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E.G.G Episode 4: Errands

Updated on September 10, 2014


Previously on E.G.G...

48 hours before the incident that did something terrible to Eileen, Josh invited Viper, aka Madame Hydra, up to Mother Egg to kiss her and put his Anti-Venom to the test. When Eileen and Acacia figured out it didn't work, they swooped in for a last minute save.

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Episode 4


Location: Rexburg, Idaho

Time: 24 hours before The Incident

Eileen sat on a bench in the park, legs crossed, arms resting on the back. She watched as kids ran by, pretending to be Iron Man and Hulk. She watched a boy share ice cream with his girlfriend. She watched an old man play chess with a bald man in a wheelchair. She smiled. Life in Rexburg was nice. Calm, happy, relaxed. Everything Mother Egg wasn’t. She liked to come down from time to time, sit and watch. It was peaceful. Suddenly her earpiece began to buzz. She sighed, knowing full and well the peace wouldn’t last forever. She put her finger to her ear.

“Yes Josh, go ahead.” She said.

“Eileen, great!” Josh’s voice came from the other end. “You made it to the surface world?”

“Stop calling it that. You sound like Namor.”

“Right, except I’m not a fish.”

“He’s not a fish, he’s a human!”

“That can breathe underwater. He’s a fish in my book. Now the hatchlings get here tomorrow and I need three more things to complete the welcome party!”

“Alright, what do you need?”

“I need balloons. Lots and lots of balloons.”

“Okay, what else?”

“A new light bulb, the long ones, you know, like the ones that…”

“I know.”

“Oh, okay, yeah, I need like 50 of those.”

“What? Why the shell do you need 50?”

“Because someone overcharged the Bio-Nexus Device and blew out the lights.”

“How did she even find that? I told you to hide it.”

“I did.”

“Under your bed?”

“Details aren’t important! Lastly I need about… 1000 eggs!”

“For what!”

“I’m making deviled eggs.” Eileen laughed.

“Oh the irony. Alright, I’ll have it all.”

“Thanks, you’re the best. What the… Acacia! Put that down!” Josh cut out. Eileen smiled and stood up.

“Another day, another errand.” She said. She began walking when a boy on roller skates skidded up to her.

“Come to the Rexburg Rumble tonight at 8:00!” He said, handing her a flier. “Bring a date, bring your friends, and have great time!”

“Thank you,” Eileen said, folding up the flier as the boy skated away. “Now what should I get first? I’ll try the light bulbs. Get the hardest thing out of the way.”

Eileen made her way down to the hardware store. She walked in to the smell of wood and paint. She inhaled through her nose. “Ah, the smell of hard work.”

“Can I help you with something miss?” An employee asked her.

“Why yes,” Eileen said. “I’m gonna need about 50 fluorescent light bulbs. 40 watt, 48 inch, you know, the kind that…”

“I know.” The guy replied. “But if you don’t mind me asking, why do you need 50?”

“Long story.” She answered.

“Right, well we don’t have 50 off hand but if you come back in say, two hours…”

“Beautiful.” Eileen said as she turned to exit. “Thanks for the help!”

She left the hardware store. “Now balloons,” she said to herself. She scanned the area and spied the party store. “How conveniently placed.” She entered to see kids running everywhere, playing with anything they could get their hands on. Eileen smiled at the sight. She walked down the aisle labeled ‘Balloons’, but to her surprise, it was empty!

“What the…” She started when she caught glimpse of the source of the problem. A woman rushed by with a cart overflowing with bags and bags of balloons. Eileen rushed up and tapped her on the shoulder. The woman frantically turned.

“What is it?” She asked in a rushed and annoyed tone.

“Sorry to bother you,” Eileen politely stated. “But could you spare a few packs of balloons, you see we’re having this sort of event…”

“Buzz off brat.” The woman snapped. Eileen was taken aback by her rudeness. A boy then ran up and pulled on the woman’s skirt.

“Mommy, do you have my balloons!” He shouted.

“Yes Timmy, I have all of your balloons!” She shouted back. “Now go wait in the car!”

“I want my balloons now!” Timmy screamed.

“You’ll get them when we get home!” His mom screamed back. Eileen watched as the grown woman and her about 8-year-old son fought. She backed into an aisle, then twisted her watch and pressed two buttons on the sides. Once she did that, she became completely invisible. She snuck up to the cart and shoveled handfuls of balloons into a shopping bag. After that she laid a hundred dollar bill on the counter and left the store. She twisted her watch back and became visible again.

“Gotta love my gadgets.” She said. “Now for the eggs.”

She walked over to the grocery store and grabbed a cart. She entered to nice, serene music and shoppers going about their day. She walked over to the refrigerated section and made her way to the eggs, where there were packs of 100. “Am I lucky or what!” She said, grabbing 10 of them. She was making her way back to the front when she heard a gunshot. Everyone screamed and got to the ground. Eileen ditched her cart and pulled two gloves out of her purse. But these gloves were no ordinary gloves. These gloves were equipped with the wrist blasters of Natasha Romanov, the famous Black Widow stings. Since E.G.G was a division of S.H.I.E.L.D, they had access to that kind of gear. Eileen took cover behind a fruit stand as two masked men aimed their guns at the cashiers and threw their sacks on the counters.

“Fill ‘em up!” One of them shouted, as the cashiers frantically began to do what they were told. Eileen stood up.

“Excuse me.” She said. They both whipped around with their guns.

“Get on the ground!” The other crook shouted.

“Uh-uh, not gonna happen.” Eileen boldly stated. “My name is Eileen Wuthrich, and in the name of the Experimental Government…” At that moment both men opened fire on her. Eileen quickly got back down. “Okay then,” she said, powering up the widow stings. “Let’s do this the hard way.”

Eileen leapt over the fruit stand. The men continued to fire, but Eileen swiftly dodged each bullet. She slid onto her knees and grabbed one by the leg, pulling him to the ground. The other aimed his gun, but she grabbed his hand and twisted his arm. He screamed and dropped the gun, then Eileen aimed and fired a widow sting at him, which acted as a Taser and electrocuted the man until he fell unconscious. She turned to see the other guy getting up, then shot a widow sting at him. He screamed in pain, then fell on top of his friend. Eileen stood up and smiled. Everyone in the store stared at her as she grabbed her cart and walked to the front.

“10 packs of eggs, how much is that?” She asked the dumbfounded cashier. He just stared at her. Eileen waved in his face. “Hello?”

“Oh!” He said, snapping out of it. “It’s on the house! Did you see what you just did!”

“Yep,” she answered, looking down at the knocked out thugs. “Do it every day. Well thanks for the free eggs. Oh, and you might wanna call the cops.” Eileen left the store as everyone cheered for her. She sighed. “Feels good being me.” She walked down to the hardware store where the employee had a very large box waiting for her.

“You’ve been busy.” He said, as Eileen approached with the eggs and balloons.

“You can say that.” She smiled.

“So, you need help carrying all this or…”

“Nope, I’m good. How much?”

“150.” Eileen handed the man the money, and he walked back into the store. “How the heck is she gonna carry all that stuff?” He said to himself, watching her from the window. Eileen activated her earpiece.

“Josh, you there?”

“Yeah,” He answered on the other end. “You got the stuff?”

“All of it.” She replied.

“Great! Just hold tight.” Suddenly there was a flash of light, and a giant blue beam thundered down from the sky, and just as quickly went back up, taking Eileen and all of her goods with it. The employee blinked twice.

“I’ve gotta stop smoking.” He said as he continued to work.

Meanwhile, Eileen appeared in the Inner Shell of Mother Egg with everything she had gathered. Josh approached her happily.

“Thank you so much!” He said, as agents ran around him to grab everything. “You are a lifesaver. Things are crazy up here!”

“I see,” she replied, watching E.G.G agents run this way and that all around Mother Egg.

“Come on!” Josh shouted. “Move it people! Get these light bulbs replaced ASAP! Someone blow up those balloons! And does anyone know if the Feeding Pen is finished yet!” Eileen just shook her head, then she remembered. She pulled out the flier.

“Hey, uh, Josh…” She said.

“No!” Josh shouted at an agent. “The banner goes under not over! And where is my hologram?”

“Josh,” Eileen attempted again. Then Acacia came in.

“Acacia, you are the last person I want to see right now!”

“Blah, blah, blah!” Acacia taunted.

“Don’t mess with me right now!” Josh shouted.

“Whiner!” Acacia called.

“Girl!” Josh called back. She looked at him with confusion.

“I am a girl!” She responded.

“Whatever!” Josh shouted back. He turned to Eileen. “I’m sorry, what is it you’re trying to tell me?” Eileen looked around at the chaos.

“It was nothing,” She said, as she turned and left, throwing the flier into the trash.

“Okay then…” Josh replied. The he turned back to the agents. “Hey, hey no! That does not go there!”

Later that night Eileen sat in her bed, looking out her window. Even miles above the city she could see the lights from the Rexburg Rumble.

“Looks like a blast.” She sighed.

“Then why aren’t we there?” She turned quickly to see Josh in a dashing tuxedo and Acacia in a sparkling red dress. Josh had the crumpled up flier in his hand. “You worked hard today, and I know how much you love the surface world. What do you say to our last night fun before the hatchlings get here?” Eileen smiled big and wide.

“I’ll be ready in five minutes!” She said excitedly. Josh nodded and he and Acacia turned to leave.

“Well you look nice tonight.” Josh said to Acacia as they walked down the hall.

“Tonight? Please, I look this good every day.” Josh laughed as they made their way around the corner. Eileen opened her closet and pulled out purple dress.

“Tonight is going to be the best night ever!” She said, closing her closet door.

Were you in Eileen's position, which item would you have picked up first?

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Remember to leave questions and comments so that I can address them in the Q&A this Thursday, August 28! Check and see if your question gets answered! And look for Episode 5: Agents of Doom, the next day August 29!


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