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E.G.G Episode 30: As it is Written

Updated on March 19, 2015


Previously, on E.G.G...

On the Skrull Warship, Acacia had survived the 'Super Skrull Procedure', escaped captivity and was making her escape when she found out that the Skrulls had captured Captain America. After watching a process the Skrulls performed on Senator Stan Lee, she realized that the Skrulls were taking the memories of people and replacing them on Earth. Reuniting with her old friend Clay Quartermain, the two freed Captain America and went to take the ship. During one of the battles, Acacia discovered that she had acquired the powers of two members of the Fantastic 4, the Human Torch and the Invisible woman. Acacia used her powers to beat Kl'rt, the Super Skrull, and the Syndicate Grand Master, who was heading the Warship. In the end, the heroes took the ship and warped back to Earth, where the invasion has only begun...

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Episode 30

-As it is Written-

"In the middle of Central Park, a large structure had been built, on top of it a throne, where ‘Spider-Woman’ resided, contently watching the whole thing."
"In the middle of Central Park, a large structure had been built, on top of it a throne, where ‘Spider-Woman’ resided, contently watching the whole thing."

The Chrysler Building was still standing. There were some cracks in the side, and some rubble fell from the ceilings and walls, but all things considered it was in good shape for a building that just had a run in with the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier. Inside, in the middle of a staircase, a pile of rubble trapped two heroes. But not for long. Soon, a blue light shone from the creases in the debris, and in seconds it was blown away, revealing Josh holding a Repulsor Blaster and Agent Kyle Rice, screaming.

“AAAAAHHHHHHH!” He shouted, holding his ears. “Are you serious!”

“I told you cover your ears!” Josh defended.

“Yeah, let me just do that with my arms piled under two tons of rock!”

“Look who’s complaining now.” Josh smirked.

“You blew my ears out!” Rice replied, rubbing them. “I think I’m gonna go deaf.”

“You won’t go deaf.” Josh said. He walked over to a hole in the wall, then dropped his Repulsor Blaster. His jaw dropped in shock. “Rice… You may want to see this.”

“What is it?” He asked, walking up to the hole. Then he stopped. “Oh boy.” The city was on fire. Alien ships rained down from the skies. Various heroes were engaged in one on one battles with either groups of Skrull soldiers or one super Skrull. In the middle of Central Park, a large structure had been built, on top of it a throne, where ‘Spider-Woman’ resided, contently watching the whole thing.

“We’ve gotta get out there.” Josh said.

“Are you serious?” Rice asked. “What the shell are we gonna do? We’re outgunned, outmanned, and pretty much outplayed. We’ve gotta find where the Helicarrier crashed, maybe get it back in the air…”

“Wait, look!” Josh pointed to see a sleek, silver SR-71 Blackbird clear through the chaos. It flew up next to the Chrysler Building and began to hover. The ramp opened and Eileen walked up.

“Need a lift?” She asked.

“Eileen, am I ever glad to see you!” Josh said.

“Whoa…” Eileen said, pointing to Rice.

“He’s chill.” Josh replied. She nodded, and they both boarded the E.G.G Jet. Josh sat in the copilot seat and Rice sat in the back. “Circle around to Central Park. I want a good look at that tower and I want to know why Spider-Woman’s sitting on top of it.”

“Roger that.” Eileen said, circling around. Josh looked around.

“Where’s Acacia?” Eileen inhaled.

“She was a Skrull.”

“What! But where…”

“I don’t know. But we’ll find her after this.” The E.G.G Jet sped towards Central Park.

“This seems too easy,” Rice said. “I think there’d be some kind of…” Suddenly the jet jolted and the controls began to spark. “Security.”

“Warning.” Jocasta alerted. “Electromagnetic shielding is surrounding the area. Retreat, or we will lose power.”

“Pull just above the shield.” Rice said, getting out of his seat. Eileen looked back.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Just trust me.”

“Yeah, last time we did that…”

“Eileen,” Josh interjected. “I think he knows what he’s doing. No but seriously, what are you doing?” Rice sighed as he opened the ramp.

“You’re an idiot.” He said, as he jumped out of the plane.

“What the!” Josh looked out the window. Rice freefell into Central Park, swords in hands. “Well that tears it, he’s crazy.”

“I’m gonna find a safe place to land.” Eileen said, turning the E.G.G Jet around.

“Warning. Incoming missiles.” Jocasta said. Josh looked at the radar.

“We got about five Skrull ships on our tail!” He exclaimed.

“I’ll lose ‘em.” Eileen said. She broke left and the missiles zoomed by, barely missing. She swerved around and between buildings as the Skrulls continued to fire.

“Look out, look out, LOOK OUT!” Josh shouted as they sped through the buildings. “You are flying incredibly too low!”

“I know what I’m doing,” Eileen said as she pulled up and spun over a building. Three of the Skrull ships crashed into it and the other two pulled up.

“We’ve still got company.”

“I’m not blind.” Eileen pulled right and circled around a building, coming out behind the Skrull. “Gotcha.” She said, pulling the trigger. The E.G.G Jet’s guns fired and knocked both ships out of the sky.

“Awesome!” Josh said. Then he looked out the window. “Eileen!” He pointed, and she looked to see Allyson on the roof of the hotel, backed to the edge by a number of Skrulls. “Allyson’s in trouble! We gotta save her!”

“What is Agent Whitcomb even doing here?” She asked.

“I, uh, think she had some paid vacation time.”

“Sure. And why is she Allyson? Her first name is Agent.”

“Can you just swoop down so we can rescue ‘Agent’ Allyson!” Eileen pulled down and opened the ramp. Josh rushed to the edge. “Allyson!” He shouted. She looked back, then jumped off the roof and grabbed his hand. He pulled her up onto the ship.

“Josh!” She exclaimed, going in for a kiss. Josh stopped her.

“Agent Whitcomb.” He said, nodding to the cockpit.

“Oh, right.” She said, strapping herself in. Josh sat next to Eileen.

“Alright, let’s land this thing and…”

“Warning.” Jocasta alerted. “A vessel is emerging from hyper space.”

“Now what?” Eileen asked, looking up.

"He pointed, and she looked to see Allyson on the roof of the hotel, backed to the edge by a number of Skrulls."
"He pointed, and she looked to see Allyson on the roof of the hotel, backed to the edge by a number of Skrulls."

* * *

“We’re emerging from hyper space.” Captain America said. Susan tapped Acacia, who was asleep.

“Acacia, wake up.” She said.

“Chimichangas!” Acacia shouted, jumping up. “Huh? Oh, sorry. Are we there yet?”

“A few minutes.” Captain America said. “Be ready for anything team.”

“I am not part of your team Captain.” Viper replied.

“Remember that talk we had earlier Viper?” Cap asked. “It still applies.”

“Do you think they know about the Skrulls?” Elektra asked.

“Tony probably figured it out by now.” Captain America answered. “I think he’d know if I’m not myself.”

“I don’t know.” Quartermain said. “The one doin’ Acacia was pretty convincing. You know, up till she shot me.”

“Just stay on guard.”

“Excuse me.” Stan asked. “Does anyone know where the little Skrulls room is?”

“Find a bucket old man.” Cobra replied.

“I think I liked him better when he was unconscious.” Stan said. Spider-Woman entered the room.

“Those Skrulls aren’t coming in here anytime soon.” She said.

“Good to have you back on your feet Jessica.” Cap said.

“Thanks. I just can’t wait to find their Queen. When I get my hands on her…”

“There’ll be time for that.” Suddenly the ship jumped out of hyper space and appeared smack in the middle of the war in New York.

“What the shell!” Acacia shouted, rushing to the window.

“Stars and stripes…” Captain America said. “Okay team, we need to divide and conquer. Jessica, Viper, I need to you take a ship and provide air support.”

“Whoa, bad idea,” Spider-Woman replied.

“I don’t want to hear it. Quartermain, you and Susan go check on the Helicarrier. Look for survivors and Nick Fury. Cobra, get Stan to safety. Elektra, get Cobra to jail.”

“Really?” Cobra replied.

“Really. Acacia, you’re with me.”

“I’m… with you!” Acacia exclaimed. “Sweet! What are we doing?”

“Guess.” Captain America said, nodding to Queen Veranke’s throne in Central Park.

“Oh boy…” She said.

“You wear the uniform of the one who took over our warship and tried to kill me. You will die now."
“You wear the uniform of the one who took over our warship and tried to kill me. You will die now."

* * *

“What is that, the mother ship!” Josh asked, as the Skrull Warship appeared above the city.

“They’re not firing or deploying reinforcements…” Eileen observed.

“Notice.” Jocasta said. “Acacia’s E.G.G ID card detected.” Josh was alerted.

“Acacia? Here?”

“She must be on the ship!” Eileen exclaimed. “Jocasta, home in.”

“I just did.” She said. “She is moving towards Central Park.”

“Then that’s where we’re headed. Land this bird and let’s get in there!” Suddenly the side of the jet was hit with a fireball.

“Alert! Alert! Alert!” Jocasta exclaimed, as Eileen struggled to keep control of the plane.

“We’re gonna crash!” Josh shouted. Eileen pulled up, but it was no good. Josh, Eileen and Allyson screamed as the E.G.G Jet hit the ground and slid, knocking through cars and scraping buildings. It finally skidded to a halt. Josh shook his head and unbuckled himself.

“Allyson, are you okay?” He asked.

“I’m fine.” She replied.

“Me too, thanks for asking.” Eileen said. She kicked the window open and they crawled out.

“What hit us?” Josh asked. He turned to see Kl’rt and other Super Skrulls standing, ready to fight. “Oh.”

“You wear the uniform of the one who took over our warship and tried to kill me.” Kl’rt said. “You will die now.” His rocky fists caught fire.

“What do we?” Allyson asked.

“That’s easy,” Josh said. “Run!” They turned to run when a Super Skrull spun a web net in front of them. “Knocking off Spidey’s powers! Messed up!” The Skrulls began to close in when Iron Man landed in front of them and fired a Unibeam blast, taking out a group.

“What the!” Eileen shouted as Hawkeye flipped in and fired an arrow at Kl’rt, Black Widow following behind him.

“And where have you been?” Josh asked.

“On a wild goose chase.” Iron Man replied.

“Yeah,” Hawkeye added. “Captain America led us to believe the Skrulls were invading Wakanda. Turns out it wasn’t Cap at all.”

“They replaced him too?” Josh asked. “Oh man… Hey, where are the big guys? You know, Hulk and Thor?”

“They’re taking out the Warships.” Iron Man said. “Me? I’m going for the queen. Clint, Natasha, you got this?”

“No!” Hawkeye replied, as he dodged a fireball from Kl’rt and fired an arrow at another Super Skrull.

“But we’ll try.” Black Widow reassured, kicking another Super Skrull and electrocuting one with her Widow Stings.

“Ugh, yeah, what she said.” Hawkeye complained, shooting an explosive arrow. “Man, I am so moving to the West Coast when this is over!”

“Good enough for me.” Iron Man flew up and took off towards Central Park. Josh suddenly jumped up.

“No, Stark! Wait!” He took off.

“Come on!” Eileen said, as she, Josh and Allyson rushed towards Central Park.

"He turned to see Kl’rt and other Super Skrulls standing, ready to fight."
"He turned to see Kl’rt and other Super Skrulls standing, ready to fight."

* * *

The three caught up to Iron Man at Central Park, where a flurry of Skrulls soldiers were waiting.

“Eat Repulsor!” Iron Man shouted, powering up his Repulsors and flying at top speed.

“Stark, stop!” Josh shouted, but in vain. Iron Man flew through the electromagnetic barrier and his armor began to electrocute.

“Aaaaaggggyyyaaahhhh!!!!” He screamed, as he fell to the ground, and his armor powered down.

“The Iron Avenger has fallen!” A Skrull declared. Destroy him!”

“No! Take them down!” Josh shouted, taking out his Thwip Blaster and webbing them to trees as Eileen fired blasts of lighting. “Allyson, check on Iron Man!”

“Right.” She said, rushing over and lifting his faceplate. “Are you okay Mr. Stark?”

“Chest reactor… failing…” Tony gasped. “Need to… reboot…”

“Oh man, okay… what do I do?”

“Take off the chest plate…” Allyson grabbed hold and took off Iron Man’s chest plate.

“Whoa, heavy…” She groaned, as she set it down.

“Have to walk you through… reboot process…” Tony said, coughing. Josh and Eileen rushed up.

“Stark, can you make it?” Josh asked.

“Can’t… cof, cof… even move… you have to… cof… stop the queen…”

“Me?” Josh asked. “But I… I just…”

“Don’t think… just do it! Go!” Tony gasped.

“Go Josh,” Allyson said. “I’ve got this.” Josh nodded.

“Alright, you heard the man.” He said, “Let’s move.”

“Right behind you.” Eileen said. Josh nodded, and the two took off. Josh ran through the trees, when suddenly, he slammed smack dab into Captain America’s shield. “Ow…” he said. Captain America looked down.

“Director Westbrook?” He asked.

“Captain America? Is it really you?”

“Cap, slow down…” Acacia said, rounding the corner. “We all don’t have the Super Soldier Serum…” She looked up and saw Josh and Eileen. She gasped. “Guys!” She shouted, rushing up and hugging them.

“Nice to see you too!” Josh said. Eileen stepped back and took out the Skrull detector.

“Can’t be too careful…” She said, scanning Acacia and Cap.

“Really?” Acacia said. “How long did you guys fall for that knockoff?”

“She was pretty convincing.” Josh said. Suddenly the detector began to beep.

“Cap’s dirty!” Eileen shouted. He whammed Josh with his shield and tripped Eileen.

“Aw man!” Acacia exclaimed. “I lose track of you for five seconds!” She shot a stream of fire, and ‘Captain America’ burst into flames. He reverted back into Skrull form, screaming and trying to get the fire out, when he was hit by the real Captain America’s shield. He put it on his back.

“Stay close to me Acacia.” He said.

“Sorry Cap, you were going too fast. Come on guys.” She looked to see Josh and Eileen, their jaws almost touching the ground. “Oh yeah, I have powers now.” She and Cap rushed off through the trees. Eileen shook out of her trance.

“Come on Josh.” She said.

“No fair!” Josh shouted. “I want powers too!” They all ran through and approached the structure to see Skrulls strewn about the ground, and Agent Rice with his two swords.

“You dare!” Queen Veranke said, reverting to her Skrull form.

“Actually he dares.” Josh said, pointing to Rice. “We kinda just got here…”

“You’re an idiot.” Rice said. Queen Veranke flipped off of her throne and landed in front of the five heroes.

“I will deal with you vermin myself!” She shouted, taking off her cape and assuming a fighting stance.

“Take her down!” Captain America shouted. They all charged and attacked. Queen Veranke jumped, spun in the air, and kicked Captain America in the head. He hit a tree and fell unconscious.

“Seriously!” Josh exclaimed as she grabbed his arm. She pulled him to the ground and stepped on his shoulder, resulting in a loud crack. “AAAHHH!” Josh screamed. Eileen and Acacia fired lightning and fire at her. She dodged each blast with fluidity and punched Eileen so hard she was launched through a tree. Rice rushed up and swung his swords, but she dodged each swing. One, another, another. Rice was relentless, but she was too swift. She roundhouse kicked him and he slid next to Josh, who was holding his shoulder.

“She’s got some moves.” He said.

“I’ve got better ones.” Rice replied, getting up and rushing towards her. Acacia was shooting fireballs at her, but Queen Veranke was flipping this way and that avoiding them.

“Just… stay… still…” She said, as Queen Veranke tripped her and punched her in the back. Rice jumped and swung his swords. She ducked under them, caught his arm, and nailed him with two fingers on his side, under his arm, and on his neck. He fell to the ground, twitching.

“What happened?” Josh called.

“She hit my pressure points…” Rice said. “Give me about three minutes…”

“You don’t have that long.” She said, raising her foot.

“HEY!” Josh shouted. She turned to him. “You think you’re gonna get away with this? Once the Avengers and Fury catch up with you…”

“Nicholas Fury is dead.” She said. Josh stopped.

“No… that’s not…”

“Possible? It is. As is our domination over your world. We have come. We will beat your champions, will annihilate your race, and we will inhabit this planet as our own. You fought valiantly, I will give you that, but in the end, you were always doomed to fail. As it is written.”

“We won’t fail.” Josh said. “We took a vow…”

“So sad you must die now.” She began to speed towards Josh when she slammed face first into an invisible force field. Queen Veranke stumbled back, holding her head. Josh looked to see Acacia holding her hand up.

“Did I mention I’m extremely glad you got powers?” He asked. Acacia laughed.

“You’re welcome.” She replied.

“You… worms!” Queen Veranke shouted, shaking out of her daze. “I will destroy you all!”

“Hey, your majesty.” Queen Veranke turned and was whammed by Captain America’s shield.

“Gah!” She shouted, stumbling back and falling to her knees, as Captain America approached her. “No… you cannot win… This world belongs to us!”

“Um, you might wanna rethink that.” Josh said. Queen Veranke turned around to see Black Widow, Widow Stings primed, Hawkeye, arrow aimed, Thor, lightning on hammer, the Hulk, growling ferociously, and a refreshed Iron Man, aiming his Repulsor. Captain America joined them.

“Stand down.” He said. “It’s over.” Queen Veranke’s lip twitched.

“NEVER!” She screamed, charging at them.

“Ooh, this is gonna hurt!” Eileen said, helping Josh up as they were joined by Rice and Acacia. There were a myriad of explosion, clangs, and thunder claps, the Agents of E.G.G watching in complete enjoyment. Soon Queen Veranke slid up the their feet, burned, bruised, and beaten.

“Yeah!” Josh shouted, kicking her. “And don’t mess with our planet again!”

“Really?” Iron Man said, as Hulk picked her up. Josh shrugged.

“I wanted to hit her too.” He said. Tony laughed, as he and the Avengers left.

“Well that was fun.” Acacia said.

“Sure was.” Eileen agreed.

“Yeah, let’s never do it again.” Rice added.

“First thing you’ve said that’s not freaking crazy.” Josh said, as they all followed the Avengers.

“Stand down. It’s over.”
“Stand down. It’s over.”

* * *

After word spread of Queen Veranke’s defeat, the Skrulls began to surrender. The Avengers and other heroes rounded them up and took them into custody. Quartermain had found all of the S.H.I.E.L.D crew locked up in the Helicarrier prison, and after freeing them, all they got it back into the sky. Josh, Eileen, Acacia, Rice, and Captain America, watched as Commander Maria Hill loaded Queen Veranke onto a S.H.I.E.L.D transport. Spider-Woman approached.

“You and me are gonna have words.” She said to Queen Veranke.

“You all should have fallen…” She replied. “It was written…”

“Yeah, well, sometimes the story changes.” Josh said. “And there’s not always a happy ending.” The transport closed and took off to the Helicarrier. Commander Hill approached Eileen.

“Thank you for the Skrull detection device.” She said. “We’ll mass produce it and begin a sweep of the city.”

“What about S.H.I.E.L.D?” Eileen asked. “If what Queen Veranke said is true…”

“As far as we know it is.” Hill replied. “I am acting Director of S.H.I.E.L.D now. We’ll search for Fury and let you know what we find.” Eileen nodded as Hill got into a transport and flew off.

“Viper got away when I wasn’t looking.” Spider-Woman reported to Cap.

“We’ll get her.” Captain America replied.

“Better hope I don’t find her first…” Acacia grumbled. Suddenly Eileen rushed up and hugged her.

“Acacia I’m so glad you’re back!” She exclaimed. “I spent an entire week with a disgusting alien! And you have super powers now! This is incredible!”

“I know right!” She replied. Rice turned and began to walk off.

“Hey,” Josh said. “Good job. Partner.” He held out his hand. Rice looked at him.

“You’re still an idiot.” He said. Josh frowned, then Rice smiled. “But nice job.” He shook Josh’s hand.

“OW!” Josh shouted, grabbing his shoulder.

“You might wanna get that looked at.”


“Hey, what’s that?”

“What?” Josh turned. “I don’t…” He turned back and Rice was gone. “Right.”

“Josh!” Eileen called. “There’s a Paradise Bakery down the street! Up for some broccoli and cheddar?”

“As long as it’s in a bread bowl!” Josh exclaimed.

“Is there any other kind of bowl?” Acacia replied. The three friends hooked together arm in arm and began to skip down the street.

“We’re off to see the wizard!” They all sang simultaneously. “The wonderful wizard of OZ!” They skipped into the sunset.

The End

"After word spread of Queen Veranke’s defeat, the Skrulls began to surrender. The Avengers and other heroes rounded them up and took them into custody."
"After word spread of Queen Veranke’s defeat, the Skrulls began to surrender. The Avengers and other heroes rounded them up and took them into custody."

See you on Thursday!

Tune in on Thursday, March 19 for the Q&A for this episode, and then prepare for Episode 31: The West Coast Avengers, on Friday, March 20! The invasion is over, but season 2 is just getting good!

How do you feel about the wrap up to the Secret Invasion?

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