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E.G.G Episode 34: Power Trip

Updated on April 11, 2015


"Well this just got a whole lot more interesting. That annoyance Miguel O'Hara may have actually done something useful for once in his pathetic life. I wonder... Is he trying to influence the events of the Dark Day? Oh, this is glorious. Miguel wants to play hero. But he can't do it alone. He has to be working with someone, and who other to involve in time travelling heroics, than Spider-Man. I should call Venture. If you want to be a hero O'Hara, then I guess I'll just have to be the villain."

Previously, on E.G.G...

Alchemax Digital Translator Version 12.0

Welcome: Sloan, Walker.

Now translating document into digital copy.


Celeste Aoki: Diary Entry 7
April 11, 2015

Dear Mom,
I heard some pretty scary things today. Well, earlier Mr. Westbrook ran in and out with super speed, taking some vial out of the Hall of E.G.G. Then I overheard him talking to Auntie Acacia about Ms. Wuthrich going crazy! They said she had red eyes and two voices and… ugh, it was pretty creepy. It’s so hard to believe that someone so sweet and, well, small, can get all powerful like that. But I heard she was face to face with the guy that killed her, so I guess that would make a person more powerful in a sense. I know what I’d do if I were ever face to face with Dr. Doom…

Much love, some concern,


End of translation.


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Episode 34

-Power Trip-

Agent Becket was relaxing in his room. He was watching T.V, eating a bag of Lays, and just as he was sipping his Coke, Allyson burst into the room.

“I’m going to tell Josh I love him!” She exclaimed. Agent Becket spat out his drink.

“You’re gonna who what now?” He asked.

“Well, me and War Machine were talking a lot…”

“I know, I thought you replaced me.” Agent Becket replied, sipping his Coke again.

“You? Never Beck, we’re forever! But Rhodey brought up some good points. I did a lot of thinking, and I’m gonna tell Josh I love him.”

“What exactly will that accomplish? You know the L word is a whole new level of serious, and frankly, he hasn’t been that great to you as it is…”

“Well, I’m gonna tell him and see if he says it back. And if he does I’m gonna tell him that if he wants to prove it he needs to go public with our relationship, or at least tell Commander Wuthrich and Captain Blanco. I’m tired of hiding. I want us to be free!”

“You’re talking crazy Allyson.”

“Am not! He’ll have more time for me if we don’t have to confine our relationship to dark alleys in the dead of night.”

“Look, I’ve got your best interest at heart, and I’m telling you, this seems like a really bad idea.”

“Don’t worry Beck,” She said, standing up and ruffling his hair. “I’m a big girl. I’ll be fine.” She rushed out of his room. Agent Becket sighed.

“I hope so.” He said, eating a chip.

* * *

Meanwhile, in the Hall of E.G.G, Josh, Eileen, and Acacia were working on their latest invention. Josh was wearing a glove that was attached to the computer with wires. Acacia stood at the computer and Eileen was off to the side holding a clip board. The glove was vibrating and emitting a loud noise.

“Increase the polarization!” Josh shouted to Acacia.

“Positive or negative?” Acacia called back.

“Positive!” Josh shouted.


“No, no! I said pos…” But Acacia pulled on a lever and increased the negative polarization. “NO!” Josh shouted, as a magnetic shockwave burst from the glove and blasted a hole through the metal wall, sending Josh flying across the room. Eileen rushed over and helped him up.

“Are you okay?” She asked, laughing. “You flew pretty far!”

“I’m fine.” He said angrily, “Acacia, what was that!”

“You said negative!” She defended.

“I said positive! Aw, now we’re back to square one with these stupid Magneto Gloves.” He took it off and threw it down. Eileen observed it.

“That magnetic shockwave was pretty powerful though,” she said. “We can explore that option.”

“Eileen we have enough things that blow crap up.” Josh said. “But controlling metal? Genius!”

“Well, let’s fix the internal damage, hook her back up, balance out the polarity, and get it done!” Acacia exclaimed. “Hill’s really riding on this one, and she doesn’t have a fraction of the leniency and or patience Fury did.” Josh sighed.

“Okay, get the laser, let’s pop the hood.” He said. Jocasta walked into the room with a tray of three glasses of lemonade.

“Refreshments?” She asked.

“Thanks Jocasta!” Eileen exclaimed. “Man am I thirsty!”

“I second that!” Acacia said.

“Third!” Josh added. They all reach for the lemonade when Jocasta dropped the tray. “Aw man!”

“Jocasta?” Eileen asked. “Are you okay?” Jocasta held her head and dropped to her knees.

“Whoa, hey!” Acacia said, kneeling down next to her.

“I can’t…” Jocasta said. “Something…” She jumped up. “WARNING! WARNING!” she blurted. “Unknown anomaly detected. All systems compromised. Suggest immediate power…” Suddenly Jocasta was electrocuted from inside with orange lighting.

“Jocasta!” Eileen shouted.

“Error… error… bzkt…. krzt… 112kidja%fidnn!3kp@)-[jdsc\1qw?scf….” With that, Jocasta sparked and fell to the ground. The blue in her eyes faded out.

“What the shell just happened?” Josh asked, lifting her up. “How’d she just short out like that?” Suddenly all of the computers shut down. The lights cut out. The emergency lights flashed on, then they went out too.

“Ooookay…” Acacia said. “Something creepy is going on here…”

“You’re right.” Josh said.

* * *

The three friends rushed into the Inner Shell, and were bombarded by agents scrambling this way and that. ‘Excuse me’ and ‘watch it’ flew everywhere, as the agents desperately tried to solve the problem in the dark. “HEY!” Josh shouted. “Somebody give me some answers!”

“Generators one, two, and three out sir!” An agent replied.

“Elevator’s dead!” Another one replied.

“Main terminal?” Josh asked. “Talk to me.”

“We are offline.” An agent replied.

“Jocasta AI failing to reboot.”

“Sir, my cell phone doesn’t even work.”

“What?” Josh asked, taking out his phone and pressing various buttons only to see a blank screen. “I want explanations!”

“Sir, this could be an external attack.” An agent replied. “Someone shutting down the power to get our guard down, maybe break in.” Josh was alerted.

“Hall, now!” He said. Eileen and Acacia rushed for the Hall of E.G.G, Josh not far behind. They got there to see the door untouched. Josh rushed up to the control panel and scanned his ID card, but it didn’t work. “Uh-oh.” He said. He typed on the keypad, but nothing happened. “No power.” He stood for a bit, then he began to pull on the door.

“Move.” Eileen said, rubbing her hands together. She shot a blast of lighting onto the door, energizing it.

“Thank you,” Josh said, scanning his card, but it didn’t work. “Hm, not enough power. Try again.” Eileen sighed and blasted it again, longer this time. Josh scanned his card but nothing happened. “Pump up the juice Wuthrich, come on!”

“Haha, funny,” She said. “I’m giving it all I’ve got. It’s like it’s just eating the energy I feed it, it’s not retaining any.”

“Why would that happen?” Acacia asked.

“I don’t know…” Eileen said. “But I’ll bet I can find out!” She closed her eyes and put her fingers to her head. “I don’t see any… wait. I sense something.”

“What is it?” Josh asked.

“I’m not sure…” Eileen said. “It… It looks like… AH!” Eileen jumped back.

“Whoa, what happened?” Acacia asked.

“Something is definitely in there.”

“Some kind of virus?” Josh asked.

“I don’t know,” she replied. “But it must be feeding off of the energy.”

“Well, without access to the Hall we can’t get any weapons.” Josh said. “Let’s do some digging, investigate. See if we can’t find any clues as to what the shell is going on.” Eileen and Acacia nodded and split up down separate tunnels. Josh began to walk away, but suddenly saw a spark of orange light on the control panel. He turned quickly, but nothing happened. He squinted and walked off.

* * *

Acacia walked into Celeste’s room.

“Celeste? You in here?” She asked.

“I’m under here.” Celeste replied. Acacia made her way over to the bed and looked under it.

“Why are you under the bed?”

“I’m afraid of the dark.”

“It’s more dark under the bed.”

“Yeah, but it’s smaller. And there’s nothing under here I can mistake for an evil clown. My room is big and dark, and everything is a suspect!”

“Celeste, you don’t have to be afraid, I’m right here.”

“I do have to be afraid! Look.” She took out a flashlight and a pair of batteries. “This is the third time I’m changing the batteries.” She said.

“Why’s that?” Acacia asked.

“Watch!” Celeste put the new batteries in and turned it on. As soon as she did, it was short circuited by orange lighting and went out. Acacia raised her eyebrows.

“That’s troubling.”

“I know! I’m not moving from here until the lights come back on!”

“Fair enough.” She said, walking out.

* * *

Josh wondered back into the Humpty Dumpty Hall. He spotted a spare Repulsor Blaster.

“Thank goodness.” He said. He tried to turn it on, but nothing happened. “Oh come on! Man, the digital age sucks.” He touched his earpiece. “Guys, I… guys? Oh yeah.” He took it off. “Guess I gotta do this the old fashioned way.” He began to walk out when he was grabbed from behind.

“Boo!” The person said. Instinctively, Josh flipped around and slammed the person against the wall. “OW!” Josh paused.


“Yes! Get off me!”

“Oh, sorry!” He said, letting her go. “Visibility is like, zero.

“So I noticed.” She said. “Good thing about the dark is that no one can see us kissing!”

“As tempting as that is, now is hardly the time. My entire base just lost power, and I’d like to know why. I’ll meet you when this is over.” He began to walk off.

“Wait!” Allyson called. “I have to tell you something.” Josh stopped.

“What’s up?”

“I… uh… never mind, it can wait. Go save the day.”

“Okay.” Josh said, walking away. Allyson sighed and attempted to fall into a chair, but missed and hit the ground.

“Ow!” She shouted. “Aw, not my day.”

* * *

Eileen wandered into the Feeding Pen, where Harry sat eating a burger.

“Really?” She said. “You’re eating at a time like this?”

“Don’t need light to eat.” He replied, biting his burger. Eileen sighed.

“You’re ridiculous.”

“No, I’m hungry. And this needs ketchup.” Harry reached out and mistakenly grabbed the mustard. He squirted it on and bit his burger. “Blah! Aw man, too much mustard!”

“Looks like you do need light to eat.” Eileen smirked.

“Haha,” Harry said sarcastically, taking out his phone.

“Whoa, that should be dead!” Eileen said.

“What this? No. Your B-rate phone, maybe, but this is an Oscorp Osberry. The latest in Oscorp smartphones. It has a unique power save mode that allows you to tap into reserve power that’s only dispersed incrementally. So… yeah. Suck it.” Suddenly his phone was laced in orange lighting. “Gah!” He said, throwing it and jumping back. “My Osberry!”

“Wait…” Eileen said. “It has to absorb the energy in increments. Which means I’ve got you!” She balled up her fist and smashed the phone.

“NO!” Harry cried. The orange lighting zipped all over the table, searching for an energy source. Then it jumped off onto the ground and began to take a form. It grew large, sprouted arms and legs. Eileen and Harry backed up from the energy monstrosity that had formed in front of them. It looked at them angrily.

“Zzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaxxxxxxxxxx.” It growled. Then it jumped into an outlet and traveled down the wires.

“Oh no…” Eileen said. She rushed down the hall and crashed into Acacia and Josh.

“Hey, we were just looking for you!” Josh said. “Find any clues yet?”

“Yes, it’s Zzzax.” Eileen said. “And he’s heading for the main reactor.”

“Zzzax?” Josh asked. “Isn’t he Hulk’s problem?”

“He fights Hulk but he’s right up our alley.” Eileen said.

“How are we any match for anything the incredible Hulk fights?” Acacia asked.

“He’s living energy, if we can find a way to contain or maybe overload him…”

“Brilliant thinking!” Josh said. “Now how do you know he’s going to the main reactor?”

“Because he’d have left by now.” Eileen answered. “He’s only been getting scraps, but he’s looking for the main course!”

“Then let’s cut him off!” Josh said.


* * *

They all made their way to main reactor room. Josh scanned his card, and the door opened. “Still has power, he hasn’t been here yet.”

“You think maybe that’s because he couldn’t get in.” Acacia said. “You know, until you basically opened the door for him.” Josh paused.

“Oh…” Suddenly the entire room was covered in orange lightning. It encased the walls, the ceiling, and the main reactor.

“Way to go Josh.” Eileen said. Josh sighed.

“Come on out, Zzzax.” He called. Lightning struck the ground and Zzzax formed in front of them. “So you turned out the lights? Well now you need to turn off the dark.”

“Zzzzzzzzaaaaaaaxxxxxxx!” He roared. Josh and Acacia assumed a fighting stance. Eileen energized her hands. Zzzax immediately looked at her. “Bioelectric energy… need more power… must have!” Zzzax blasted Josh and Acacia out of the way and grabbed Eileen. “Mine!” He lit up and engulfed Eileen in orange lightning.

“AAAAHHHHH!!!” She screamed, as Zzzax began to drain her. Josh looked up.

“What’s he doing to her?” He asked.

“Eileen’s body is constantly generating bioelectric energy,” Acacia said. “In other words, she’s an all you can eat buffet, and Zzzax is the fat guy that shows up and eats all the food!”

“We gotta stop him!” Josh and Acacia rushed forward, but were stopped short and electrocuted by the electric field the two were emitting.

“Perfect!” Acacia said. “What’s plan B?” Josh thought.

“Do you think Zzzax can absorb two types of energy at once?”

“No, otherwise he’d be nailing Eileen and the reactor. She’s bioelectric, that’s pure AC/DC.”

“Then let’s overload him! Hit him with some thermal energy!”

“Yeah, let me just get my flame thrower!” Acacia said sarcastically. Josh just looked at her. “Oh, right!” Her hands lit up and she blasted a stream of fire at Zzzax.

“Ggggggrrrrrrraaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!” He screamed. “Too… much…” He squeezed Eileen tighter.

“Aragh!” She screamed. “He’s… killing… me…”

“It’s not enough!” Acacia called to Josh, increasing the heat. “What do we do?” Josh looked at the lightning covering the walls.

“Blast him with some nuclear energy!” He said, slamming his Repulsor Blaster against the wall. It powered up in an instant. Josh flipped it to suicide and blasted Zzzax.

“Zzzzzzaaaaaaggggggrrrrrrxxxxxx….” He cried. “Ennnnnnergyyyyyyy… overrrrrrrrrloadddddd……” Zzzax lit up into a flash of light so bright Josh and Acacia shielded their eyes. Then, it cleared, and Zzzax was nowhere to be found. Eileen fell to the ground, weakened. The lights came back on. The computers powered up. Power had been restored to E.G.G Base. Josh and Acacia helped Eileen up.

“What… happened…” She breathed.

“We got him.” Josh said.

“Good. I’m… gonna sleep now…” Eileen fell limp in Josh and Acacia’s arms.

“Wow,” Josh said. “Come on, let’s get her to a bed.” Jocasta rushed up.

“Thank you for restoring my power.” She said. “I am very grateful. I will take Eileen to her room.”

“Thanks.” Josh said, handing her off. He and Acacia sighed.

“Well,” she said. “I’d say that whole experience was pretty, shocking.”

“Stop.” Josh said, walking away.

“Aw, watts the matter, you gonna blow a fuse?” She said, following him.

“I’m serious.”

“I think my jokes are pretty electrifying.”

“I’m not listing.”

“No need to be short with me.”

“Go away Acacia!”

“I’m telling better jokes than you! Hertz, doesn’t it?”

“AH!” Josh ran off.

“Come back!” She called, chasing him. “I’ve got at least 1.21 gigawatts more to go!”

Josh's Threat Assessment on Zzzax


Outside of the library, a small spark of orange lighting jumped out of an outlet and formed Zzzax. He was only five inches tall.

“Zzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaxxxxxxxxx!” He roared. “Need… more… power!” He began to stalk off, but was covered by a shadow from behind. He turned to see Agent Rice standing over him with a metal canister. Rice kneeled down and pressed a button on the canister. It opened and began to absorb Zzzax. “Nnnnnnooooooo!” He shouted, as he was sucked inside of the canister. Rice screwed the lid on and attached it to his belt.

“Idiots.” He said, and walked away.

See you on Thursday!

Tune in on Thursday, April 16, for the Q&A for this episode, and then prepare for Episode 35: Spider-Man, on Friday, April 17! I'll be on time, I promise! See you next week!

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