal door, then scanned his ID card. A keypad opened, and he typed in the password, which changed daily. Today it was apple pie. After that he scanned his eye, then his thumb, then pushed a sequence of colorful buttons in a certain order. After that, the door finally opened, where a camera scanned him with a holographic beam from head to toe.

“Confirmation: Director Westbrook” A small screen in the corner displayed. Josh walked in and the door closed behind him. The Hall of Egg was now rows of long metal tables, about 100 of them, 50 on each side. Most of them were empty since many of their inventions had been destroyed. Josh walked over and placed the jet packs in their spot. He inhaled, looked around, then smiled at the picture of him Eileen and Acacia, holding the Thwip Blaster. It was slightly singed on the edges, but all in all still intact. Josh left the Hall of Egg.

* * *

Meanwhile, Acacia entered Celeste’s room. She was laying her bed reading a book. She looked up.

“Auntie Acacia!” She beamed. Acacia cringed.

“Just Acacia, Celeste.” She said. “Auntie makes me sound old.”

“Okay Auntie Acacia.” Acacia sighed, then smiled.

“Alright you, sit up. We’ve gotta talk.” Acacia sat next to Celeste on her bed. “Jocasta told me what you did.” Celeste looked away sheepishly. “You know it was wrong, don’t you?”

“I’m sorry Auntie Acacia,” She said. “I won’t do it again, I promise.” Acacia looked at her.

“Now listen, I know both of your parents were in the spy game, and some things might have trickled down to you. You’re gifted, Celeste. But you’ve gotta only use your talents for good, and helping others, understand? No more overriding Jocasta’s protocols. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Especially if it’s wrong. Okay?”

“Okay,” Celeste said. Acacia. Acacia smiled.

“Good.” She kissed Celeste on the cheek. “Now go wash up and get ready for dinner.” Celeste jumped up excitedly.

“Okay!” She said, rushing off to the nearest bathroom.

* * *

Eileen walked into her room and fell onto her bed.

“If I never see Gyro Man again,” She said to herself. “It’ll be too soon.” She turned on the T.V to see the headline ‘Gyro Man Arrested’. She sighed. “Me and my big mouth.” She began to close her door when she saw Allyson happily skip past her room. Eileen watched her in confusion, shrugged, then closed her door. Allyson skipped over to Josh’s room to see him digging through his closet. She silently closed his door, snuck up behind him, and covered his eyes.

“Guess who?” She said. Josh laughed.

“Eileen, stop messing around.” He said.

“Eileen?” She said, turning him around.

“Oh, Allyson!” He said. “Sorry, sorry, I just…”

“You just what?”

“I don’t know, I thought you were Eileen…”

“Should I cut my hair?”

“No, Allyson! I like your hair! I just thought you were Eileen because…”

“Because what?”

“… You know what, never mind!” He moved in to kiss her but she backed up.

“Uh-uh, no kiss for you today mister.” She said.

“Don’t be like that!”

“Tell me what you’ve done to deserve it.” Josh raised his eyebrows.

“Really? How about flying halfway around the world with the worst makeshift Avengers ever and fighting an all-powerful tyrant to save you from his evil clutches?” Allyson sighed.

“Okay fine.” She said, kissing him. “But you can’t pull that card forever!”

“I’m gonna pull it till it rips!” Josh exclaimed. “Now go eat something, you look starved.”

“I was waiting for you,” she said. “There’s this nice Chinese place just a few steps away and…”

“Allyson,” Josh said. “You know we can’t just up and go on dates like that. People would…”

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” she said, sitting sadly on his bed. “Secret relationships suck.”

“Don’t I know it.” Josh said.

* * *

Later that night E.G.G Base was calm. Josh walked into the Inner Shell to see Eileen staring up at their vow.

“It’s a nice sentiment.” She said. “But can we really hold true to it?”

“20 bucks says we don’t.” Acacia said, entering the room with an ice cream cone.

“I think we can!” Josh defended.

“I give it a week.” Acacia replied. Eileen laughed.

“Well we beat Gyro Man. That’s a win.” She said.

“The first of many.” Josh said. “I think we can do this guys.”

“If you say so.” Acacia said. And they all stared up at their vow:

E.G.G Vow of Justice

We, the Experimental Government Gadgets division of S.H.I.E.L.D, vow that from this day forth, we will not give way to hatred, injustice, or the forces of evil. We will fight until our last breath to protect liberty, freedom, and above all, justice. And we’ll make weapons too!

Joshua Westbrook

Eileen Wuthrich

Acacia Blanco

Welcome back!

Season 2 is finally here! And we're just getting started! Tune in on Thursday, January 8 for the Q&A for this episode, and then prepare for Episode 22: It's Not Easy Being Green, on Friday, January 9! Hope you guys enjoy season 2 of E.G.G! See you next week!

From the ashes of defeat, E.G.G is reborn! Ho do feel about E.G.G's comeback?

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Sneak peek at what's to come in E.G.G Season 2!


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